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Title: Tarot reading: what should I do?
Post by: Gbob on January 30, 2010, 17:48:57
Ok I just asked the tarot a specific question regarding whether I should or should not go through with something that, at this period of time is quite important to me. As I am a beginner I normally just ask a question and pick a single card out; I don't do spreads. But the card that came out was the Wheel Of Fortune, reversed. And the reversed meaning of this card signifies disappointment, loss and misfortune, which now totally puts me in a tricky situation. My sudden desire to achieve this goal was initially started by impulse and I feel that there was a reason why I was lead to it. But now the tarot indicates that misfortune is to come even though I thought I was following my heart. So now I don't know what to do. I have around a month to decide.

Any advice?

Title: Re: Tarot reading: what should I do?
Post by: CFTraveler on January 30, 2010, 18:27:15
My only advice is not very rational.  I do this occasionally- if you have a bible or a book you consider sacred ask for guidance and open it and read the first thing you set your eyes on.  If it agrees with the original answer, you have corroboration.  If you get something completely different then chances are that it's not necessarily 'true' (the original advice).  If I try different things and get the same answer (and it has happened) I take it as a sign that it's good advice.
Title: Re: Tarot reading: what should I do?
Post by: Vitruvian on February 10, 2010, 21:38:34
Hi Gbob,
I enjoy the Tarot on occasion, so I do have some advice: don't do what you are doing., i.e., trying for a very specific answer to a very specific question. If that worked we'd all make a million in the stock market.

I believe the Tarot works as an expression of your own mind (subconscious and other, wiser and more 'wired in' than we realize) and should be used in that light. Learn how to do a spread - that will lessen the odds of a quirky reading. And do them over a period of time. You will be surprised how cohesive and accurate the info you get is. As you change over time, so will your readings.

You mentioned in a different post that you keep getting the same cards. What you will find is that you will get the same readings, regardless of what cards come up.

Purists will tell you specifics on maintaining your cards. Some will not use reversed cards; I do not. Your call - just be consistent in your use.

Basically what I'm saying is that you already 'know' what needs doing next month. The reading will help you explore that knowledge.

Title: Re: Tarot reading: what should I do?
Post by: Gbob on February 11, 2010, 15:59:31
Thank you for your advice! I guess seeing as I am a beginner in using the Tarot afterall, I shouldn't really use this as a tool to answer important questions specifically. And also as Vitruvian said, the Tarot doesn't answer everything otherwise we'd all be rich.

In the end, I have chosen to take a risk and follow my own desire despite what the Tarot has shown me. Let's just hope that all works out in the end!
Title: Re: Tarot reading: what should I do?
Post by: Teleute28 on March 11, 2010, 12:19:43
Hi GBob, i read your post and thought I would give you a bit of insight on the tarot,  One must alway's keep in mind that re-guardless of what the cards may say nothing it set in stone.  Actions and choice's you make can have a effect on what a tarot reading my state and even change the out come of said reading.  One must keep in mind that forum's of divination such has the tarot are used to at times guide and tap into the unawakened part's of our own spiritual,mental and psychic nature of the mind and at time's guide us down the path we need to walk or give us insight on things that we have put off and need to deal with in order to not be stuck in a "rut" and move on with a physical and spiritual lives.  I hope this is of help to you.  :-D

Take Care fellow cartomancer,