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Title: In a slump
Post by: mhat on March 01, 2005, 18:10:16
Lately I've been in this slump where I feel like I'm not making any progress...although I suppose I am...its just that I haven't had any cool experiences lately.

Usually I would meditate and something really cool would result...I've yet to consciously project but I would become aware in Lucid Dreams or during sleep would wake to feel myself projecting.

Lately it has just been meditate, sometimes I get vibrations so thats good but I haven't had a Lucid Dream or projection for like a month or two

This happen to anyone and how did they overcome their drought?

Title: In a slump
Post by: PardonMe on March 01, 2005, 22:30:56
Hang in there. I normally go a week to two weeks without experiencing squat. Then one night I will experince a lucid dream or a case of the vibes. Last couple of times I have review my OBE journal and focus on my minor successes and that seems to help me.  Maybe focusing on the positive experiences you had may help you as well. Good luck and think postive.

Title: In a slump
Post by: mhat on March 02, 2005, 09:13:34
Thanks! I will.

Title: In a slump
Post by: Aros on March 02, 2005, 09:29:34
I think this is very common. My belief is until we as a species fully realize our Pure Potential, anything as ambitious as AP will remain ambiguous to our daily experience.

Obviously, there are methods that can help increase the frequency of OBE's/AP's (such as the various methods mentioned within this community) but at the end of the day, we are often slaves to our conscious, Alpha/Beta states.

I've found that the more I think about OBE/AP during my waking state, the more I increase my chance for one.

The Mind/Body/Soul connection is paramount here. One not need to be a Sage to connect with that part of Self that travels on a nightly basis in our "sleep". The committment to focusing on these hidden realms (consciously) is the fuel to the gas tank of conscious projection.

For me, the key is in early wakening. If I wake up around 4am AND my intent to consciously project is more profound than my giving into returning to sleep, my chance of calling on the vibrations and having a conscious OBE is nearly 99.9 percent.

So much depends on that perfect state of being of course, but also in just how badly you want it. Don't be discouraged if weeks and even months go by without any occurances. I've discovered that many of my conscious projections occur around the times when it serves me on a spiritual level.

AP/OBE is a lot like real, waking reality. Just because you want something to manifest instantly doesn't mean it will. However, with the proper focus, intent and WILL to have something manifest that is of great importance to you, in time, it WILL manifest.

Title: In a slump
Post by: mhat on March 02, 2005, 18:50:32
Thanks Aros for the great advice! I feel the same about all the points you made...I guess I just wanted to hear from someone else than myself.

Something that I have noticed also is that although I haven't been APing or LDing I have had a very active and memorable dream mind. I feel as if my dream recall is becoming stronger as a result of my meditation training. If only I could become concious in my dreams to turn them lucid and then lucid to projection!

Soon soon.

Title: In a slump
Post by: RTCovenant on March 05, 2005, 04:12:45
Thanks, this also helped me also. I have been in a slump also. No more vibrations, no lucid dreams, and I barely even remembered my dreams.

I think Aros is right about it being more likely to OBE/AP if you think about it during the day. Because during this slump, I was focusing on others things and not thinking about my spiritual self at much.