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Title: 2 Strange clues
Post by: Milamber on April 10, 2005, 09:51:20
Note: This was the best place i could think of to post this, if it belongs in another forum section I am sorry, kinda new here.

Hi, I am new here. I was refered by someone in a pagan chat room.
I cannot say all I want to say about this, but the details that are relevant will be presented. Any other info that I left out, ask, and I will try to explain.
Over 10 years ago (i am 29) I meet someone while i was a homeless runaway. She was very charasmatic. I cannot go into all kinds of details, just that she dissapeared and I was looking for her at that time. About 3 days later, as I was pondering how I might find her, a 'person' came up to me and started to 'shoot the breeze''. After a few minutes, I could tell that this person could help me find her. Lets just say that this person had some kind of spiritual knowledge about how to find her. So I asked him "How can I find her?" He then pointed to the constellation Crux. And said "That is the way to find her." NOT "That is where she is.", but that was the way to find her. He also said 'music' is the way to find her. I pleaded with him for more information, but he told me he could not give me any more. Not that he didn't HAVE anymore information, but that he wasnt allowed to give me any more. It isnt wrong for me to ask people about it, take note. He just had specific information, that for some reason he couldnt give me, and thought those two clues were enough for me to find her eventually. Today, after watching What the bleep do we know!?, I remembered her, and I remembered the clues this other person had gave me. I then searched on the internet for constellations, and FOUND the cross constellation, named crux! I had ZERO idea that it even existed. So, does this constellation, spiritual or otherwise have something to do with music, or visa versa? Or perhaps it is a semantic puzzle, leading me to more clues? I did alot of thinkig, even checked to see if there was a song called "the southern cross" as the southern cross is another name for that particular constellation. Crosby Stills and Nash has one of those songs. I didn't check to see when that song was actually put out. Mind you, this person had supernatural means and info, and could tell if a clue would be in a song 10-15 years in the future... (Perhaps now you think i am crazy, but these forums do discuss strange things yes?)
I ran into the following lyric:
"I have my ship
And all her flags are a flyin'
She is all that I have left
And music is her name."
Interesting isnt it? Also:
"I have been around the world,
Lookin' for that woman/girl,"
This doesnt seem to tell me anything yet, but it IS very interesting nontheless.
Perhaps that constellation has nothing to do with music, but is also just another clue...
Perhaps he was just showing me that constellation, and it had nothing to do with the music clue at all...however he DID show me it right after I asked him how I could find her.
This girl, told me things about my life, made me feel good. Angel? I dont know, but she was very charasmatic, and i dont get those reactions to people at all... It would be interesting to follow these clues and find out the truth.
What is the spiritual, if any, significance of the constellation Crux...or music?

Title: 2 Strange clues
Post by: malim on April 15, 2005, 19:35:38
poor thing,

you don't have to actively look for her, to find her, nor do you need the guidance of people.

Your intentions alone are enough and someday in the future you may come together.

Passiveness is the key here, let it go and it will solve itself.


Title: Hmmm
Post by: Milamber on April 15, 2005, 19:53:49
Hmmm ok. Why would the 'person' have given me those clues to find her then? I don't even think this person is human, perhaps an angel, guide, spirt, something else. Think im crazy, perhaps? Well I am not, I remember the whole thing as it happend.