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Title: Advices
Post by: Positive3 on March 12, 2016, 15:46:37
Greetings, i don't really know where to post this so hope it's not in so wrong cattegory.

For those who don't know i am 17 years old , so why i bring age up? i see that most people here are at least above 25+ more years more experience let's say so, ofcourse there are also moment when for example i could gather more experience then someone older then me but this is why i post this here and not like asking different people, i think people who are close to this subjects AP; OBE and so on in my opinion have more interesting and correct view and advices about life i don't want to bother you but as young person what your life advices would be? something u wanted to change in your early youth or go on other path some lessons which life gave you and mistakes which you made

I know that we all have our path; our lifes and mistakes should be made to learn on these mistakes but i think learning on others mistakes and hearing others advices is also usefull

Title: Re: Advices
Post by: fowlskins on March 12, 2016, 21:28:41
try to say yes as much as possible to as many experiences as you can now while you have youth on your side, because when you get older and you reach later life there will be things you wish you could do but life will get in the way one way or another work, health energy levels commitments etc

ive made choices that are bad and ive made choices that are good but i regret nothing really

you cant go far wrong listening to these couple of tracks and letting them sink in :)  ( (

Title: Re: Advices
Post by: Szaxx on March 30, 2016, 13:22:18
Most places of employment today like officially recognised qualifications. When you leave school they cost a fortune.
Starting work in a job you want to do can be influenced by paperwork so get the ones that count.

Title: Re: Advices
Post by: superman on March 30, 2016, 21:34:33
Wow it feels like you're afraid of something! Life? to make mistakes?
What's the problem? Why those fears? Why so much preasure?

No one ever will be able to "save" you from life, nor to give you some "advices" because we all make our own life, and my mistakes will have nothing to do with yours nor your mistakes have something to do with my life. You are unique, we all are... and so is your life. You will make mistakes and you will grow. You will never be "perfect" because that's not life's purpose. It really feels like you try to escape something, you want to be perfect because you fear something...  :roll:

Why not talk to your parents?

Title: Re: Advices
Post by: Positive3 on March 30, 2016, 22:08:28
Yes i agree with you superman, but i take life easily i mean i don't look at things this must be perfect that must be perfect. I am fearfull but as same time i am calm xD and what about parents actually i am raised by mom with no father so she had double presuare in raising me, but the thing is that my other family memebers or relatives want to see something in me , they say that they give me freedom but at same time they want me to become person that they want me to be and that's hard part for me when i do what i want and i am what i want, i get really annoyed from them and i am not speaking about taking drugs , having suicidal thoughts ,  running form home or some kind of that part which can happen in early youth(i mean it can happen always but u know this teenage mind act cool and so on lol).The problem that they perceive my view of life not correct and try to change it i would accept if the change was good lol but it's like being robotic and labeled plus they are christians and that'a also the other whole story : D i just want to mention it here i don't search my problems in them or blame them for something but yeah i still feel some kind of presure form them xD but at same time i understand them they put much effort (energy; emotions ; money; e.t.c) but still i am confused

Title: Re: Advices
Post by: superman on March 31, 2016, 02:23:18
Im confused too... I'm sorry but here no one is able to "fix" you or your life^^
But I really wish you the best and send you all my positive vibes, and don't forget what I told about your mind (loa).
Just relax and know that life is taking care of you :p