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Title: Taking a Sabbatical
Post by: Beth on June 24, 2006, 16:15:54
Hey all!

I am going to back into research/writing mode and will not be a regular poster or Moderator for a while. I will let everyone know when the book is finished.  

Since you already know that the other moderators here on the AP are of par excellence, you also know that the religion section will not miss a beat in my absence.

If any of you want or need something specific from me--please feel free to PM me.

Keep questioning, and never stop seeking for answers!

See you all on the flip side  :wink:

Love to all,

p.s. -- In parting, I can't resist....:grin:
Par Excellence "Being the best or truest of a kind; quintessential"
Quintessential "Representing the perfect example of a class or quality"

p.s.s. While I am sure that the "Truth" lies somewhere beyond words, arriving at a desired destination usually requires some help along the way. I love the words that our cultures have created...they are one of the many vehicles that help us transform the unknown into the known. IMO, true wisdom comes from the expansion of the Mind. When Knowledge is coupled with Experience, an excellent path is created. So, seek all available knowledge. It's as simple as asking for directions...with the bonus that the mind expands with every turn  :wink:

:reading: ........... :think:  ......... then :reading: and :think: some more!!