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Title: Life and Negs
Post by: snowbear333 on May 30, 2003, 03:28:25
I've been under attack for quite some time - and I've yet to figure out exactly what these negs are.  In my case, I believe that the one that is attached to me was consciously created by a black magician type who pretended to be a zen master. I had the misfortune of studying with him. So if that is the case, what exactly is it??  

The release techniques that I have read about focus heavily on rescuing the 'negs' and helping them move into the light.  So far, this hasn't worked for me trying it on myself - but I do believe it may be possible.  If you are interested in these techniques - you might want to check these sites
Although I will note that the last link refers to a person that I called for help with my situation.  For treatment, which she said would last for one week, she wanted $5,000.00.  Thats a lot of money, to me - and makes me suspect the person offering the service.  Anyway, all three of these people recommend releasing these entities with compassion - even 'treating' the entity in the process.  So, there are people out there who are thinking along the lines that you are.

Title: Life and Negs
Post by: neg removal5 on June 18, 2003, 01:30:27
Hi everyone

     I happen to agree with Robert Bruce.  There may be some of these spirits a supposed healer can walk in the light, and it may work sometimes.  But I guarantee you this, it will not work all the time.  There are various lifeforms in the spiritual realm, and until we know for sure all the different types of lifeforms in the spiritual realm, and which ones have gone to evil, all you are going to hear from a lot of not very open minded people is a lot of postulated theories, and some of them will not even begin to let you know of the other options, or the times that they tried to help somebody but were unsuccessful in walking it into the light.  The reason they will not admit to their unsuccessful attempts is because then it would throw their theories all out of wack.  Instead of them learning from their own experiences and realizing there are different types of life forms in the spiritual realm, and changing their theories to fit reality, they choose instead to hold to their own unrealistic views and continute to either put guilt trips on people they are unsuccessful in helping, or watching those people suffer some other way.  But in no wise do those people wise up and changer their beliefs or theories.  

     What are some of the lifeforms in the spiritual realm that we know about.  There are human entities that have passed away from the physical realm.  There are Holy Angels and fallen Angels that we have read about in the Bible.  There are unclean spirits, demonic spirits, and malicious spirits that we have read about in the Bible.  There are probably also countless other types of lifeforms in the spiritual realm.  The bottom line is this, a person may be able to walk a deceased human spirit into the light.  But you are not going to be able to walk a demonic spirit or fallen angel into the light.
     There is another way of thinking that some of these so-called healers have that I don't agree with.  They are as concerned about the evil entity as they are about the human person the entity is tormenting and trying to destroy.  They say things like you must always use their method, otherwise the evil entity that is on the person when it leaves will find somebody else to attack or possess.  That may be the case but these so called healers have no right to use tormented humans as their hosts for helping evil entities in the spiritual realm, which some of them they can't help anyway because they are not deceased humans and they are not from that light, and their home is not in that light.  That light is only the home for deceased humans that have passed away and are moving into the new home and world that God has created in the spiritual realm for his human entity offspring.  If these so-called healers want to go around helping these evil entities then why don't they astral project into the spiritual realm and allow themselves to get possessed by these entities, and then have one of their friends help them walk it into the light why they are getting tormented and their mind messed with.  They have no right to use suffering humans as hosts to help harmful entities, most of which are demonic and are not in any way part of the humans light anyway.  Secondly if there is a method that can set a person free in one minute or less, and then there is the postulated light method that works sometimes and other times doesn't work at all, but the healers don't tell anybody those times, plus their light methods takes from a couple of weeks to possibly never working to set a person free, and also they need a human host that's good at being able to take a lot of suffering and torment for the weeks to months it might take.  First off the light method can only work with deceased human spirits, and none other.  But these so-called healers would rather see the suffering tormented human on the street for two months, rather than use the one minute technique to set them free.  These so-called healers need to start using the quickest method, and then astral project and find the deceased human spirit after it has left it's victim, and try to walk it into the light from the spiritual realm.  They need to quit using suffering tormenting humans as experimental host victims.

   My belief is the same as Robert Bruce's belief.  If there is a human being and they are being harmed and tormented by some kind of harmful entity, no matter what kind it is.  Our goal is to get that harmful entity off of that person as quickly as we can, no matter what kind of technique or method we have to use.  If we have the technology to capture the harmful entity when it comes off then great, if we don't have that technology then there is nothing we can do about it.  But it is wrong and inhumane to use that suffering, tormented human as a host, even if it means that it's possible that the harmful spirit may go out and seek to attack another human somewhere.  If these so-called healers who watch others suffer at their expense were not hypocritical, they would either in the astral realm or physical realm open themselves up to possession all the time, and make themselves a tormented experimental host, and then have one of their friends try with their postulated theories to walk all the different entities and lifeforms they may encounter into the light. Or immediately when they encounter someone who is possessed immediately offer themselves to the entity to allow the entity to possess them, and then they can try their postulated theories on it.

     The bottom line.  If someone is suffering and is tormented by a possession by a harmful entity, we should get the entity off of them as soon as we can by any method or techniques we have available to us at the time.  If certain psychics who hold to certain postulated theories wants to astral project and go chasing off after the entity in the spiritual realm once it comes off, that is his or her business.  But we are not going to make experimental hosts out of tormented and suffering human beings.  We help them as soon as we can with any method or technique we have available to us.

Title: Life and Negs
Post by: beav31is on June 18, 2003, 02:26:57
"I've noticed a few people seem to go outa their way to find negs and destroy them, even if that paticular one isn't doing any harm. Thoughts and Comments?"

Those people become negs.

Title: Life and Negs
Post by: Fenris on June 18, 2003, 06:37:58
An interesting statement Beavis, is this opinion just intuitive or do you base this on something?

Title: Life and Negs
Post by: neg removal5 on June 20, 2003, 15:16:57
Hi everyone

   In answer to your question "31", you already answered it yourself and didn't realize it.  If an entity is not doing any harm then it cannot be classified as a "neg" no matter what type of entity it is.

A "Neg" is an entity that is doing harm to others or is causing harm to others, usually for no justifiable or good reason at all.

   So it is wrong to try to destoy a being or entiy that isn't doing anyone wrong, and such an entity could in no way be called a "neg".

   However, it is not wrong to try to stop, and maybe even sometimes have to destory an entity who is seeking to harm, torment, kill, or destroy other entities for no good reason at all.  It's self-defense if someone kills another because the other first attacked him and was trying to kill him.  Entities that go around attacking other people for no good reason at all, may either find themselves getting imprisoned or destroyed.  Usually the sorry low lifes just end up getting forced out of the person they were harming and tormenting, and are able to go out and attack and harm others.  Who is the victim in this situation the person that get's assaulted, raped, or even murdered, or the person that is doing the assaulting, raping, or murdering.  I do not have any sympathy for "negs", as "negs" being defined as entities that are out attacking and harming others for no good reasons at all.  The only way I could have sympathy for a "neg" is if the "neg" was out of it's mind, and was in no way responsible for it's actions.  In that situation such an entity should not even be called a "neg", but an enity with problems that it can't help, but such an entity should be confined and stopped from it's actions as soon as possible.  In all other situations my sympathy only goes out to the victims of "negs".  We need to find as many techniques as possible to deal with "negs", and to counter them.

Title: Life and Negs
Post by: alchimiste on June 20, 2003, 21:10:07

 "That light is only the home for deceased humans that have passed away and are moving into the new home and world that God has created in the spiritual realm for his human entity offspring."

 "First off the light method can only work with deceased human spirits, and none other"

I have read this thread with interest and have picked these two quotes from neg rem 5 posts.
 Neg Rem 5

You have taken the bible far too seriously!!! You probably think God created man in his own image!!! Get off your biggoted high horse; If you think humans are the only species that god cares about in this universe or any other for that matter you are narrow minded beyond belief.

You are the shoot first ask questions later kind of idiot that will end up causing more damage than good in your one man crusade, lets play at G W Bush kind of gung ho stupidity.

You obviously have started upon this subject with the intention of fitting the facts to your theory, and I hope no one will have the unfortunate opportunity of you practicing your neg removal butchery upon them.

Do you even realise that ripping out a neg can actually kill the person you are trying to help.....Im sorry but its a lot more complicated than just declaring war on negs and marching off to war.

Title: Life and Negs
Post by: beav31is on June 20, 2003, 21:24:09
Fenris, its a theory. Isnt that what negs do, attack those who are not attacking?

Title: Life and Negs
Post by: neg removal5 on June 22, 2003, 08:17:24
What would the site be if there was not at least one Alchimiste moron on it

    First off Alchimiste.  Yes I do believe God created Man in his own Image.  Secondly, I believe that He has probably created a million other types of offsprings of His in other worlds, in his own image also, and probably in other Cosmos not even connected to ours or reachable from this Cosmos.  Sorry there, Alchimiste I know I just stretched your ignorant, idiotic head like a rubber band to a new idea it had never comprehended before.  The concept of a Cosmos that is not connected to another Cosmos, but still both these Cosmos and probably no telling how many more were created by the Creator, even though they are not connected in any way.

If there is anyone riding a biggoted high horse and shooting first and asking questions later like an idiot, it's none other than you Alchimisto.  Before asking me whether I believed God created other offspring "lifeforms" in other worlds, you shot first assuming that I didn't.  Who is the horse riding idiot here with a pistol, it definately isn't me, it's none other than the speaker and shooter himself, Alchimisto.   You ate your own words on that one buddy.

Also if anyone is on a one man crusade to do something, it appears that you are on a one man crusade to try to insult and offend as many people as you can on Robert Bruce's web pages and forums.

If I was on a one man crusade to find techniques against "negs", which I'm not, I wouldn't have come to the different forums talking to other people about different techniques and methods for "neg" removal.

And the only one trying to fit any facts to any theories is you with your interpretation of the Karmic theory, which would have a person watch a poor little child be eaten by a wild animal, that attacked him, chewed him up, and tour his insides out.  In your karmic interpretation no one should do anything to help the child let alone anyone else from any harm that may befall them, because it's their Karmic distribution for it to happen.

I hope no one has the unfortunate opportunity of being in a dangerous situation and you are the only human close by that could possibly help them.  With your karmic beliefs it would be as if there were no humans close by that could help them.

I also hope that no one has the unfortunate opportunity of having to hear your smart butt comments and remarks, but unfortunately I know that is not going to happen, because it's your one man crusade to try to insult and offend as many people as you can on these forums.

   Now concerning some other things you said in your narrow minded reply above. Concerning your remark in his "image".  Apparently your mind is to dam narrow to comprehend what that is saying so let me try to explain it to you.  In his image doesn't mean some kind of a physical form or physical body.  In his "image" means with the same feelings and  emotions that make up his Being.  It also means in a family structure.  God is a family within himself.  So he has created all his offsprings throughout the worlds in a certain kind of family type structure to.   Alright do you comprehend all of that.

Now what I would like you to do is list all the people that Jesus, the Son of God killed by removing "negs" out of those that were possessed.  How about "Legion" do you remember him.  He had more "negs" in him than anyone could count.  Did he die when Jesus just removed all of them out of him, instantly.  No he didn't.  What we read was that the guy then had an instant peace, and was automatically sane again and in his right mind.

Alchimiste if you would begin to listen more on these forums, instead of attacking and trying to smart off to people for no reason at all, you might actually learn something.

Title: Life and Negs
Post by: clandestino on June 24, 2003, 13:29:04
Why is it that every forum I look in seems to have an argument between "neg5" and "alchimiste" ?!!!

On second thoughts - don't answer that.

Neg removal 5 :
Now what I would like you to do is list all the people that Jesus, the Son of God killed by removing "negs" out of those that were possessed. How about "Legion" do you remember him. He had more "negs" in him than anyone could count. Did he die when Jesus just removed all of them out of him, instantly. No he didn't. What we read was that the guy then had an instant peace, and was automatically sane again and in his right mind.

Do you Really believe that Jesus removed a multitude of evil spirits from a possessed man? I don't believe that you do:
..and was automatically sane again and in his right mind...

Title: Life and Negs
Post by: neg removal5 on June 26, 2003, 05:23:38
Hi Clandestino

     Yes I do, and so do millions of other people.

Title: Life and Negs
Post by: cainam_nazier on June 26, 2003, 06:44:41
Neg Removal5
"First off the light method can only work with deceased human spirits, and none other"

Oddly I have a good insight on this one.  The "light method" is not only for deceased human spirites.  I know because I was carrying around the spirite of a dog of mine that died when I was young.  And he was sucessfully removed using the above method.  He walked into the light, happily, with his tail wagging.

Title: Life and Negs
Post by: clandestino on June 26, 2003, 07:05:05
Hi Neg 5!
I just brought it up because you mentioned that the man "became sane again" implying that he was insane beforehand.... Historically mankind has generally looked upon serious mental illness as "being possessed by demons" but this view is now held by the minority. Nowadays the man in question could have taken a psychotherapeutic drug to save him from "Legion" !

Anyway, I'm just being devil's advocate,
Kind regards


Title: Life and Negs
Post by: Ides315 on June 26, 2003, 13:35:32
Hi, SpiritPathwalker

Interesting question. One of my contemplation lines has been That with the universal law of "As above so below" perhaps some negs are humans that "devolved", or chose to move down the path instead of up.

As I understand it, it is not possible to "destroy" a neg, just banish/dispell it.

Negs appear to be needed to provide the counter part to "good".

Funny thing about a neg, if you pour the good old fashioned "divine white light" into their crown chakra they undo their damage to the person they are attached to.

Alchimiste: Though your points are usually good, they are so covered with generally caustic wording that most people probably never get it as they are to busy being offended. Something to think about.

Neg removal5: Your quest is nobel, but gather more information.

To both: Never argue with a jackass, people cannot tell the difference!

Title: Life and Negs
Post by: neg removal5 on July 03, 2003, 23:13:04
Okay, I'll be sure not to argue with you then ides315. But you ought to at least put a picture of your avatar up there, for those who might want to argue with you.

Title: Life and Negs
Post by: Tayesin on July 06, 2003, 13:14:00
Hi Folks.  

Negs.  If all things exist as different vibrations of the one energy, as quantum mechanics has shown, then these so called negs also come from the source, just as we do.  There really is no such a thing as a 'neg', they are only spirit beings just like us who CHOOSE to use the light(energy) for darker intentions.  Nothing is essentially evil, and certainly not created that way, we are only making judgements about them.  We allow them to have their effects on us by the the way we conduct ourselves, the thoughts we have, etc.  

The reference to fallen angels is a misnomer, a mis-interpretation by those who translated the bible.  The original meaning was, 'Those who from heaven to Earth came.' It is about the race called Anunaki by the Sumerians.

As for walking them into the light, it sounds fine to me.  It has worked many times with the dis-embodied and probably works just as well with all forms. I have learned through experience that using the power of Loving energy is the most effective and reliable way to deal with aggressors.

Even the most 'darkest' of beings that I have come across, in hundreds of spirit journeys, had light within them, in the same way that we all have light and dark tendencies within us to form the whole of our being.  So all a neg is, in reality, is a being that has chosen to use it's internal power to do 'dark things'.  

Anyone who claims to have destroyed negs is full of bull-plop or Ego.  Energy cannot be destroyed, only changed.  Using the loving energy changes the 'neg', it destroys nothing because it cannot do so.  You cannot 'fight fire with fire' and 'might is right' is bull-plop too.

We have many beings that attach to us for their own purposes, some implant thoughts that we would not normally have and then feed off the energy of our reactions.  How is that evil ? It is just the way they gain sustenance, a bit like us killing animals to eat !  Only we actually kill something, the entity that attaches does not.

There are more varieties of beings in existence than most people could imagine, many consume energy from other types, it is the way that it is.  At some time you may well have had an incarnation in that race !  Do you still think they must be evil ? Do they then need to be destroyed ?  

As for the people who want to charge you any money for removing a neg, tell them to take a hike.  They are not worth it, and their ego is bigger than their true ability.  You will find that those who can assist you if you need it will do so out of Love and service to humanity.

Thanks for the opprotunity to share.  Love always.

Title: Life and Negs
Post by: SpiritPathwalker on May 13, 2003, 10:49:18
I'm sure quite a few of us has had to deal with negs (not including ones own inner demons) at least one time or another.  This term for 'evil spirits' is pretty common around here I think, but something I always wondered was where they came from?  I'm not sure, but I think it's humanity that created them, or at least most of them.

Anyone else see anything simliar between the Columbine shooters, the people who crashed planes into the towers, ect...   and negs?  What if perhaps thouse people who let their inner demons gain control didn't just go to hell?  That could mean that every neg that's destroyed, is destroying the soul of something that was once human, and even before their inner demons took over, might of once been a decent person.  Sometimes we're not given a choice (self-defense when one is attaked), but I've noticed a few people seem to go outa their way to find negs and destroy them, even if that paticular one isn't doing any harm.  Thoughts and Comments?