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Title: Realities blending
Post by: Sammie on October 20, 2016, 17:38:50
So Im just curious if anyone here has experienced a blending between dimensions/realities/dream. I remember back in 2012 when I one morning woke up and felt an expansion in my head which one would refer to as the pineal gland being fully open. The thing is that I was fully awake and for 15 seconds or so I could see patterns and entities blending through in patterns and all kind of stuff. It was amazing but I was a bit chocked then. It still kind of happens now. When I wake up in the night I can for a while see weird letters, nonsense or figures in the air. Still not as much as the experience in 2012. I still at times feel a short time where my 3d eye expands and that is when I can see images temporarily, been this way since 2012. Can induce them 50% of time when i go to sleep but only for a few seconds or I loose myself. I even received messages from other dimensions few times when this state comes in. The same goes for being able to play music in my head, I can do it if I kind of wake up asleep or when I fall asleep for a while until I accidently focus on this reality more than just being there.. Anyone experienced similar things? Especially the 2012 experience type? Also I don't get why I in 2012 got through so much easier and images came to me vividly and 100% memory when I slept during the day. I even accidently entered a heightened state while playing a game in sports in 2012 cause I was so relaxed and I heard some weird ufo sound . In 2012 I would consider the year of my awakening, also I could even hear messages/guidance a lot more clearly than today even though I make great efforts to improve again for some time now. I listened to those messages and visualized what I wanted and listened for answers and I literally got everything and more. Then a lot of change came my way I let go of what I had learn, a lot is still here today automatically but just not to the same degree.

Title: Re: Realities blending
Post by: Xanth on October 20, 2016, 18:36:05
Just about every night of my life.

You just kind of learn to live with it.

Title: Re: Realities blending
Post by: Subtle Traveler on October 20, 2016, 22:28:49
Yes ... since I was 15 years old ... and honestly these days, quite a bit more often ...

Try to view it mentally this way ... the physical and non-physical are "one thing" (they are not separate) ... when you go to sleep at night and begin seeing things, you are simply not seeing with your physical eyes anymore (but more with what some point to as your mind - NOT brain) and that is why are seeing things differently.

Title: Re: Realities blending
Post by: rainbowcity on November 22, 2016, 08:45:41
I actually went to sleep then woke up and was looking at the room with my astral vision with my eyes closed. Then I opened my eyes and saw the same stuff only with my physical eyes. Both realities were similar but the astral was  more sparkly looking with energy and it was as though I could see through things.

Its pretty wild. Even wilder during waking like when something you see triggers a memory from a dream. Like something today caused me to remember a dream I had last night about watching this guy levitating, he was sitting crossed legged and just flying through the air.

Sometimes well, most of the time the stuff in the dream time simply does not have a reference point here. It is like apples and oranges.