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Title: Please read before posting!
Post by: Frank on February 25, 2005, 20:30:47

All members please note:

Due to the sheer numbers of off-topic posts, it has been found necessary to issue further guidelines to people who wish to post in this section. It clearly states under the topic heading, “This is a special forum, where requests for healing can be placed, that prayers and healing energy may be sent.

Therefore, please post in this section only if your motives for posting match any of the following two statements:

1) If you wish to place a request for healing.

2) If you wish to send your prayers and healing energy to someone who has placed a request for healing.

If your motives for posting match any of the above two statements then you are welcome to post in this special forum.


If you have questions you would like to ask on the topic of self-healing, for example, questions about how to help cure yourself of long-standing health problems, chemical addictions, depression, headaches, insomnia, weight problems, etc. Or if you would like to publish your own healing experiences, or talk about anything to do with healing generally, you are more than welcome to do so. But please use the Healing Discussions section.

Anyone wishing to respond to a healing request, please note:

As has been pointed out in a previous announcement, it can often take great courage for people to post their healing requests in the first place, and it goes without question to apply decorum and sensitivity when posting replies. The moderator team are, of course, fully aware that the great majority of members realise this and we are speaking of a small minority.

There is simply no room in this section for “joke” posts, for example, such as the one I saw recently to a young woman about to have an operation on a suspected breast cancer, saying, "if the treatment causes your hair to fall out then you can have mine." I’m sorry, that’s just not funny.  

Any responses in this forum section not conforming to the guidelines in this notice, will be deleted without reference to the poster in question.

Thank you for your understanding and for your cooperation.