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Title: Concentration
Post by: Chaos Mage on December 04, 2012, 19:03:42
So.  After some months of working with worship, banishing, and opening exercises, I had some results.  Even so, that's not what I was doing as a child, and in those days, reality was mine.  So the question becomes, what type of energy do we concentrate, and, does specific types of energy automatically open the chakra?  Then the question becomes, do we want to open our chakra at all?

Concentration of silence...
Concentration of darkness...
Concentration of time...

In the Omega Chad consciousness model, we see that it is mentioned that mind and time are equivalent.  I think that's what it says, it says other stuff about it too.  So if mind and time are the same thing, then time only exists when you are focusing it.  Focus it too much, and it doesn't exist again.  The only feasible reason that I could consider doing math is to count upwards to one hundred, then back down again, concentrating every second.

Now, mind, memory, and time.  If we are always thinking, we might be using our memory to help that process, or, we might be subjugated by parasitic thought processes and our memory will begin to decline in amount, clarity, and associative powers.  Soon, we stop caring about daily events, the mundane becomes too mundane, and nothing can excite the senses.  I've heard people say that we ought to drop memory entirely, yet that is a ridiculous way of looking at it.  Mind and Time, if they are seperate, would then equal memory.  Yet, time is only a gauge for the buffer sequence of phased potentials.  They say, 'a day with god is as a thousand years'.  Obviously, when we are allowing our lives to open to telepathy and parasitic energy vampirism, we will lose, not only our awareness of the astral, but also our memories and everything we hold most close and dear.

So here is an exercise for you to try sometime, when you have made the time to do it.  It is called "Summation".  This is a preliminary practice in what I call phantasy, as, you must summate before every phantasy.  This keeps the energy level high and enables you to do massive damage to enemies in the nether, or, shadow worlds.

SUMMATION (of experience)
1.Sit down, lay down, or stand, get comfortable in this position.
2.Now, from WITHIN and WITHOUT, and from the PAST and from the FUTURE, draw all memory abilities and powers of time, visual acoustic and sensory in every direction.
3.You will recieve an Oracle.  Oracles are determinations made by the application of the Oracle to the time stream.  You can continue this process indefinitely and 'master your destiny', become a 'time lord' free of the lich syndrome, high powered time mage ability class.
4.Once summated and your Oracle is vibrating your whole body, and in fact, your whole time stream, now you have the astral/energy body that you need to perform your ritual or battle against your personal enemies.  Other magicks also become possible.

This exercise works best prior to going to sleep, and also, immediately as you wake up.  You can hold your time stream together, it's like Christ on the Cross, only in reverse to your person.  Summation also generates brain material, and is the most potent type of concentration as it, by it's virtue of being time based, works both on the Universe and the Multiverse.  Beyond this, I don't have much more to say, at all.  I've done all I can, I'll be around.