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Title: The next step?
Post by: fredhedd on October 10, 2002, 00:52:50
i believe in ad robert mentions something about energizing the brow chakra more than usual for higher level projections.  even though you are not projecting into the astral proper yet, it may be worth a try.  assuming that you are also energizing your other chakras, this shouldnt' be a problem.   i believe the book reads that you can energize your brow chakra to the point where it feels like your head is going to explode, and that it is normal.  

also if you've ever seen a gateway or read a very good description of one you are supposed to be able to just call on it when you are about to project, and it should take you to the place in the astral that is most in tune w/ your current energy.  i guess that's why you charge your brow chakra so much to project into the different levels of the astral.  the higher the frequency you are vibrating at, the higher frequency of the plane you are going to end up in.



Title: The next step?
Post by: Ides315 on October 10, 2002, 11:41:16
Thanks Fredhedd.

I read somemore on the Gateway post, also. It seemed to provide a few more clues about the mental setup required. I have AD, and have read through it, and tried it for a while. I know persistence pays off, but it felt like the hard way into what I was doing.

I used to project as a child, but lost the ability over the years. It has only been in the last year that I have started again. I do not recall ever making it to the astral proper then, but a lot in the RTZ.

Take care.


Title: The next step?
Post by: fredhedd on October 10, 2002, 12:23:05
i plan on staying in the rtz for a good while before i try and get into the astral proper.  i could see how it would get boring though, always projecting to the same place.   do you have a guide that would take you there?  maybe now is the time to look for one.


Title: The next step?
Post by: Ides315 on October 10, 2002, 16:33:04
Hey fredhedd.

I have to much that needs to be done in the RTZ to get bored. I have been thinking about a guide for a while, now. I have been getting guidance for quite a while now, though I have yet to have a resident of the astral stand up and give me there name, and take my hand. I know from the dream snatches that I get back that I have been projectin in my sleep, a LOT. The connection to my dream self was all but eliminated 7-8 years ago, and I am still working on putting it back together. It is improving, though.

For know all of the projecting I do in the RTZ is purpose driven. I am trying to make that connection clearer, both to find a guide, and to make it easier to accomplish my tasks. Aside from trying to put myself back together, I have been doing a pretty good impression of a sponge. Soaking in an incredible amount of info. There are several years I am trying to make up for. Patience has never been a strong point of mine. LOL

Take care.


Title: The next step?
Post by: Tom on October 10, 2002, 17:09:18
Maybe you can do the experiment I have wanted to try for some time now, which is to trace back reiki beyond the RTZ. By starting a strong flow of reiki into something, you would have a stable current into you. Then pick the highest qualities of it you can find and see where they are coming from. Many of the newest forms of reiki are being channeled by the people who start them. I have even been advised to get symbols that way, by asking spirit guides to share them with me.


Title: The next step?
Post by: Adrian on October 10, 2002, 19:33:44
Greetings Ides315!

You are in the right forum!

Here we are discussing ways of a much more controlled, higher quality and memorable (in absolute terms) of attaining full Astral consciousness.

See the Gatway Wave 1 topic for further details, and where Frank and a few other of our intrepid members are gaining excellent results or potential. We are grateful to these people for shareing their information and experiences with us all here.

The objective is to get to a fairly definitive, to the extent that it is possible, method of attaining full Astral consciousness, and which is attainable by almost anyone with determination and practice.  It would seem the results are cumulative, and the quality of the experience should improve all the time.

I realise I will probably get a few people disagree on my next comment, but my only objective is reality and development and not tradition. I now firmly believe that the typical "vibrational" state, etheric double projection is not producing the experiences people are seeking and need. It seems less controllable, less stable, and most of all much less memorable. What is the value of an Astral (or higher sphere) experience if little or none of it is recalled due to the "memory download" problems inherent on re-entry?

Everything points at the "phased" Astral approach to be the way forward, and one that can be used as a solid platform to build on the experience with time and practice.

I believe most techniques share the necessity for the mind awake/body asleep theta trance state, but what happens after that is all important. Traditional OBE's have you exteriorising awareness to bring on the vibrations to cause the "projection reflex" to kick in.  Our focus here is to "phase" into the Astral at the hypnagogic stage, by using the imagination (an extremely important Spiritual faculty), by an controlled portal Access method.

I would suggest that you read the topic anyway.

With best regards,


Title: The next step?
Post by: Ides315 on October 10, 2002, 20:32:50
Hey. all.

Tom: I probably could follow that out. Or with more practice, anyway. I am getting to the point where energy trail are perceptable.

Adrian: Thanks for the comments.There is a definate correlation between where I am in the theta state and how much perception I am having in the astral. I have only made it through page three of The "Wave 1" post. It is changing my belief system, also. I have (had) been concerned about letting my imagination get carried away. This attitude has obviously been dettrimental to my development.

The projectable double is interesting. I have achieved it probably twice in the last year, more or less consciously. However, the excitement of realizing it has "crashed" both experiences.

One of the things that I wonder about is what is "going out" with out the conventional projectable double. I had one experience where I brought my conscious back, thinking I was imagining things, only to have events at the other side of the projection draw my attention and my consciousness back.

In another situation, in the process of giving someone energy, and going to them to do it, I triggered some type of astral "booby trap", and felt my conscious "snap back" as it where. I was still able to send the energy, but remotely. I was able to confirm this one, as the recieving person is fairly aware.

I have interacted with one other person, who has no (as yet recallable) memory of the astral, but wakes up when returned to her body. There is a lot involved here, but essentially this person was being pulled into the astral as soon as she hit the theta state. We are working on the memory connection for her. I have been able to monitor her physical self while interacting on the astral, and both mild body spasms, and some sounds are made that coincide with specific events in the astral.

Specifically those three  things, combined with a lot of other stuff (less easy to confirm) gives me the idea that some sort of astral body is being created, even though I seem to bypass almost all of the "warm up" that most people go through. It feels like I am retaining full memories, but the amount of input I get from the projection is limited by how far into the theta state I am, and how much of my consciousness I shift to my astral presence.

I will work on applying more imagination, and deepening my theta state. Most of what I have done lately has been need driven, not giving me the luxury of exploration. Maybe that is a key also.

Take care, all


Title: The next step?
Post by: Ides315 on October 09, 2002, 22:42:38
I have not been responding here much, as most of my astral experience seems to be around the real time zone. I seem to be able to send out some sort of astral double fairly easily, and shuttle consciousness back and forth between myself and it.

There seems to be pros and cons to this. On the plus side, I can do it relatively easily. But the downside is it takes a lot of work and a good trance state to get full awareness of my surrondings on the astral side. Physical distractions can bring my consciousness back while my double stays.

Events of late lead me to believe that if I could find an entrance structure I could go further. I have been following and retrieving someone from the astral, and where I find them generally has nothing recognizable around them. More like floating in space.

I have backed this up, by confirming my presence with people at the other end, being "called" back to the astral by events that continued to unfold, and having the person I was retrieving wake up after I brought them back.

Now if I could project controlled into the astral proper.....

Any thoughts on how to get further would be great. I just am not sure how to find an entrance structure.