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Title: Finally PPSD in Our Library!
Post by: Kenneth on November 15, 2002, 20:56:38

I think, that I have made my little share of the work too (Actually as an error on my account, but that is another story).

I ordered the books from a Danish bookstore, and didn't hear from them in over 3 days. So i finally ordered the books from amazon, and once they were shipped to me, I got an email from the Danish bookstore, that Astral Dynamics were on the way to me *LOL* ....

So now i have 2 copies of Astral Dynamics, and one copy of PPSD. But hey, I think it will make a great gift to a person I care about at some point in the future ;-) ...

So Robert - there are currently at least 3 books of yours in Denmark that I know of ;-) ....


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Title: Finally PPSD in Our Library!
Post by: Tom on November 15, 2002, 21:12:01
My library had a copy of Astral Dynamics (Iowa City, IA, usa). It was checked out over a year ago and not returned. A bill was sent to get money to replace it. Maybe some day I will get a signed copy as a gift to myself after I learn to project and then give my copy to them which is not signed. Until then, maybe I could print out what has about Robert Bruce's books and take the printouts to the library.


Title: Finally PPSD in Our Library!
Post by: Synapse on November 24, 2002, 11:30:57
i live in england and my local library did not have AD so i asked them if they could get a copy. i waited a few weeks and asked again but they said they couldnt get it. (sounded a bit strange to me)

as luck has it my friend's mum is a librarian so i asked her to find out about it. shortly afterwards it was in stock.

so good news for anybody in my area.



Title: Finally PPSD in Our Library!
Post by: Windameir on November 15, 2002, 20:51:23
Yee Haaa!
Quite a while ago it was suggested that we ask our Local Librarys if they would be able to get a copy of Roberts Latest Book it would help boost sales and people who couldn't afford to buy it would have access to a copy, Well I made a request shortly after it went to print to the Butte County, Oroville Branch Library in (USA) and asked if they could get a copy of PPSD well  they are a pretty small Library and they said they would try but they would probably might have to borrow one from another branch Library. Well quite a bit of time had passed and I had just about given up hope when I finally got the letter in the Mail yesterday and when I went to check it out they had received the book as a gift from the Oroville Friends of the Library.

Well thats one down anyone else had any luck getting it into their Library?It can't hirt to ask, lets see if we can boost Roberts book sales a bit.

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