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Title: A visit from my guardian angel
Post by: anonymous57 on December 05, 2004, 00:02:51
I went to bed as normal.

After a little while it became clear that although my body was drifting off, my mind remained very much awake. I entered mind awake/body asleep.

At first, everything seemed like a normal F10 trip, but then I started to feel connected to everything, I came close to losing my sense of self.

Then time stopped. I realised that time does not flow, it is merely something that just exists. I was free to move backwards and forwards through time. I decided to go backwards in time.

I can't remember how it happened, but I ended up in a garden, with classical music of some kind playing in the background. I walked forward, and saw a lady in white sitting on the side of a fountain.

I went up to her. Immediately I felt a great love for her, I don't think I've felt anything stronger in my entire life. I asked her who she was, she said "Don't you remember me? I'm your guardian angel" (I had had a visit from her before, but it was very brief).

I don't remember much of this, but we went for a walk around the garden. She said that there was another woman who I could love as much as I loved her, and that to find her, all I had to do was to go the next month completely sober (I am 16, which says it all I think).

There was another bit, where she was able to make me rise up. I rose so high that gravity was only just making me feel heavy. Then she let go, and said "sometimes, when you fall, you wake up, sometimes you hit the floor, but sometimes, when you fall, you fly". I flew.

She said it was time to go. I wanted to stay there for the rest of my life, but knew that I couldn't. She said that I'd see her again. Before I went, she just touched my forehead, and I felt all of my body filled with energy.

I now fully believe in angels.

Title: A visit from my guardian angel
Post by: kerbe6 on December 05, 2004, 04:40:55
Wow, that was an awesome read!

Thanks for sharing!

Title: A visit from my guardian angel
Post by: Rastus on December 05, 2004, 06:52:22
Your Guide is trying to emphasisze a point.  You have felt Unconditional Love.  Stunning isn't it?  Indescribeable to someone that hasn't felt it?  It IS the most powerful force in the universe.  Part of most people spiritual journey is to be able to give that unconditional love, as well as receive it.

I suspect a Soulmate or TwinFlame is going to show up soon, and if you stay sober, you will be able to recognise it when it happens.  It is indeed an opportunity of a lifetime.  Not worth messing it up, is it?  Not for a cheap buzz to alter your physical self?  Not when there is so much more possible???