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Title: Closed eyes
Post by: General-Army on September 06, 2002, 01:32:12
I see the same stuff, good thing you said something, i thought i had a mental disease that made images come to my eyes in the darkness. As you can see, i watched way too much tv and tlc when i was  a kid.

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Title: Closed eyes
Post by: fredhedd on September 06, 2002, 03:08:11
i dont believe you can ever see nothing. you can still see light through your eyelids. if you are seeing images while you are lying down w/ eyes closed most likely it's hypnogogic imagery. it's what you see as you start to dream.

also when i close my eyes i can always see the beginnings of an astral gateway. the tubelike structrured one. i can be very active physically and close my eyes and as long as i can get it to be pretty dark i can see it. so it may be something related to taht.

i believe also that there is a chance that when you cant see anything w/ your physical eyes that you strain to see, which helps open up the brow chakra, your  instincts take over somewhat and you start to feel out w/ more than the physical sense. whatever other dimensions exist on top of  this one are made more apearant.
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Title: Closed eyes
Post by: BONEChief on September 06, 2002, 01:16:29
Now that i think about it, i cant remember ever just seeing just blackness when i close my eyes.  I always end up seeing faint shapes and figures, usually a lot of movement also, but never seems to get clear enough for real interpitation.

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