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Title: Im a little freaked out.
Post by: BrianaRotten on September 15, 2008, 23:09:44
Alright im 19, ive had lucid dreams since i can remember. Always everything was real and vivid,i could control what i was doing saying, all that, a few nights ago i had my first out of body experience.

.. it was all really scary.

I was lying in bed, i couldnt fall asleep, so i started meditating sort of just trying to relax, i thought i was still awake, my head was buzzing/ vibrating it was like 3 so i just thought i had exhausted myself that bad but then i started to hear a static sound loudly and voices from my phone I looked at it put my ear to it and heard them clearly, but my phone wasnt calling someone or anything i didnt understand, everything fealt rushed like i was going back and forth really fast like all my motions were being sped up i was going around in my room it fealt real but sort of wieghtless? i dont know, i went somehow downstairs i dont remember walking downstairs though and was in the bathroom but i was just hovering over the floor horizontally holding onto the bathtub next thing i know im in my room again by the wall, all the while my head is buzzing soo badly im thinking to myself wtf?? i thought i was just going crazy i looked at the clock 4:30am and then next thing i know im laying in bed i open my eyes and its 4:30.

Title: Re: Im a little freaked out.
Post by: Nostic on September 16, 2008, 21:58:42
You were in the Astral moving around in your energy body.
Your physical body was lying in the bed all the time, knocked unconscious.
Not far removed from a lucid dream.

Title: Re: Im a little freaked out.
Post by: Greytraveller on September 18, 2008, 05:10:19
A more or less 'classical' spontaneous OBE.

You were confused because you did not realize that your consciousness had separated from your physical body. You probably thought that the experience was a dream --- which it was not !

Don't be put off by what happened. It is actually quite normal. An OBE is an event to be valued as special, not one to be feared.

Maybe the next time that it happens you will be more aware of what is going on. Then maybe you can take advantage of it (visit a friend, go somewhere exotic or fly through the night sky outdoors).


Title: Re: Im a little freaked out.
Post by: curiousseeker on September 24, 2008, 18:15:39
Greytraveller is right, your experience is pretty much what happens during a lot of peoples first time OBE's or when they unconsciously slip into it.  Since everything is pretty much controlled by thought, you probably bounced around a lot because of your random mental prods.  My first experience was much the same, however I knew it was an OBE instead of a lucid dream because I had proof.

I was 16 and had been experimenting with OBE for about 3 months utilizing various relaxation techniques.  They didn't seem to be working for me until one night I stayed up into about 3:00 am and felt exhausted.  I wasn't trying to project at the time.  I laid in my bed on my back and shortly after laying down, I started hearing a buzzing like electric current and it felt like my body was vibrating very rapidly with no other sensation.  The next thing I know, I'm standing in hallway of my house.  I wasn't afraid, just confused.  I initially thought I was dreaming since everything looked kind of hazy.  I remembered that my Mother had gotten up with my little sister because she had been crying and wasn't feeling well and was sitting in the living room cradling her but had closed the door to the hall as to not wake up anyone else.  I thought to myself that I wanted to check on her and tried to reach out my hand to open the door but instead was instantaneously through the door and standing in the living room watching my Mom and little sister.  I stood there for a little while and thought that this dream was pretty accurate and detailed.  I thought about my cousin who I was close with and wondered how she was doing and instantaneously, I was at her apartment.   It was then that I realized that I wasn't dreaming, that I was actually traveling and wanted to go back home.  Instantaneously, I was again standing in my living room but my mother was no longer there but just then my younger brother walked past me into the kitchen, got a glass of water out of the refrigerator and then walked back past me.  I was amazed that he didn't notice me and that's when I "woke up".  I say "woke up" because that's the best I can describe it because even though I felt rested, it didn't feel like I was ever asleep.  In the morning, I told my Mother and my brother what they had seen them doing in detail and they swore that I must have been snooping around the house.  That's how I knew for SURE that I wasn't dreaming that it was an actual experience and they corroborated what I had seen.

I've had a few OBE's since but as time went on, it became more and more difficult to actually induce one and I have only been able to make it happen if I'm extremely exhausted or by accident after I get that paralyzed feeling.  I think because as my life and mind became more cluttered it interferes with meditation.  Also, the noises you hear are quite common.  On some experiences, I've heard voices talking, sounds like bees buzzing and on one occasion, a horrific growling vocalization that I can't really describe.  Needless to say, that experience bounced me back into my body very quickly.  Good luck to you and happy trails on the astral plan.