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Title: How to enter the astral from a dream
Post by: Kodemaster on June 11, 2005, 18:10:05
To project at will (e.g. from meditation) requires many years of practice for most people. Thus, I have posted the technique for entering the astral from a dream, thanks to Frank (copied and pasted from his response to one of my posts). (It says "lucid dream" but it will actually work from a regular dream, too.)

First things first: here is a handy link to a guide for getting into a lucid dream:

Here is Frank's post:

How to enter the Astral from a Lucid dream

What you need to do is, as you find yourself becoming consciously aware that you are dreaming, try and quit the dream. Do this by switching off the emotional energy you are giving out that is fuelling the on-going dream picture.

Otherwise, if you try and project, what will almost certainly happen is you will "dream" about projecting.

Best way, I found, is to stand still and adopt an air of mild curiosity about one "thing". It might be an area of colour, or any old object. I found it doesn't really matter. Anything just so it gathers your thoughts. Then the dream scenery will shift. Once you are sure you are no-longer dreaming, that is the time to start having a wander around and interacting with your surroundings. At which point there is no need to think about projecting, as you are projecting.

Title: How to enter the astral from a dream
Post by: Kodemaster on July 08, 2005, 16:21:30
For those who have trouble remembering to do the technique whilst dreaming:

One way to help "remind" yourself to do it is to do reality checks in your waking life. For example: When you're sitting at your computer desk, touch the desk or the mouse and think to yourself "Am I dreaming? No I'm not." Keep doing this in "real life" and eventually you'll remind yourself to do it when you're dreaming. From that point you can use the dream teechnique.