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Title: Just an introduction
Post by: chohan on August 05, 2002, 03:46:00

  Welcome to the forums mirac.

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Title: Just an introduction
Post by: mirac on August 05, 2002, 02:29:05
Looks like a facinating board, with civilized and engaging posters...lots of talent with a very interesting and informative discussion.  After listening to Robert Bruces's interview on Art Bell, I became convinced that there has been some very negative influences on my life and change seems to be in order.  Perhaps this place will be a source of help.  Read about an hours worth of posts and will do more back reading of previous posts to get a feel for what has already been discussed re. Psycic Attacks (although i did enjoy reading a little bit of astral  Probably will get the book for more detailed info and then mybe get my life into a little better order...then perhaps the first book by Robert because I would love to Astral far, only been able to practice lucid dreaming.  Anyways...enough about me for now-I'll be reading the discussions with facination and enjoyment.  Bye for now.