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Title: Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars...
Post by: Nikpalj on July 25, 2007, 06:28:10
I found this on a net site of a spiritual healer, thought that I might share:

"One woman, when I saw her energy field, had a huge black energetic spider that was completely covering her heart chakra and much of her chest.

She had physical heart problems and a constant weight in the area. In this session, I received guidance for a breath pattern to release the energy
blocking her heart. As she did the breathing, through the front of her heart chakra and out the back, I saw the black spider getting smaller. It was being pulled through the energetic system and out of her back.

As the last of the blackness was pulled through and released from her body, a bright pink energy began opening the heart and she spontaneously went into ecstatic, joyful laughter. Her whole body’s vibration changed. She said it changed her life."

This was written by a psychiatrist, not a mysticist, but is still a very good read:

Also, a good read are the books "remote depossession" by dr. irene hickman and "entity possession: freeing the energy body of negative influences", by samuel sagan.