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Title: Darn AutoPilot!!!!!
Post by: ASunnieSpirit on March 01, 2005, 04:18:52
Does anyone else have their experience go down the tubes towards the end of the projection? I have this problem of not waking up right away after the experience, and my mind drifts straight back into dreams
For example:

Last night I had probably one of my most adventurous projection to date. I usually hang around my house in the RTZ because for whatever reason I’m not experienced enough to leave without balcking out, and finally I’m visited by a voice (no spirit has ever approached me before) that leads me outside and we fly to this meeting place in the hills where other “people” are waiting but after that I cant remember details and this is why I think that is…

I woke up immediately afterwards to record the incident but to my annoyance it was a fake wake, which meant I was really dreaming and of coarse this led to other mindless wonderland episodes. I think I had two un-lucid dreams before I really woke up and by then it was terribly hard to remember the original projection….

This always happens, i think im awake and i actually dream of writting down my dreams, its like some horrible oxymoron, I wish my body would do what I command it and get the heck up instead of falling back to sleep =P

Title: Darn AutoPilot!!!!!
Post by: Potatis on March 01, 2005, 06:13:07
Sounds very frustrating. Do you say an affirmation along the lines of "I will remember all of this!" when you are out? It may just make you more aware of what is happening when you are projecting, and help you to remember.


Title: Darn AutoPilot!!!!!
Post by: Andali27 on March 01, 2005, 06:18:56
Thought you hate it?  I do.  Actually, I had a problem last night discerning a lucid dream from reality and went around asking people if I was having a lucid dream cause I couldn't tell.  I had an RTZ projection from that but have a similar problem to you.  My eyes are open, but I can barely walk and my head stays locked in the position of sleep.  Annoying :P

Anyway, try pre-programming your brain.  Tell yourself at various staged thoughout the day that you'll be able to recall what you see, even try it during your RTZ projection.  Say "I will wake up as soon as I return", and say it like there can be no other option aside from waking up.   Also tell yourself that you will recall all details.

Because I'm still novice in this area, I wake up after whatever happens because of the abnormality it presents.  Aside from what I've recommended, I don't know what else you can do.

Hope it works!


Title: Darn AutoPilot!!!!!
Post by: Potatis on March 01, 2005, 07:40:00
Quote from: Andali27
Aside from what I've recommended, I don't know what else you can do.

Well, what was my post? Chopped liver?   :D


Title: Darn AutoPilot!!!!!
Post by: SerGei on March 01, 2005, 15:49:25
Hi folks.

ASunnieSpirit: I have the same side-effects, so I can understand your problem.

How often can you project? I had a breakout a week ago, so I can project every night now.
I think that I need more rest (sleep) to have more clear aps, because I had less but clear projections before the "breakout".
My first was crystal clear and if I think about it I have the hair standing on my arm  :P !!!

Maybe it will only work for me, but it's worth a try...

So try to sleep more, and don't forget the affirmations.



Title: Darn AutoPilot!!!!!
Post by: ASunnieSpirit on March 01, 2005, 21:46:13
its strange because 2 years ago i practiced everynight and though i came close, never projected, then i gave myself a break and a few months later i projected spontaneously, all my projections are that way, so im never entirely prepared for them

even stranger i still havent concentrated like i used to but lately ive been waking in the RTZ lying in my bed (it takes too much effort to get up) and ive lost the will to ever take off (but when im awake i desire it its like i change my mind in this state and back out) Its like im afraid or two tired to do it. These last few night ive been aware in this state but some force prevents me from lying in bed, now a voice calls me and coaxes me out but it sure took that poor voice alot of time to convince me....i think im just groggy (its midterm week..blah) im very exaughsted.

Title: Darn AutoPilot!!!!!
Post by: Andali27 on March 02, 2005, 00:51:35
Sorry Potatis! :wink:

Title: Darn AutoPilot!!!!!
Post by: RTCovenant on March 05, 2005, 04:21:44
Very frustrating indeed. I've had expierenced like that when trying to remember dreams and lucid dreams.

I've never expierenced a false awakening though.