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Title: Metaphysical Connection or Imagination?
Post by: solemnone on December 11, 2010, 22:16:27
Hey guys! I have been having an ongoing problem for years where I get intense thoughts, feelings, and emotions associated the someone I have known in the past. The experience is unlike anything I have ever experienced where it almost is invasive. I do not know if my "brain" and "emotions" are triggering such or if there is something else at work.

I have spoke to spiritualist regarding the subject and they seem to believe that the "connection" that the person and I had is still very much active-- despite not seeing them in years. I know that what I am feeling is not simply nostalgia because there is a wide range of emotions and almost this feeling of the person being with me.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be great! This topic may come up again in another section-- because I have gotten frustrated with it that I am almost wanted to pay a therapist to help me. I think the worse thing about the whole issue is this has been the only thing in my entire life that I have not been able to control. :( Thanks again!