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Title: My astral expierences + Help recognizing a lucid state
Post by: Scorched on August 06, 2012, 10:51:17
Hello everyone,  
Figured I would introduce myself with the recent experiences I have had. Recently (within the past week) I have begun to practice AP and Lucidity in dreamlike states. I am having great success thus far - these experiences have been both vivid and profound. I can attribute that to all of the great information I found on this forum.
     Two days ago I focused on meditating and visualizing colors, while letting letting my subconscious thoughts flow through my mind. While my brain begins to think on it's own I can visualize what it is thinking, this happens in the early stages of sleep. As I imagine these things I can suddenly see myself in frontt of a pond and leap into a beautiful flower where I am consumed in the color blue.  
     The next thing I remember is nothing at all, until I partially awake to the feeling of my body vibrating along with a high pitched ringing in my ears. From here I can remember myself as a brain attached to eyeballs, swinging and floating about my room, (which didn't look anything like my room) spinning in circles in a euphoric state, my body being massaged by these high frequency vibrations.  
     I recall looking at the wall - projecting from my eyeballs, like a movie screen. I was watching vividly colored characters morph and melt while my mind was overloaded with a feeling of "amazing". The wall became a television, and I tried to dive in like a swimmer. Alas, I was thwarted. The only thing I accomplished was hurting my hands.
     The final part my mind can recall is falling back into my physical body, which was sleeping on the bed. As I slipped back in I could hear loud ringing. I managed to fall right through my physical body. As I fall through my own back I can feel velcro on my spiritual chest being separated from velcro on my physical back. Unfortunately, this is where the memory stops. Keep in mind I was aware of everything that was going on, but not particularly in control. It was just sort of happening.
I will share another experience I had, this was only a few hours ago:
     I find myself in a dreamy state. I am lying on a platform, suspended in nothingness, alongside a heavy set woman. We are watching a screen-like projection. Almost like a drive-in movie theater. I can recognize the screen as the same one I saw in my last experience, yet projected from something else. We are watching an episode of "Family Guy", one that I am creating from my own thoughts... somehow. Honestly, I was thoroughly entertained by this for quite awhile. Although I cannot recall specific details of the film, I can say that it was vivid and colorful.
     Next, I remember wiggling my toes and being semi-awake in my bed. I could lift my arm and move my toes. My eyes seemed glued shut but I believed I was awake, just lying in bed. I could hear someone talking to me. I managed to turn my head slightly and open my crusty eyes just enough to see their face. Standing against my dresser with his arms crossed was a blurry, grey human image. He was looking straight ahead - I mumbled something to him and in reply he looked me straight in the eye. I could see his face clearly. It was my close friend. He began to speak to me, although, I could not grasp what he was saying. Yet, somehow, I could get the gist of what he was speaking. (some foreign language).  
     We continued to vaguely communicate back and fourth, with my eyes still partially open. He kept saying something to me like "Wake up! Get up!" But as I tried, I couldn't. I began to realize that this was not real and if I "woke up" I would arise in a normal waking state. This logic didn't seem normal. My lips seemed numb while I continued to utter to my friend. I began saying "Help me wake up, I can't. Why don't you just help me? Shake me or slap me." Yet he refused. He stood there with his arms crossed and said "You do it." That's the last thing I remember. I was convinced all of this was real until I woke up, of course. Different from the last dream, everything in my room was accurate. Whereas the brain dream was in a more abstract place.
     So, in this last instance, should I have expected to hear ringing again in order to separate from my body? Or should I have continued along as if I were in my real body? But if something painful or odd happened, would I be frightened that it was real and wake up? What can I do to better recognize that I am among the astral plane?

Title: Re: My astral expierences + Help recognizing a lucid state
Post by: Xanth on August 06, 2012, 16:21:14
What can I do to better recognize that I am among the astral plane?

Enjoy :)