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Title: Visions of Evil Faces
Post by: Hawkadium on January 15, 2016, 11:01:21
Hey there,
Straight to the point, when I clear my mind, close my eyes and observe my surroundings mentally, I continually see images of evil, laughing faces.  None of them look demonic or warped or like something you'd see on TV, they are simply random people with exaggerated facial features, with an evil smile, looking at me.  I get these images continually and I would like to put a stop to them.

Now, I do not fear these images, in fact I mostly just look at them and try to perceive the message they are sending to me but all I get is a sense of wanting to scare me.

Is there something I am doing wrong to attract these images to me?  I believe some entity is showing these to me.

So far I have protected myself with divine energy on several occasions as well gone through a life lesson (long story) and given the experience of unconditional Love.  So, I have some basis on how to protect myself and over come any such low vibrational actions, but I seem to still be seeing these images.  Can anyone help me with getting rid of them?  I also noticed this forum isn't very active, is there a forum you could suggest where I may find the answer to this question?

Thank You,

Title: Re: Visions of Evil Faces
Post by: EscapeVelocity on January 15, 2016, 14:26:49
I don't pretend to know the perfect answer here; I am faced with the same thing: releasing negativity...there is so much in the world.

The visualization is simple enough, just relax and imagine it leaving you, in whatever fashion: black balloons of negativity floating towards the sun...being birds, gray birds, blow the negativity outwards and away from you and us...

It really is that simple, from an energetic perspective...and that effective!

Title: Re: Visions of Evil Faces
Post by: Stillwater on January 15, 2016, 18:07:59
I have a feeling you will keep seeing these faces for a while. Then suddenly you won't!  :wink:

It sounds as though you are a long way toward not seeing them, by not applying much significance to them. Completely disregarding them I think will precede not seeing them at all!

It is probably something like what happens when a toddler swears, in imitation of a relative. If the family gets angry, and scolds the child, or in any way has a strong reaction, the child will realize the word has power, and will keep using it. If the child uses the word, and someone merely glances over, and no real reaction at all is given, the child will probably abandon saying the word again.

Title: Re: Visions of Evil Faces
Post by: Hawkadium on January 18, 2016, 20:48:05
Well, I took a few nights off of being open.

Last night was probably the most unique experience I have had to date.  I saw a lizard or dragon, slowly flying past me... hard to explain.  Many different geometric shapes and the the odd earthly item, a lamp, a shoe, etc.  Haha, much better than the mocking faces I was seeing before.