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Title: Detachment.
Post by: Kallas on July 10, 2006, 12:51:54
Hiho everyone,

Of late i have been feeling incredibly detached... and that is basically what this post is about, heh. Specific i know... i shall elaborate.

A while ago i read a post about Dp/Dr (de-personalization/de-realization) and the general feeling of detachment and distance from the surrounding world. Now what I'm feeling isn't exactly this (i don't think) but all i know is that I'm just not paying attention to my surroundings or anything else. I have almost become a danger to myself and others, ( for instance i personally don't think I'm focused enough to be driving, but ppl still insist i do) its like my awareness and common sense have died.

But then on top of this i cant ever remember it being any different. I know it was but i just can't imagine or comprehend ever having been more aware. Perhaps i have just suddenly got stupider, i don't know but it is really starting to disturb me. I truly feel like I'm meandering uselessly without fully being aware, its as if my battery needs to be re-charged.

However i have very brief periods of true focus where I'm much more aware of myself, (tho still not really aware of my surroundings)

      Just to jump out of context for a second, when i say I'm less aware i don't mean I'm less focused i just mean that it kind of seems as if my consciousness isn't present within my body, and that I'm kind of running on autopilot, (a really stupid autopilot).

Back on topic again, these moments of focus seem to just be moments where my consciousness is present within my body. And at these times i feel (ironically) separated from my body, as if I'm looking at, not from my body, and i have this overwhelming feeling that I'm on the edge of discovering something or working something out but just cant quite get there. Even now as i type this I'm drifting in and out of focus...

I'm not sure what it is (perhaps its just the whole distant teenager thing) but this is really disturbing me I'm just not thinking logically. Nor do i really know what i am trying to gain from telling you all this... i think I'm just trying to work out my thoughts in a written form.  But comments are welcome...

I feel like I'm right on the edge of something... but am currently unable to comprehend it.

This is getting terrible and i really don't feel like going insane today :grin:

Title: Detachment.
Post by: WalkerInTheWoods on July 10, 2006, 13:13:45
If I understand you correctly, then I suggest that you try doing some yoga. It will increase your concentration, awareness, and energy.

Title: Detachment.
Post by: The Present Moment on July 12, 2006, 03:18:24
Are there any physical changes as well?

Title: Detachment.
Post by: Stookie on July 12, 2006, 03:41:14
If you've been doing a lot of meditation or AP, the trance state can inadvertantly carry into your daily life, which is not good. If this is the case, I would back off practice for a short time and see if it helps.

I also agree with fallnangel77 - some sort of yoga or energy work could help.

Title: Detachment.
Post by: Kallas on July 12, 2006, 07:07:38
Mmm.. someone at school recommended yoga to me, i might give it another shot ( i tried it once but found it much to uncomfortable.... Heh apparently that is the point)

But that's the thing, i haven't projected at all... it could be a result of meditation, but i never do it excessively. This is really getting on my nerves (however detached they may be) It's like my mind is present somewhere away from my body but still connected, nothing seems real, when i question things. Also there have been no physical changes that i can think of... but due to the fact that each "tune in" moment seems like the first, i can't fully be sure, it all seems to be fine though.

I guess this is what they call losing your grip on reality. :grin: