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Title: The Buddha City
Post by: shineling on March 24, 2019, 23:14:14
I had a very lucid experience the other night...

Iím not sure when it started but I was floating above a great series of mountains. Instead of peaks though they where huge Buddha statues carved out of the mountain. I think there where like twelve Buddha figures and their heads touched the sky where thunder rolled with the beginnings of a storm. They where massive! Iíve never seen statues that big.

Below the mountains that where Buddhas was a medium sized town with lights that shown in the dusky light. I could see that the town was sorta built below the big Buddhas and traveled up the cliffs into the heights. I floated down to this city and landed in front of the gates which where made of great carved logs. I went up to one of the doors and knocked. It creaked open by itself and I heard a voice say ďEnter initiate!Ē

This is where it gets really interesting. A monk was there dressed in red robes. He talked to me about the ďstationsĒ up the mountain and walked me to the first station which was this beautiful temple with a sign I couldnít read. He left me there and another monk, this time a female, came and led me inside. She led me into the center of the temple where a pool of water was. She said to look deep into it and concentrate on quieting my thoughts.

It got so quiet suddenly and everything disappeared. But even though there was pervading darkness I felt safe. And the silence instead of being empty was full of awareness. Even though nothing happened it built to a great crescendo. It was like hot and cold at the same time. And then pow! A moment of pure... Everything!

I think this first station was an introduction the the nature of Mind. Even though itís empty itís completely full! Full of me and the Spirit. It was so beautiful... such a singular sensation and yet there was nothing there! Lol.

Anyway, I hope to visit the city again someday and try station number 2! My introduction to the nature of my mind was an eye opener and I wish I could describe it better. It was totally thrilling. Too bad these type of dreams or astral experiences donít come around that often for me. Iíve read some Buddhism but havenít touched it in years. This intro makes me want to pick it up again. It was so real.

OMmmmmm.  :-)

Title: Re: The Buddha City
Post by: Nameless on March 25, 2019, 04:00:58
What a great experience. It brought me instantly to a couple of my own very much like this. I find it interesting that for me there was a Buddha theme. I am not Buddhist or even close.

You said "landed in front of the gates which where made of great carved logs." Ditto

And you were told "enter initiate". I was told simply "she is waiting".

"She" was dressed in lovely pale blue silken robes and was tending several babies. She told me, "You are a medium but you are NOT medium." Her wording was very specific and I've yet to fully understand their significance.

It really is difficult to explain our experiences in the words available to us and words alone will never be able to fully describe them.

I love that you floated over the mountains so got to fully appreciate their majesty. I do wish you many more journeys to this wonderful place.

Title: Re: The Buddha City
Post by: shineling on March 27, 2019, 11:53:38
Hey Nameless,

Thatís fascinating... your experience sounds so similar. Itís interesting to think this may be a real place somewhere out there in the astral realms. I think visiting an astral Buddha realm is a sign of good karma. Thereís no downside to it. Maybe weíll cross paths someday! Good luck on your journey and Godspeed.  :-)