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Title: New books on psionics development and real vampirism
Post by: Winged_Wolf on June 17, 2006, 23:27:58
"Beginning Psionics: A Psionics Training Manual" is an introduction to psychic development which covers explanations on how psi abilities may function, basic preliminary skills and beginning psi skills in a step-by-step training program which is intended to be easy to follow and to build a solid foundation for future development.

"The Care and Feeding of Vampires: An Energy Workers' Guide to Real Vampirism" is an in-depth look at real modern vampires written for energy workers, magickians, occult and metaphysical students, and others who already have a familiarity with energy working and the paranormal. It explains what vampires are, how to identify them, causes of vampirism, cures for vampirism, how to safely donate if you so choose, and how to defend yourself from vampiric (psychic) attacks.

Both are available in e-book pdf format and paperback format from

Figured it was about time I put all this information in my head to use after all these years. <G>