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Title: Hi finally!!
Post by: Rakkso on July 29, 2013, 22:04:27
Hi everybody, first of all, I'd like to thank this huge community for supporting and encouraging every person that joins. Like Frank Kepple said "at some point the penny drops" you start questioning your reality, you become "aware" of something much greater, the first step. Thank You.

I've been Reading the forum I dare say every day since I found it 3 months ago. I have had lucid dreams, but only can remember 2, they were last year I think and all I did consciously was flying and destroyed a door that seemed like the door to enter a dungeon in Hogwarts to enter it. So I'll just post 2 extracts of a dream journal I'm keeping, which are, the two most important so far (lol). Any advice, comment, constructive commentary, would be much appreciated. Thx.

I felt the vibrations. I've trying projecting so many times; I'd say more than 10. Or 10, that yesterday I felt the vibrations. I believe I now know how to induce them, or better said how to call them, to produce them, to just make them feel. Spread pulsating and vibrant energy all over my body. But I think you have to tune it. Forget that thought. You don't have to tune it, just understand it, that's a better description. Patience. Intent. It was a big happy feeling rushing my body from the whole center of my body. Spreading it in waves. Waves of tremendous happiness. I believe it will come to me easy now, from now on, it's just patience.

Yesterday, 28/07/2013 I attempted at 1:00 am AP with the gateway track. Free flow 12.
For the duration of almost 36 minutes. I experienced a series of body sensations that I come here to try to describe. First I did just as Monroe said in the track, but quicker because I dare say I've acquired the ability from many times I've tried. I first did the box, then the resonant tuning, and then put out the REB to spin quickly and powerfully, thanks to my unlimited focus. I was at focus 10 when Monroe was, and I believe, entered focus 12 at some moment during the transition, maybe in the exact moment where Monroe said my consciousness was now shifting. I then started feeling a warm something, I'm not sure if that's what the "vibrations" are. But I could very well associate it with one, since it was coming from the center of my body, ever expanding, again, like the rushes you get listening to very good music, at that point I remembered various post saying that I was already at the door, so I tried to go out, something funny happened, while I've always thought about the rope method, or even the roll method, what came to my mind in that moment, and curiously seemed super easy, almost like if had always done it, was to project my energy, my astral "body" from the top of my head, to somewhere in my room. I must add that while attempting all of this, my eyelids were not completely controlled by me, and sometimes I had to redirect myself to keep them quiet, obviously failing to keep focus in what I had to keep focus in a firm steady way. So I tried the "pull your body out of your head" method, at the time feeling like I've always done it. But my eyes kept hesitating. Meanwhile al this was happening, I still had the vibrations all over my body, I didn't try to raise them this time, but I believe my mistake was to try to lower them, even though I intended to go out, I think that I subconsciously not letting go at all the vibrations, they felt so good, I will try in a while. And if successful I'll come here tomorrow morning, or as soon as I can.

Edit: The lucid dream I remember, I started at my high school, entered the gym, saw a whole in the middle of the basketball field, it had stairs that circled around to the bottom where it was just blackness. I naturally decided to see what was there, unafraid of course, then as soon as I stepped the first step, two guys, dressed like "MiB" started shooting at me not so far from behind with normal guns, so I hurried into the hole and when I got to the bottom, (which was a very long bottom), the guys where still behind me so my intended and succeeded in destroying the spiral staircase. Then nothing else happened. No more bad guys. Just looked at the door, walls of grey old castle bricks. And a big butt wooden door, like the ones you see to enter some great secret dungeon in some castle. With fine rock engraving in the borderlines of the door.

Safe journeys.
Title: Re: Hi finally!!
Post by: Lionheart on July 30, 2013, 01:20:46
 Hello and Welcome to the Astral Pulse!  :-)

You are right about the fact that "only you" are the one that can answer whether this is real or not.

Only you can put the patience and perseverance and open your eyes to this new awareness.

You put the practice into this that is needed, then you get to reap the rewards of that hard work.

You are doing excellent here!  :-)

Here's to many more successes!  :-)

Good Luck and Safe Travels!  :-)
Title: Re: Hi finally!!
Post by: Szaxx on July 30, 2013, 03:49:05
Hi and welcome Rakkso,
You're doing the work and its paying off.
Keep going as directed, the rewards will be obvious as you progress.
Title: Re: Hi finally!!
Post by: Greytraveller on July 31, 2013, 00:20:07
Greetings and welcome Rakkso
If you can stay focused and determined then good things (= OBE) will almost certainly happen. Patience might also be needed. Some people manage to go out of body after only a few days or a couple of weeks of effort. Others are not so fortunate and require several weeks or even months of continued effort. So stay with it and good luck.

Regards  8-)
Title: Re: Hi finally!!
Post by: Rakkso on July 31, 2013, 23:02:54
Thank you everyone.

I would like to ask something quickly.
I had a lucid dream two days ago (haven't had one in more than a year maybe), and the thing is, I became lucid when I was in my kitchen, and saw a door, opened it, and there i was again in my kitchen, so I got a bit exited, and seconds after i calmed down I remember feeling the "blurring" sensation that "it's about to end", so i demanded clarity, but very little, then immediately rushed to rub my hands real hard, recovered some clarity, I then immediately wanted to go out fly somewhere while conscious, so I don't know if a door appeared in front of me, or i created it with the thought of going somewhere else. I crossed it, appeared in a parking lot building, barely started flying, felt some music around me, woke up, end of story.

I now in this precise moment just remembered that it was because i settled the alarm to ring at 4am, because I wanted to try APing.
Thumbs down to me : (             (by the way, relaxing song to wake up to: Hiatus - River (ft. Shura) )

So today I wondered if that may have been more a RTZ experience, than just a lucid dream, or maybe both, or I don't know, I'd like to know what you guys think. Thank you.
Title: Re: Hi finally!!
Post by: Szaxx on August 01, 2013, 03:37:14
Here's a related topic you reminded me of.
Title: Re: Hi finally!!
Post by: Rakkso on August 01, 2013, 17:00:28

Can't express the amount of happiness felt by reading that. lol
And that now I have 1month free of everything to practice day and night.

Thank you for posting. :-D