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Title: Neg Removal Techniques - discussion forum
Post by: Allanon on June 02, 2003, 03:45:19
I think you know what I am gonna say.

Title: Neg Removal Techniques - discussion forum
Post by: Julia on June 13, 2003, 06:06:24
I would also add "lifestyle change" to your list of neg removal methods.


Title: Neg Removal Techniques - discussion forum
Post by: neg removal5 on June 14, 2003, 19:46:27
Hey Julia

    There is one problem with your "lifestyle change" method.  The problem is it doesn't help anyone who has a neg attached to them already.  If you read the Bible you will see that was the case.  Only after the neg got removed could the people really make anykind of a "lifestlye change".  At the point of them getting free, they were able to make a "lifestyle change" of not having to fight that neg anymore, and being able to have their complete life back again.  But "lifestyle change" was not the techniques that set any of those people free.  The techniques used to presently try to set people free in this world were of a variety of the types I mentioned in the post.  Once they are free they can then be more careful to avoid certain dangers in this world, and they can also then be free to make certain types of "lifestyle changes" at that point in time.
     This is a dangerous world sometimes, and you just might happen to be in a car at the wrong time, and at the wrong place and find yourself in a major car accident, either losing both or your legs or having brain damage.  It is not a person's lifestyle per say that is the reason sometimes behind an unfortunate situation that happened to them.  Would you tell Robert Bruce that the reason he got possessed that one time was because he didn't lead a good "lifestyle" in life. We do not need to be going around trying to blame people for this or that, we do not know the situations sometimes for a person's particular situation.  If anything what we need to do is try to find answers to help people, and to put a stop to negs.

Title: Neg Removal Techniques - discussion forum
Post by: Alix on June 24, 2003, 00:17:03
Hello neg removal5,

I think that lifestyle change is an important "part" of the neg removal process.  If you are doing things in your life that attract negs, even if you successfully remove them by some method, they will be attracted to you again if you don't remove the conditions that attracted them to you in the first place.  I think the whole neg thing is quite complicated.  There are many reasons why people have them attached.  It can be because you have negative thoughts of a certain kind which attract those particular entities.  It can be because your life is devoted to informing others about their existance which causes them to try to thwart your efforts because their very existance is threatened.  It can be because of karmic reactions to a previous life.  There are so many possible causes that it becomes too difficult and often counter productive to try to find out the why of it all.  

However, there is always the great strength of personal empowerment when you manage to do some kind of deep personal introspection to discover any possible link inside your psyke that may allow these negs to attach.  If you can dig deep and root out anything inside yourself that could possibly be an attraction, I think that this would severely restrict the power the neg would have over you.  

This is probably the lifestyle change that Julia was talking about.  Don't allow yourself to think, feel or do things that will attract something you are actually trying to get rid of.

I think it is a very emotional kind of response people have when they talk about any kind of victimization.  Something bad is happening to me and that somebody else is responsible.  This is a very disempowering response.  Yes, it is bad, but I can be responsible (respond) in a positive way that will turn this thing around.  Whether it results in forcing me to re-examining my life, pulling me out of my apathy, pushing me into fighting for something worthwhile, or even just having empathy and understanding for others that are going through the same thing.  Whatever kind of response a neg attack gets, it is always a shakeup.  

I only wish that the answers would come a little easier.  Most people are left wondering where the hell they should go, what they should do and what they should try.  I think an internal examination is as good a start as any.  After that, you know where you're coming from and can go on from there.

All the best,

Title: Neg Removal Techniques - discussion forum
Post by: neg removal5 on June 30, 2003, 21:31:36
I understand what Julia was trying to say, and I see the points you are trying to make also, but I disagree with both of you in a few areas.  

Sometimes lifestyle might have been the cause of the possession, but many times lifestyle wasn't.  Many times it was just the unfortunate circumstance of being in a sometimes dangerous world, and being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Now concerning lifestyle in the sense that you and Julia are trying to use it.  I agree that most of the time lifestyle is one of the best defenses against getting attacked by negs.  But even someone with a good lifestyle could find themselves victim to being sometime in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Once a Neg is attached to someone, there are some types that the person can not remove themselves.  That is why you saw Jesus going around setting a lot of people free when he walked the earth.  Remember the man Legion that he set free.  No matter what that man did, he would not have been able to get free by himself.  Sometimes the situation may be where a person might eventually be able to find a way to detach a neg by themselves, sometimes the situtation is that they will have to hope they encounter someone who has knowledge for removal of "negs" and can help them get it off.

Hopefully people will continue to do a lot of research in developing techniques, approaches, and devices for neg removal.

Title: Neg Removal Techniques - discussion forum
Post by: Ides315 on July 01, 2003, 12:50:28
Hey NR_5

Have been loosely following your posts across the boards. It seems that helping a friend is what motivated you to start here. It also sounds like you have yet to achieve success in removing that neg. Since you have been here for A while I will assume that all of the techniques on this website, buried in old posts in the defense area, and RB's book has been employed. Thata should have kept you busy for months.

A mechanical device that will help for somethings is an ionizer. They emit positvie energy. Funny, it is a negative ion generator that you want, but the effects are positive. A web search will land you a slew of information on them.

OK, now all of that being said, and with the FULL idea that you have tried EVERYTHING mentioned above, including telluride springs, etc...
Maybe your friend has something to learn from this experience. Or maybe down inside they do not want to get rid of it. Or maybe somehow they asked to be attached (could be previous lifetimes). These are all very harsh statements, and I do not want to offend, but unless you have a very very very powerful neg there, they can be pried off.

Have your friend shoot an email to Nita asking for help. She is one of the most qualified people on this site to evaluate and help. Her website is You should find some good info there, also.

On some of the previous notes, life has given me personal experience with most of the reasons I listed for why it will not go. I have watched people call back negs who would swear they did not want one. There is deep psychological programing that goes with being possesed by the stronger ones.

Another thought. Though I consider myself Christian also, it would be of long term benefit for you to take a decent look at other religions. Not to change, but to broaden your experience. They all kind of follow the same framework, and recognizing that framework will allow you to grow faster and more balanced.

My best to you and your friend

Title: Neg Removal Techniques - discussion forum
Post by: neg removal5 on July 01, 2003, 17:55:52
Hi ides315

     I liked the idea you mentioned about the ionizer.  However I don't agree with you concerning the comments of telling someone that is fighting a "neg" that they can't get free because they don't want to be.

Usually people will say that to someone in an unfortunate situation because their ego will not allow for the possibility that they were unable to help the person, and instead of seeing reality as it is and realizing they came upon a situation in which they couldn't help, they choose instead to try to put some kind of a guilt trip on the person who is fighting the "neg".  I feel that is both wrong and unethical to do.  Whether a person wants a neg off or not, there are certain techniques or substances that the "neg" cannot stand, and if someone applies those techniques or substances to that neg, it is going to leave whether the person wants it off or not.  So in other words, I think it is wrong to put a guilt trip on a person, because someones ego will not allow for the reality that they may not know everything about every situation.  

When a person sees that they are unable to help a person, they should just say to him, "I'm sorry I tried everything I know, but I'm unable to help you".  All I can do is refer you to some people who might know other techniques.

Now concerning your comment about other religions and philosophies and world views.  I've been studying the different world views and religions in the world for the past 18 years.  That area is one of my strong points.  I agree with you people would be more balanced if they studied all the different major religions.  They would even be further balanced if they studied the different cultures throughout the World, so that they are not restricted by just their American view.

I would be interested though in knowing any other information you have about ionizers or other type electrical devices that might be used as countermeasures against "negs".

Title: Neg Removal Techniques - discussion forum
Post by: Ides315 on July 02, 2003, 16:32:56

Slow down when jumping to conclusions. Though my expereince is relatively limited, it is usually something deep in the person that keeps them from "letting go" of a neg. This can be core image stuff, "liking" some of the things the neg does, etc... WHen somebody calls a neg back, there is no denying that something in them wants it back. Very doubtful that these particular cases are my ego since I have no illusions of being the great saviour, and half of the times that something has left someone that was getting work from me was completely by accident. Was not there to do neg removal, just some healing.

The mind is a very complex and deep subject, and negs are masters of psychology. No "slam" is intended for people that have these types of issues. Like I said personal experience is they consciously DO NOT want to be affected. I have NEVER mentioned that to someone at the time, (that they "wanted" it) that could be very damaging to the person. It is just observation. You are looking for knowledge, do not dismiss what is distasteful. Most of the reasons for those things are probably deeply buried psychological issues that the neg has exploited. Most people do not admit thier own darker sides to themselves. Negs use that.

Not aware of any other mechanical things that have not already been listed in the forum.

Best to you

Title: Neg Removal Techniques - discussion forum
Post by: Tayesin on July 03, 2003, 13:50:08
There are a lot of reasons why we choose to carry 'negs'. Lifestyle, beliefs, the psychological, are all various aspects and options that as souls, we chose to experience.  Most 'negs' can be removed from working from your inner Self.  If you cleanse you energy centres regulalrly from in side 'meditation', you will notice any thing that does not belong with you.  The more you know your Self, the clearer it all will become.

Meeting 'neg' beings in any form is a little scarey, but a simple way to deal with it is to pour a 'Loving'energy into it.  This sounds crazy, but it has worked for me many, many times.  Beings choosing to work the light in a darker way have no defence for this,  as they are not prepared for this response.  I have seen many 'sparkle with the light' and dissolve or retreat.  It works one hundred percent of the time.  These beings are not destroyed or vanquished, they are changed.

In the 'real world' negs can be removed in the same way,  you can use whatever means you like to pour the energy in.  I see and feel this energy as gold light.  I see it like liquid gold, and it runs into the being, for some stronger negs I push the energy in.  I always feel like I am doing this in love and it has never failed.  It's a simple way that works.  

Thanx for the opportunity to share, Love always .

Title: Neg Removal Techniques - discussion forum
Post by: neg removal5 on June 01, 2003, 01:11:48

I'm interested in every kind and any kind of technique or approach for forcing a neg out of a person it is possessing or messing with, so that the person can regain their complete life back.

I'm presently interested in 2 areas:

Area # 1) Things that can be used to actually detect that a neg is messing with a person or actually possessing a person.

Possibilities: 1) electro magnetic field detector, something you can put up to a person, and it goes off if a neg is on the person 2) some other kind of detection device or measuring type meter 3) some special kind of photographic equipment that can photograph a person, and detect if a neg is on the person. Some type of x-ray perhaps.

Area # 2) Substances or techniques that can be used to forcefully remove the neg once it is evident that there is a neg and it is messing with the person or possessing the person.


1) Prayer

2) chi energy, by a person who is experienced in using it, and knows how to use it to force possessing entities out. Chi energy may or may not be able to be used in that way, it's just a thought.

3) certain substances when burnt on a incense or in some other way, whether those substances be herbs, or some other type of substance. The smell must have a certain scent and vibration that the neg can not stand. Does anyone know of such substances?

4) Possibly psychic energy. Is Psychic energy different from chi energy. How could psychic energy be used to force an entity out of a person? How is using chi energy different from psychic energy when it comes to forcing an entity out of a person?

5) Certain crystals. Who knows what type of crystals send out vibrations that even the strongest negs must leave? Can just the vibrations of certain crystals brought into the area of a possessed person force the entity to come out of the person?

6) flower essences. Are there certain flower essences known which can force an entity out of a person?

7) Underground streams. How powerful must an underground stream be to force a strong neg out of a person? Who knows some locations of underground streams in the U.S. or anywhere else that are strong enough to do this?

8) Acupuncture. Could Acupuncture possibly be used to force a strong entity out of a person. By releasing energy channels in the person that may be blocked or that the neg may have blocked, can the release of those energy channels by acupuncture possibly force a possessing neg entity out?

9) Low voltage electricity. How much voltage of electricity would be needed to force a neg out of a person. Are there low voltage devices that someone can buy somewhere which will work in forcing a neg out of a person?

10) There are many ways to attempt removing a neg from the physical realm by a person who is in their physical body. Are there ways to remove a neg from a person who is being messed with by traveling in the astral realm by astral projection? What are all the different types of methods and techniques one can use from the astral realm during astral projection to help a person somewhere who is possessed by a neg entity?

11) Are there any magnetic field type devices that a person can use to remove a neg from a person. What are some ideas for some electrical or magnietic or energy type devices that could be built to remove negs from people they are messing with?

Please anyone who would like to, feel free to discuss all these questions above with everyone on the forum. Any information you have of other web sites which contain information. Or any information you have of certain substances or crystals that can be used to force a neg out of a person?

Please feel free to e-mail me also.

Everyone have a good day. Together maybe we can rid the world of negs all together. I would also be interested in finding out if devices or even crystals can be built that can be used to either destroy negs all together, or if we choose not to destroy them to at least be able to imprison them so they can no longer reak havoc on mankind.