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Title: Hello
Post by: jilola on July 31, 2002, 14:51:38
Hi Seekenergyaz and welcome!

The way I see it is that God (I'm using God here to cover all of the bases whatever the reader may understand by God) gave us the minimum of energy and development to get us off the ground.Now it's our job to fly and make thh emost of it, to develop further and become better than what we started.
So staying in square one goes against the plan IMHO.

I don't think questioning show a lack of faith as God also gave us a mind that is cappable of thought and introspection.

We are for the most part our own negs. Right now I think we are the only negs as I have yet to witness something negative that didn't originate from me in some way.
We are both good and bad, light and dark, everything and nothing and this is why the Golden Rule is so important. It's about finding a balance bettween the two poles.


Title: Hello
Post by: James S on August 02, 2002, 04:05:36
Hi seekenergyaz,

You'll usually get a lot of value out of Jouni's 2 cents worth. He can do a lot of good with them.

In the scriptures God tells us that he has planted a grain of faith in us the size of a mustard seed, and he tells us with that bit of faith we could move a mountain. Also the tiny mustard seed can grow into a large tree if it's looked after.

If you believe god has given a pittance of energy, this is all you will need to get started. If you really needed some form of transport, and god were to grant your wish, he will more likely give you a basic Ford than a Mercedes. he tends to give us what we need, more than what we want. The good thing is, as Jouni said, that pittance of energy is now yours to grow and nurture into GigaJoules of energy if you wish it.

As Jouni eluded to , the most likely negs involved here are your own thoughts that this might be all you can have. Also, don't except those religions who preach poverty & sacrifice in order to attain blessings later. God never said any such rubbish.

Jesus actually told the parable of the talents (gold coins) to cover this point. In a nutshell, three men were given gold coins by their master. One put his away and kept it thinking that if he kept it safe his master would thank him for being careful and later give him more. This is like those that preach just accepting what you've got as all you'll get. Another took the coins and squandered it. Enough said there. The third took his coins and used them, invested them and made the money grow. This third  man was the one that made the master happy, so he added to that mans wealth. The other two copped a beating for being wastefull or not putting what was given to good use.

Hope I haven't bored you. I have a habit of writing long posts. I do hope this helps you though. Make the most of what you've got, no matter how much or how little you have. This will be gods lesson for you. It doesn't matter what problems you may have had in the past. Look forward, use what you've got and let it grow. The only one that can stop this from happening is you.

All the best,

James S
(Fate amenable to change)
Title: Hello
Post by: seekenergyaz on August 04, 2002, 10:00:23


Thank you for your replies.

What I question here is the idea that it would have been God's will to be trapped in a situation in which I would have the energy sucked away or fleeced regularly.  It has seemed as if there has been a block put on my ability to expand the energy.  

Title: Hello
Post by: jilola on August 04, 2002, 11:25:55
I think if he planned something with the block it is that you realize that you need to develop and overcome this block. Think of it as a learning tool. You've already learned that there is such a problem. Now you need to start working to remove the block.
God (again a generic term for me) meant us to evolve. But he can't just make it too easy as that would prevent us from learning. One learns through overcoming difficulty and expanding one' capabilities be they physiical or spiritual.

We need to be kind to ourselves and realize that there is a long way to go before we reach the ultimate goal (whatever it may be) in our spiritual journey.

Be of good cheer, your journey has already begun woth your questioning.


Title: Hello
Post by: Tom on August 04, 2002, 12:34:21
Reiki is a tool for healing with energy. The first thing it would do for you if you choose to try it is to prepare you for having more energy. At the same time, it will give you a connection to a universal source of energy around us all, and it is unlimited. The required lesson is to switch from using nothing but your personal energy to having a universal field of energy to draw from. At first it is easy to draw from both and the personal supply of energy is still depleted. Gradually the ratio changes until you are using primarily the universal energy in place of personal energy and no longer draining yourself. In the second level of the standard (Usui) reiki you begin to clear out harmful mental and emotional patterns. Also, with the symbols, you begin to use the reiki energy more directly and more consciously. The difference is that the amount of energy you can access is 4x as much, and this is why it was necessary in the first level to prepare the energy body. In the third level a spiritual level symbol is taught and a symbol for use in teaching reiki to other people. The third level is not so much as increase in the quantity of power, which the second level completes, but in the quality of what can be accessed. It gives perspective to reiki and it becomes much easier to connect with the energy. It is not something which can be lost, but as with NEW the sensations of energy flow come and go in cycles. I cannot guarantee that learning reiki will remove all of the things that keep you from accessing more energy or that it works quickly, but I can guarantee that it has the potential to teach you how to avoid getting in the way of having energy and that it can teach you to no longer be attached to results.

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Post by: James S on August 04, 2002, 16:55:21
Hi again seekenergyaz

When I first came to this forum I was stuck in a similar situation to what you described. I could build up some energy, feel good for a bit, then day to day life just pulled the plug on my storage tank and the energy just gets drained away. Couldn't really get my energy levels up enough to make a difference. I knew a bit of theory but was still trying to draw on my own stores.

Tom also pointed out to me the idea of drawing energy in from outside. The energy reserves in us are limited, the worlds energy reserves (and those of the universe if you want to take it that far) are not. I'm afraid I didn't understand a lot of what Tom was talking about with Reiki, but I understood the principal. His advice made a big difference to me.

Drawing in energy is not at all difficult  - read the doco by Robert Bruce attached to this site called New Energy Ways. It goes fairly deep, but It'll point you in the right direction if you just want to get into it enough to be a place to start. The thing to remember with building up energy is it needs dicipline. You really need to work at it regularly the same as you would if you were building up muscles.

James S
(Fate amenable to change)
Title: Hello
Post by: Tom on August 05, 2002, 22:05:54
Seekenergyaz, are you having any luck with raising energy? Are you doing NEW?

Maybe we can arrange to have a few of us sending energy to you at the same time on the same date, your local time. You could try meditating or looking to remove blockages at that time with the extra energy. It is usually easier to send energy with a picture. Maybe you have one you can upload?

Title: Hello
Post by: seekenergyaz on August 06, 2002, 02:00:32

Hi Tom

I've looked it up, but have not done anything with it yet as I'd like to print it and read it that way as I sometimes find, speaking of energy, that too much reading on the computer screen makes me sleepy.  Maybe if it is downloadable it would be faster, but the download page was down earlier so will check again.

I can get back to you, but I'm a bit guarded about pictures of my face.  Could I upload one of my arm or something?  Or maybe to a private e-mail if there's anyone not minding.  I live in Mountain Time zone in U.S., but always Standard, not Daylight Savings Time (Arizona).

Thank you.


Title: Hello
Post by: Tom on August 06, 2002, 06:40:26
Although a picture is often helpful, it is usually not needed. Some people work better with a picture, though. Maybe a few more people will agree to send energy at a specific time?

Title: Hello
Post by: seekenergyaz on August 08, 2002, 20:21:15

This will take a little time to get going.  Maybe I'll need to make some time by stopping with my long post replies.  

I will think about how best to deal with the picture issue.

Since it takes discipline to get energy but energy to get discipline, and I could use more discipline... it may indeed be well to consider help, but there are some things I must get started on my own before it would help.  So please bear with me on response.

Thank you for replying.


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Post by: Tom on August 09, 2002, 06:33:09
Having more energy involves relaxation. It is also good to be aware of how you gain and lose energy during the day. The senses are especially important this way. It is common to tense up to try to pull in sense impressions, but it is better to relax especially the eyes and ears and passively use them to look and listen. The emotions are another way of losing energy for most people. If you become aware of the emotions at earlier stages it is easier to choose to deal with them if they will deplete your energy or support them if they will increase your energy. Relaxation can be a discipline, but it is important to enjoy what you are doing, too.

Title: Hello
Post by: seekenergyaz on July 31, 2002, 13:26:08


I am from U.S., have had a history of some low grade mental disorders, nothing extreme.  Certain questions are raised through those and other things.  Perhaps I could ask them in greater detail once I have had a chance to read the books.

Generally, it seems to be a matter of what I perceive as living off of an "energy pittance" if you will.  

I've felt as though all along someone was looking out for me.  Yet at the same time it is like I exist on a minimal level.  I was always taught that God will help a person get by but don't expect luxury from him.  So I accepted that situation as something proper: I would get by on an energy pittance but it was God's will that I not get more than that.  This would be I have supposed, in the service of a lesson that would be learned from the life experience of getting by on a pittance of energy.

As you have problably guessed, I have been questioning that scenario in recent times.  Is there a way of telling whether there is a neg that is creating this minimalization of energy?  Are there entities that look out for you to a point so that they can have their energy cattle to fleece?  Or is there someone(s) looking out for me but another(s) sucking me out at the same time?

Should I question the energy pittance as God's will scenario?  Or am I losing faith and ought not question and just accept the energy pittance as all I ought to get and I'll be blessed later for accepting it?  That sort of thing is a common explanation in Western religion.  Anyway it is a big question for me.