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Title: Astral Limbs Movements
Post by: soki on January 26, 2015, 21:04:09
Hi everyone, I would like to get some help from people who might know what I'm gonna talk about here. When trying to project, I can get in a deep state enough to totally forget my body and spatial location. When I do so, each and everytime i get to feel my limbs moving really fast and going back to their position. It's happening in not even a second. It can be my foot, my hand, my head or even my whole body. For example, my arms can raise straight up in the air and then fall back to it's place and sometimes i hear the noise it would make if it was my physical arm that moved but it isn't. The sound is clearer, as if I was hearing it louder. Sometimes there's no sound that goes with the movement. Yesterday i even felt pushed back in my body and I felt my back slam the couch where I was sitting. As if I was out of my body but got pushed back in it. It's happening more often as i keep on practicing, but I can't get to control the state in which my consciousness is. I've been told I can take control of this, but when I try i can't get to move. I try to go deeper within myself, and try again but the only times i feel a limb moving is when I'm in a visualisation and then I forget what i'm trying to do. So i feel the movement but my consciousness is pulled back up and i'm back in a not-so-deep state in which I'm unable to control anything.

I would really like it if someone could help me out, help me understand how to get in control of my astral body to get out of my physical one. I feel that I'm really close but there's a little piece missing. I've been doing somme researches on this state of consciousness but there is not much to read about this phenomenon. Thank you!

By the way, I'm and old member of Astralsight forums, a french forum about OOBE's and energetic work. It's a little hard for me to write everything in english and my Astral Projection journal is written in french so I have to translate to tell you about my experiences but I will try to get a little more involved with this forum which I think is great and I could see there's a lot of experienced members with pretty good knowledge. Have a nice day everybody!

Title: Re: Astral Limbs Movements
Post by: skeptic on January 29, 2015, 10:55:38
Hi Soki ,
When you are in a deep trance (getting visuals or sounds or whatever) and your limbs are jolting ( sudden phantom movements) you are very close to exit .
The parts of your astral body are getting loose and at this point you have two options. The passive one is just ignore it and keep doing your exercise (visualization)
do not get excited do not try to control anything just do your visuals and let the separation take place. Whatever happens   do not get excited! That is the key!
Trust the process completely. You can't do it wrong if you let the process go. The second option is aggressive one which i am not a big fan of since it requires for you to shift your focus to phantom movements and to perform so called phantom wiggling technique description of which you can easily find on any astral forum.
I am not a big expert on the subject and have little experience ( started projecting more or less constantly only since last December)  and the reason i am responding to your post
is that no one else did . English is not my first language so we are in the same boat. What i feel is that your main issue is you are trying to control instead of letting go.
IF you have any questions i ll be happy to share what i know. Good luck! You are almost there !         

Title: Re: Astral Limbs Movements
Post by: Bluefirephoenix on January 29, 2015, 16:51:03
Your focus is on sensations. That is what is holding you back. You have to have unbroken focus on moving your consciousness into focusing on something other than physical. Don't worry about your trance depth. Just one thing needs to be there focus inward until the environment changes.

Title: Re: Astral Limbs Movements
Post by: soki on January 29, 2015, 22:39:00
Thank you for the answers! I found the name of these movements since then: Hypnic Jerks. I had no clue to find this name so I tried putting describing words on google and after a while found it. And skeptic, it's exactly what I'm trying to do I understood the key was relaxing and getting closer to sleep. I try getting deeper but I can't go past this stage for now. This morning my arms moved from my side to on my belly, crossed. And this time it was physical, my arms were really on my belly. It's said that it's because the physical body reaches the energy body's emplacement. Sometimes one goes towards the other when they were at first split beacause of the deep state the practitionner is in. I awlways bring back my consciousness to my body when i feel these movements, I'll try going a little farther knowing how close I am!

Title: Re: Astral Limbs Movements
Post by: Szaxx on February 01, 2015, 13:21:45
You may find some interesting info in the link, it's about what we all seem to experience as we get into the trance state.

Title: Re: Astral Limbs Movements
Post by: Lucidityman on February 01, 2015, 23:11:51

Your English is great!

Ah, when you can feel your arms why not try to reach for something in the room to grab onto?. I sometime reach for my computer chair and then pull and my obe body slides out.The astral or ep limbs can streatch. I think your next move or step should be you trying to exit the body.I know you are reaching the right state, its just you need to do something to further the state.You need to shift your conciosness from pshyical body to obe body and you can do that by using your astral limbs.

I would also say is just go for it man.. just go..risk it all, all or nothing..just go..LOL  what I am trying to say is that get excited about jumping of the train brindge into the water below.You been sitting on the edge so long, just jump..LOL I don't mean go jump of a bridge, but jump into the unknown.The beauty of just going for it, is that if you fail or chicken out, you just wake up in bed.If you succed which you will, then any attempts after this one will lead you to more obe's because you went and did it.

Sorry I may have started the pre super bowl party a tad early.

Title: Re: Astral Limbs Movements
Post by: soki on February 02, 2015, 23:45:57
Thanks for the link Szaxx gonna go read right away!

And for Lucidityman, when I get to feel my arms moving or anything it pulls me back up, I'm not in the same state I was seconds before. I gotta find a way to just deepen the state a little, stay focused and keep on going just a little. I tried moving my arms or anything but if I tried my physical arm moved... I'll try to experiment a little with this trick just to see! Thank you for the motivation, I'll definitely try to jump off the bridge!! I'm about to go for a little session soafter I finish reading the the posts at the link Szaxx sent me we'll see what I can do to further the state I get in! Thanks again everyone!

P.S. Lucidityman, could you tell me what's the feeling of moving your second body's arms? Do you just go and act as if you were doing it physically, or you think of the action and what it would feel like, then since you are so deep in trance your thought provokes the action?

Title: Re: Astral Limbs Movements
Post by: soki on February 03, 2015, 01:47:20
I tried to roll out of bed and stopped the motion when I realized I was doing it physically. If I keep the idea of trying to move to get out, I can't go deep enough for it to be efficient. I know that after one time i'll understand the missing part in my process but until then the only thing I can do is keep on trying!