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Title: recent obe
Post by: ralphm on February 28, 2005, 21:32:06
I had somewhat different experience recently so I thought I would post it. I found myself out near my bed but not really able to move much. Was able to pull myself through the wall and was still slugish so I thought maybe I would sit and meditate. I started to repeat a buddhist mantra I use but I just kept moving slowly. Now usually I find myself flying through the trees around my house, I suppose I have some fear about the obe state so maybe that is why I don't just stand around. Anyway I walked a while turned around and walked back toward my house still doing the mantra and had to get all the way back to my house to to get back in my body and wake up. When i woke i found that one arm was mostly asleep. Now usually when i have a slight bodily discomfort i have the sensation in the obe state and usually go back to my body quickly. Does anyone have comments about:

 Doing meditation while obe? Could this have brought me deep into the obe state? I noticed that usually while obe I have no mental chatter, I remember some people reccomend keeping some mental dialog going for focus. I wonder about using something between chatter and just repeating a mantra? Maybe a focusing routine?

Title: recent obe
Post by: Swarooptheone on March 05, 2005, 14:12:35
it seems u are an expert already.

I am not as advanced to even try and answer you!!!

Keep it up :)

Title: recent obe
Post by: RTCovenant on March 06, 2005, 16:43:38
Really interesting. It sounds like you are pretty advanced? Do you know what the mantra means?

When I had my first lucid dream, I kept repeating I will stay calm and not wake up. And that was my first lucid dream (other ones, I would get excited and wake up).