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Title: Thoughts on psychopaths and sociopaths
Post by: The Entropic Mind on July 15, 2006, 06:54:42

I knew that these two things existed, but I've never really looked into them until recently, and I was wondering how, if indeed it is really possible to be able to help someone unable to experience emotion. And seeing as how recently I have likened myself to explaining everything to myself on energetic and emotional terms, I am wondering how these implications stand with the rest of you. How would you propose to explain these psychological conditions of a person whom has been regarded as unable to experience emotion, and whom is consciously malicious to others without remorse? Is it even possible?

I can understand that what I'm saying might sound ridiculous, but it really is a speculative thought that has come upon me, like so many others from time to time. And if we live in the times of understanding, healing and new light, then how would you help these people to develope emotion, compassion, and know love?

Title: Re: Thoughts on psychopaths and sociopaths
Post by: Astir on July 15, 2006, 07:06:00
It's possible they DO experience emotions, but cannot interpret or make distinctions between seemingly they are undetected. Personally, I pity those who are considered these types. I wonder what's missing or what is present to create such a state of being.

Title: Re: Thoughts on psychopaths and sociopaths
Post by: Kallas on July 17, 2006, 08:41:17
You could always go and grab yourself a frontal lobotomy, apparently that should suck away your emotion. Then you will know.   :-P

I agree with Astir though i imagine they can experience emotion but are just unable to interpret it in the same fashion that we do, thus meaning they experience it but do not "feel" it as such. So any explanation would need to be logial and objective rather than emotional and subjective.

Title: Re: Thoughts on psychopaths and sociopaths
Post by: Nay on July 17, 2006, 14:57:19
I recommend watching the HBO special on the Iceman. but if you upset easy, I would not watch it. Here's a link just to get an idea of this guy.  There might be more in depth info on him, but I didn't look.

I found myself almost charmed by this guy.  He speaks about the lack of emotion and I believe totally, that he lacks any emotions.  It has to be a chemical or electric problem of his brain, that doesn't provide the appropriate moral ques. 

That is why he had to keep upping his cruelty, just to be able to feel something..anything.  The most disturbing thing he did that stills freaks me out when I think about it, is when he would take some of his victims, still alive and tie them up and put them in this cave full of rats and whatnots.  He then would put a camera in the cave and film while the rats slowly ate away at these people....   He said that is the only time that he would feel anything close to emotions and that he felt kinda bad for doing that.   The screaming, is what got to him and he said the emotion, as close as he could tell, was passion..turned on.

We are so lucky that most of us have moral ques and a conscience to keep us from acting out every little thought.  I think this dude is lucky that the psychiatrist is taking the time to inform him....because otherwise when this guy died, he would have found himself stuck for a long time, on a very low vibrational plane.   Now at least when he gets on the otherside he will be able to make some progress.

Title: Re: Thoughts on psychopaths and sociopaths
Post by: GANAMOHA on July 18, 2006, 03:27:19
isnt not being able to feel emotion an issue with the hypothalmus gland or some other part of the brain because I thought thats what controlls all that stuff