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Title: Better late than never
Post by: zyzyx on April 12, 2006, 23:04:39
Hi all,

I've already been posting here but never stopped to say hi!  I'm very interested in this subject.

I used to LD all the time when I was younger and if I even get back to being able to do that, I will consider it an awesome blessing.

Looking back, I think I even had an OBE once... Here's what happened:

It started out like a normal LD, except instead of being in the normal cartoon/comic book style world my dreams were usually in, it was just outside my apartment complex.  I was standing in my parking lot, when some sort of space craft landed near me.  The pilot of the craft wanted to take me to another star.  One weird thing about this pilot was that I couldn't look at him.  It was like he was beyond where my eyes could see even though he was right in front of me... weird.  So, anyways I got onboard the craft and we went to this 'star'.  When we arrived, it was an exact copy of my apartment complex we had left from, only it was day instead of night.  

I walked around the complex a little while... An old woman invited me into her apartment.  There was something about her I didn't like... I felt like she wanted something from me.  She had what looked like a crystal ball and she was insisting that I sat down with her and looked into the crystal with her.  I also didn't have the same level of control I usually had in LD's... at this point it felt as though the old woman was in control.  I ran away from the old woman's apartment and ran into my real-life best friend.  He was helping the old woman!  Every time I would run down a path, he would materialize in front of me and stop me.  At this point I flew up to where I thought my 'home star' would be and woke up.  

At the time, I just thought of this as another LD/nightmare... but now I think it may have been an OBE... what do you all think?


Title: Better late than never
Post by: zyzyx on April 13, 2006, 16:26:55
Yes, I was aware I was dreaming... so it was at least an LD.  I never really thought about my sleeping self in LD's, other than I knew I was sleeping.  The only thing that made this LD different is that instead of taking place in a fantastical world, it was taking place in the 'real world'...

I didn't feel an 'exit' from my body.  I just fell asleep and 'poof' I was out in the parking lot.  So, maybe it was another LD?


Title: Better late than never
Post by: Kodemaster on April 18, 2006, 15:51:37
Welcome, zyzyx!

Title: Better late than never
Post by: Nick on April 19, 2006, 04:03:37
Welcome -  :smile: