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Title: Empty Houses
Post by: yoki_h on April 18, 2003, 04:18:55
Yes I've had something similar happen ,we have lived in this house for over twenty years and are the second owner ,there is no violent history yet all of my children have seen apparitions . My theory is certain people attract psychic experience to them self's  
I personally opted for a house blessing  given by a Bishop and it worked a treat

Title: Empty Houses
Post by: Hephaestus on April 18, 2003, 10:34:19
what I would like to know is if ghosts such as this has the capability to extend beyond its confinements and physically manipulate an object such as a door and slam it shut then why do they not physically attack someone within the house? it seems everytime i read something like this there has never been physical attacks just doors being slammed or plates being smashed. Seems strange why the ghost or entity only does that and nothing worse.

Title: Empty Houses
Post by: Nita on April 24, 2003, 02:59:37
Hello Hephaestus
   I would say that the apparitions are trying to get people to move so they are left alone and have the house to themselves. There are ways to deal with ghosts and the easiest is to sprinkle where you are living with bay leaves and angelica.
   It will make it so the apparition can not enter that space when the herbs are prayed over and blessed.

Title: Empty Houses
Post by: yoki_h on April 25, 2003, 02:24:45
In response to  prior postings I would like to sate that it is not unknown for unseen forces wether that be apparitions  or other psychic phenomena , to attack people .My assumption is that like  the physical were  every one  you met  is not about to thump  you  ,  so not every ghost is inclined to hurt you.
 I previously  wrote of  strange goings on in my household,  I have been touched and my sons t-shirt pulled ,not a attack but certainly a demonstration that it could happen . I  remember a documentary (I also read about this case) were  a family  were driven from their home by a very violent ghost, this manifestation include physical violence.
There are  different forms of hunting's ,poltergeists  activity is often  fuelled by teenagers with pent up sexual energy  and  is related to the kundalini,  there will be noises ,  rapping and the throwing and brakeage of household items .Some hunting's are  previous owners  now deceased who view the currant occupiers as intruders  .I have also read were old and trematic events  are imprinted on the either and can be reviewed by  sensitive individuals.
No doubt  there is much more that can be written on this subject ,but I need to walk my dog .Yoki

Title: Empty Houses
Post by: mkc414 on April 16, 2003, 01:04:41
I often get strong bad vibes from empty houses. I am currently living in an unoccupied house (everyone else has moved out), which was rented by tenants in the short term. It creeps out every guest I have ever had over at night. When certain people are over (more psychically attuned) things get worse. Once an upstairs door slammed violently at an particular moment in our conversation. The most sensitive of our group found herself in the suspect room, with the door locked (and didnt know how she got there), while the rest of us bolted out the front door.

When my family moved out of a house that was occupied for nearly 40 years, the empty house was almost impossible to be in at night. Every room held a stiff kind of air, an anxiety almost screaming out. This house had a lot of past unusual activity. Almost everyone in the family had seen a looming shape (this will sound strange, it was a tall cone-headed being with a furry head!) following them in the hallway mirror. The last night my family was there, drumming was head in an adjacent (empty) room.

I was wondering if anyone has had similar thoughts or experiences.