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Title: New old member
Post by: AndrewTheSinger on April 23, 2016, 21:34:59
Hello everyone. I used to be active here in the past, when I shared a common view with most of the members of the Pulse. Some years ago I left in order to proceed with my own researches. Since then, my understanding of things changed so radically that ended up isolated, and kept most of my ideas to myself and a few close friends.

But I have learned so many things that I simply can't keep them all to myself, so I decided to share, and I don't care if people are going to believe or not.

One of the things that I've learned is that if you cannot find the truth for yourself, then there is absolutely no hope for you. Who can you trust in a world where everyone is after his own interests? If I say one thing is true and another person says it's false, how do you decide who is right if the answer is not so obvious?

I believe that there is hope, and if you really want to know the truth about something that is out of reach, whether because it's in the past or a place far away, a divine part within you can show you the answers, as long as you seek them with a pure heart and a sincere desire to learn.

You can check out my website to understand what I'm talking about. I have all the evidences to back up my claims, and I'm going to gradually share them. As a monk I dedicate myself exclusively to developing my spiritual abilities and knowledge.

My astral experiences deal with a lot of these spiritual and unconventional things that I study, so I feel uncomfortable relating them, but when it's possible I'll continue giving my perspective on other people's experiences. (

Don't be indifferent to this.

Title: Re: New old member
Post by: Lumaza on April 24, 2016, 02:10:25
 I see we have been going to the same "school" my friend!  :wink:

 Just to answer a quote of yours in your "Beginnings" portion of your website here. "Should I let others know? Am I meant to do this at all?"
 Most people don't care to know. They seem to think that there is nothing to be learned of importance from the past, since Humanity is dubbed and thinks it is the "Master Race". They are sorely wrong about that. But only time will show that to be true to all.

 The people that "need" for some reason to be shown the truth are getting the information on a subconscious level or with this practice a "Non Physical level", where it can't be blocked by those that wish this info to remain stifled.

 Humanity always pushes to go forward. Progress is good. But we shouldn't ignore or allow our ego to for-go what we have been taught in the past either. The same goes with this practice of Astral Projection in general.

Title: Re: New old member
Post by: fowlskins on April 24, 2016, 14:14:24
i also belive that our model of history is a long way off and there is still very much to uncover that will change these facts
look forward to reading your posts as much as i do everyone's and will do it with an open mind

Title: Re: New old member
Post by: AndrewTheSinger on April 25, 2016, 07:50:48
It took a while to put this together, but it was at first frightening to see things differently, but then it became enjoyable as I started developing myself in ways I never thought were possible.

The future to me is closer to the past than the present, because what humanity may find is that our (illusory) sense of isolation on this planet is just a modern situation, not something that will end once we make contact with another civilization. Because, who's to say it is not happening right now already, while people watch tv and eat pizza?

Our perception of reality is a fragile small box that the powers that be try to protect at all cost.

Glad about the reception :)

Title: Re: New old member
Post by: Xanth on April 25, 2016, 17:35:29
Welcome back to the fun Andrew! :)

Title: Re: New old member
Post by: AndrewTheSinger on April 26, 2016, 23:11:40
Thanks Xanth, good to be interacting again.