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Title: Energy in my hands?
Post by: nimsay on November 14, 2012, 16:38:58
This is a vague question to ask as I didn't do much about it at the time but maybe someone has an inkling to what it may be?

From as long as I could remember to about early 20's my hands and feet but particularly my hands would tingle and feel surges of electricity at will. I would just have to focus my awareness on my hands and instantly feel a glove of sensations take over!

But lately i've been dealing with depression and anxiety I can't seem to concentrate on how I used to achieve it..

Hope this is in the correct category!

Title: Re: Energy in my hands?
Post by: Dreamshards on November 14, 2012, 19:11:37
Hmmm...When I was in my teenage years I could move through energy work very easily, including putting my palms close to one another and creating a ball of energy. I am not completely sure of the usefulness of this exercise, though I would use this energy to send to other people I loved who I thought might need it more then I did. I did this constantly for months. At one point I became very sick, just a cold but it lasted for weeks. I was physically drained of energy, and it was obvious as to why-I went over board. I stopped working with energy for years, not for that reason but because I had other things occupying my life. Now when I try such exercises it is much more difficult. The energy doesn't flow as easily. I can still do it but it requires much more relaxation and concentration. I believe life is the culprit. We are literally using our energy to worry and stress about other situations that we don't have as much energy to just "play" like the energy we had when we were younger. I still believe we can accomplish a great deal with our energy body but we really have to set time for it and practice on a regular basis. Getting past all the negative thoughts in your head is one of the biggest obstacles.

Title: Re: Energy in my hands?
Post by: Volgerle on November 14, 2012, 22:00:34
My hands got "activated" probably by a guide. This is from my journal, it happened 2 years ago:

(...) around that time in Nov., one night, after a longer talk with someone (guide/HS?) in dreamstate, my hands became energy-activated almost 'by command ("activate them")' from which I woke up with tingling/burning hand palms. Since then I feel energy (from slight tingling until stronger, although bearable and controlable burning sensations) now almost constantly in my hands, esp. the right one. My observations prove to me that the tingling gets stronger when I think or write about any spiritual matters, and even more so when I do energy work exercise or self-healing with them! It's really fascinating.

It never went away since then. I can produce it by just concentrating on my palms, don't even need to "run energy" or anything similar. I'm on my way to become a healer, so maybe this is your way, too?

Title: Re: Energy in my hands?
Post by: spark on November 15, 2012, 17:44:40
Hi.  I have some thoughts for you.   I suggest that you try doing some gi gong standing pose for at least about 10 minutes.  You can watch TV when you do it too ... at least, I do that.  I think it will help you to get flow and build energy.   In addition to that, if you want to feel so called chi, then i think it helps to a) ask to your deeper self to feel it (i.e., it is more a request and relaxing than focus or control ... think of it as if your deeper self that controls your heart and all the little processes in your body will respond once you are relaxed), b) have faith and belief that you can feel it, and c) remember that this energy is everywhere (try to really visualize it ... more like you know it is there and are focusing on it ... as in your "attention" will be on it by doing that ... not controlling ... but, attention to it).   Also, it really helps to add slow movements to the body.  Like moving your hands as through a sea of chi.  AND, it helps to think of your hands and fingers as being kind of like antenaes that both receive this energy and transmit ... both, or either based on your request to yourself and your focus of attention.   This is all much like Tai Chi.  Anyway, if you have any questions, let me know or send a personal message if you want.  I have much experience with this .... Good luck

Title: Re: Energy in my hands?
Post by: nimsay on November 15, 2012, 20:44:56
I believe life is the culprit.

Sure is!! Gaah  :cry:

@Volgerie this makes me really happy to hear! I'd love to be a healer..

@Spark thanks for the explanation, i'll definitely try that soon and see if helps :)

Title: Re: Energy in my hands?
Post by: TheEnergeticSeer on November 15, 2012, 22:27:49
Well I have to give a head nod to sparks outright because I think that's good advice. The only thing I would add is something my teachers have taught me: namely that we are mistaken in thinking we have two hands. Energetically we have one and in the center of our "hand" is a seed of sorts which occupy's the same space as the sea of awareness or body center. In tai Chi I believe its called Tan T'ien, so when we move the hands we move them as one, both one with each other and one with our center. In this way we empower the energetic action of motion and express our sentience through the "Hands" this can be very effective when learning to "see" energy with the hands and can also help with creating greater relaxation and health. But some of this seer training can be a little tricky to describe so if you have any questions ask away. Hope I was helpful :-)

Title: Re: Energy in my hands?
Post by: Mayan on November 25, 2012, 19:02:13
You can't *make* your hands do it.  You have to *allow* them.

If you haven't had any formal training, then it's important to protect yourself by meditating and bathing yourself in white or gold like or creating a bubble that you step into and check for cracks or anything along those lines.

Then, when you work with energy, the most important thing is that you are working with higher energy, not your own.  If you give your own energy you can become depleted.  It's all about connecting to the higher force and acting as a transmitter for that energy.

Before I became attuned to reiki, I was taught to slowly open a tap on my crown chakra, connecting to the higher life force and visualising becoming bathed by this energy as it engulfed my entire body including hands to be transmitted.  When finished, I had to ensure that I turned the tap off when I was done with it.

Yoga, chakra work, tai chi, qigong etc can all really help in balancing your own energy, and in doing so this helps us to connect to higher energy.  The single most important thing when "giving" energy to others is that you don't deplete your own.

Just allow the flow of energy and it will be there.  It's good practice to put your hands on yourself when they are feeling hot or charged.

Title: Re: Energy in my hands?
Post by: ChopstickFox on November 25, 2012, 19:21:13
I remember back in middle school, my drama teacher had us work on exercises like this. Well, she said to imagine a ball in your hand as if it was real. Most of the students thought it was stupid, but I found it pretty interesting because of the tingling energy from it. It was a good way to freak people out at lunch because they would think I was full of it, feel the area, then freak out when they actually felt something. haha! I never connected it to this kind of stuff until much later on, though.

Then it was really exciting when my aunt told me about energy healing. Some day I wold love to explore that...

Depression and anxiety can really put a damper on things :/ I will send you positive thoughts that you're able to overcome what is bothering you.

Title: Re: Energy in my hands?
Post by: nimsay on November 25, 2012, 21:01:28
Thank you ChopstickFox  :-)

Title: Re: Energy in my hands?
Post by: Bedeekin on December 01, 2012, 09:51:55
Do you work for Dr. Laman? lol