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Title: On good and not as good.
Post by: Rakkso on October 02, 2016, 03:16:18
Of good and not as good.

That which is good, is the most good because is natural, that which is not as good, is not as good because it is unnatural. Man is a natural thing, he comes from unspoiled nature, is born from nature, aided by nature, nourished by nature, exalted by nature, and returns to her immaterial essence. With his influence, he can both aid nature and aid antinature in their development. Man possesses both the power to command natura and antinatura, natura in itself works independently of man, antinatura in itself cannot work without the help of man but by perhaps sheer infinitesimal luck compared to nature. Therefore, antinatura comes from man as man comes from natura and natura comes from herself.

Nature is that which is infinite and renews itself in cycles and has many purposes, a very simple example of this is the childhood taught cycle of water, antinature is that which doesnít renews itself but is and end of itself, with a definite purpose, an old example is that of a primitive man chopping a tree to make a stomp to sit out of its wood. A landscape not spoiled by man is something beautiful to behold as it begets natural fruits everywhere on many levels, and a landscape spoiled by manís antinature abilities is something nasty to watch as it is not rendered fruitful to begot natural fruits.
By antinatural effects, can we only measure the effects of nature, and by nature effects, can we only measure the effects of antinatural effects. This is how man came to know what was good for him and what was not as good for him.

Nature exalts goodness and health by aiding a seed become a tree, just as antinature exalts averageness sickness by stomping a seed of growth from natural means. And since nature is infinite, goodness is infinite, and since antinature has a definite purpose, antinature is finite. To live in nature is to live in infinity; to live in antinature is to live in finiteness. To live in law or to live not in law; to live in harmony or to live in disharmony.

The ultimate man is a rare thing indeed, for he is capable of making good out of that which is good, and is equally capable of making good out of those things which are not as good. That is all I have to say.