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Title: Moldavite update
Post by: darksidessj25 on February 19, 2015, 02:29:44
So lately I have been getting a lot of dreams about being someone else an being aware of this reality at the same time Basically being someone else. I where a 20 gram piece of moldavite constantly around my neck. Since it left my house to get turned into a necklace I haven't been getting these types of projections.

Weird phenomena:

My body would be lying flat on my back and I sleep on my side.
My computer lid would be shut. I leave it on at night. Sometimes my computer is even shut off! Man, I really need to record this excrement.
I been having fast travel experiences while meditating for example I would pop in an out of my body and see whoever I thought about at that time. Like I thought about a teacher and then I was in front of a black board watching him erasing it and I also heard it. It usually occurs between thoughts. I would have my mind quite for 10 or more minutes then it would happen. I literally can see people running outside and playing. It's a really cool ability.