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Title: Thank you for accepting me into this forum!
Post by: Batgirl on April 11, 2020, 09:06:14
Hello all!

I am so happy to have found you guys and excited to share with you and learn. There is so much information in here it is crazy. I answered many questions already through reading your posts. Thank you so much!

I am a 39 year old woman who is totally passionate about astral projection and lucid dreaming, dreams and symbolic language in general. I have been studying persistently the past three years. Anyhow, progress comes slow.

3 year ago I experienced for the first time a vibrational state spontaneously. it woke me up from my sleep and scared me to the bones. I did not know what it was, the sound was so loud, it sounded as if a spaceship was landing right on my head! but it came with a vision: a simple candle burning in the dark and a voice asking me if i accept that this candle cannot burn faster as it does?! I understood right away that it was a lesson about patience.
Only afterwards I learned what is a vibrational state and what you can do with it.
The next time it occurred was a horrible sort of 'attack' and it took me quite a while to get over the fear and find the necessary love, light and firmness to keep on going but eventually I did :)

Since then I have been meditating with the Hemi-Sync meditations from the Monroe Institute each night. I often put them on repeat and sleep with them until a vibrational state wakes me up. Last year I had a few months where I had VSs and OBEs each week and then suddenly NOTHING happened anymore for 9 months, until last week. And the experience picked up where I had left it 9 months ago: In my hometown, where an inviting situation occurs to enter into the neighbour's house. Each time I did not want to go in because i considered it inappropriate and the journey ended there. Now I try to go back to find what I need to discover, that's how it feels?! I also dream a lot about this... did anyone experience something like this before?

Unfortunately I cannot induce the VS myself yet, it seems like i can't do it without the hemi-sync. Is there a thread in this forum about how to learn how to induce the vibrational state?

I dreamt a couple of times that i am a man and can turn into a wolf... last week I was that man again and kissed a woman who could turn into a bat. but she was so scared because she had no clue that she had this potential, that she could be a bat. As I think both represent a part of me, I call myself here batgirl to hopefully step into this potential more and more. please don't associate it with batman, lol, i did not even think about that dude when i typed the name....

Anyhow, so happy, thanks so much,
batgirl <3

Title: Re: Thank you for accepting me into this forum!
Post by: EscapeVelocity on April 11, 2020, 11:13:49
Welcome to the Pulse, batgirl!

If you have only been studying this for three years, then I think you have already made great progress and it sounds like you have a natural talent for this art. And you have realized several insights such as the need for qualities such as patience, fearlessness through love and light and firmness, as you say.

I will offer a couple pieces of advice that relate directly to my own experience: First, is that the Hemi-Sync is very useful early on so please continue to make use of it as you will. But understand that HS is just an aid, a bit of assistance. You are the one doing the work and increasing your frequency and Focus. At some point, you will likely realize that you no longer need the HS. There can come a natural time to move beyond it.

Second, is that the Vibrational State is not necessary to raise your frequency or move into higher Focus levels or to necessarily have an OBE. The VS is a wonderful, initially terrifying state that you learn to use...but donít be surprised if it subsides in strength over time. The few times I experience the VS now, it is a very subtle vibration, almost just a sense of warmth that lets me know I am close to the right state; itís quite enjoyable, like the memory of an old friend, but still a memory.

So my point is that, for each of us, this art can be similar or slightly different, or even very different, one person to another, in the experiences we enjoy. And they will change over time, so just be aware of that.


Title: Re: Thank you for accepting me into this forum!
Post by: Batgirl on April 12, 2020, 00:42:54
Thank you for your reply, EscapeVelocity!

I like what you said about the HS. It makes sense to me.

In fact the VS has changed already. By now I love and enjoy it, while it was really difficult to stand in the beginning. It would be so loud that it would hurt my ears sometimes (which is funny as it is no sound from the outside ?!) So intense. By now it is a little smoother, not so 'edgy' anymore, but still strong. I am glad I can experience it because without it I would not quite know if I am close or not to travel.

Usually my OBEs are pretty short, they happen in this realm or in Focus 2, how you guys call it. At least this is what I understand. I had many OBEs that I exited too early because I started doubting and thinking it was just a dream because of its weirdness. The thought about being in the body or not brought me right back to it. I just learned here in this forum that it is totally normal to see things that wouldn't make sense in this realm. Somehow I thought that as a beginner I wouldn't go further than Focus 1 if I don't intent, but I guess I was wrong and it happens automatically...

I am pretty good in staying aware when falling asleep, most of my OBEs happen about and hour or two after going to bed. What I want to learn next now, is to meditate more throughout the day, sitting and exiting like this. It seems so much more difficult though...

Looking forward to sharing my next experiences, finally i found a place where to address my questions to <3

Title: Re: Thank you for accepting me into this forum!
Post by: LightBeam on April 12, 2020, 00:56:57
Hi Batgirl and welcome! I think most people are frightened by the vibrations at first, but after you understand that this is just adjustment of energies it doesn't seem so scary. Nowadays, when I find myself in SP and vibes, I'm like yeah, it's happening. Then I quickly imagine floating up and within a second my full awareness has adjusted and I find myself in the astral. For me, the so called exists vary from vibes and SP to just becoming aware in my dreams, or just gentle spinning sensations waking me up. My APs happen 100% during sleep. I have tried for years just to lay down and meditate and exit, but that never happens, so I have abandoned these attempts, since the 15 min visualization/motion while falling sleep technique works so well. But everyone is different of course. All you can do is test out different techniques. I would recommend reading William Buhlman's books. Longer stay in the astral comes with experience and fear removal. Feel free to ask questions and share your experiences!

Title: Re: Thank you for accepting me into this forum!
Post by: Batgirl on April 12, 2020, 05:41:35
Thank you LightBeam, I have a feeling that it might be similar for me. I LOVE the night and so much happens throughout the night, several dreams, visions, lucid dreams, colors and lights (often with open eyes when I wake up), vibrations and APs. On the other hand it might just be my own laziness of setting up a routine around daily meditations.

I have read Buhlman's books, and also Robert Monroe's books, which I absolutely love. This guy is my hero!
I guess it has to do with lacking experience in my case, although different kind of fears come up along the way too. The biggest one of confronting negativity and darkness i overcame already though... saying that humbly.... as you never know what comes up next...
I find it absolutely fascinating how you and also others here in this forum manage to exit so fast. It takes me 1 - 2 hours until I manage. And even then it still feels as if it is not in my hands if I will have an experience or not. I read some interesting meditations in this forum that I will try out and report as soon as I learn something new!

Title: Re: Thank you for accepting me into this forum!
Post by: LightBeam on April 12, 2020, 05:52:21
It takes me 1 - 2 hours until I manage.

if you are referring to SP and vibes during the night, my suggestion is not to wake yourself up upon vibes start up. Immediately think of standing next to the door for example, and that is a very quick exit. If you wake yourself up and start moving your physical body you loose your chance.

Title: Re: Thank you for accepting me into this forum!
Post by: Batgirl on April 12, 2020, 08:42:05
What I mean is that I am listening to the Hemi-Sync meditations for about 2 hours until I finally enter into a vibrational state. from there I usually exit easily by rolling out, jumping out or simply sitting up and standing up.
I have never meditated for 15min and being able to exit, smile.

What is SP?

Title: Re: Thank you for accepting me into this forum!
Post by: EscapeVelocity on April 12, 2020, 10:35:26
If you have read Monroe and Buhlman, then you already have a pretty good grounding into a basic understanding of what the NPR (Non-Physical Reality) is all about; you can now begin to decide about it for yourself without wondering what the books may say.

SP refers to Sleep Paralysis, and LightBeam's comment implies the fact that both Vibrations and SP often occur together; and it does for many people. If this hasn't happened for you then that is fine, it's almost a bonus because SP can cause some real difficulties when it occurs and is misunderstood. Actually, referring to your first post, you mentioned "a horrible attack" and when I read that I immediately thought of a bad SP experience myself, so maybe that does have some relevance for you. If not then great, it is one more fear issue that you have come to understand and likely mastered.

Sleep Paralysis is a natural condition that immobilizes the physical body as it enters the REM and Dream States. As we learn to increase our awareness in order to take advantage of these borderline states, we sometimes edge into SP, and that can present something new. To name a couple, it may be SP and it may be subconscious dream activity. And that may or may not cause problems.

If the Hemi-Sync is working for you, then I highly recommend you keep with it. Use it as long as it works. Your own skills will only get better over time.

The next ideas maybe to keep in mind are an Intent, a destination or a mission. The best default Intent may be to just ask for the next best lesson that you need to learn. You can never go wrong with that!


Title: Re: Thank you for accepting me into this forum!
Post by: LightBeam on April 12, 2020, 18:02:24

I have never meditated for 15min and being able to exit, smile.

What is SP?

Sleep Paralysis, as EV explained. Just to clarify, I don't exit after 15 min at night. I visualize for 15 min WHILE I am falling asleep that I am some place else, walking on a beach, touching the sand, feeling the texture, observing the surroundings. This is one of Buhlman's techniques. I combine it with motion, for example, imagining walking fast or flying at some point during the visualization. so that lasts about 15 min, but if you want consistent  results you have to do this at least 5 nights a week. Then I let myself fall asleep and sometime during the night (maybe 2-3 hours later) I am awaken by the vibes, unable to move(SP) and then I imagine floating above my body (quick exit). Sometimes, I became aware in my dreams, and sometimes I am awaken by very gentle vibes and able to exit within a few seconds.

Now, if I do the same during the day while laying and meditating, AP will never happen, because I am too awake. If anything happenes at all like floating sensation and visual flickers, it will last very short, because my brainwaves are too active (body awake, brain awake). At least this applies to me. Usually, I am not sleepy during the day and when brain waves are not in sleep state(I have tried HS before, but I find it very annoying and it keeps my brain even more alert)  , it is difficult to achieve full AP, let along stay long. But again, that's just me.

Title: Re: Thank you for accepting me into this forum!
Post by: Nameless on April 13, 2020, 05:17:42
Hi Batgirl, welcome to the forum. LightBeam and EscapeVelocity are both awesome guides and teachers here along with a few others.

My experiences are a lot like LBs (LightBeams) in that I meditate then just go to sleep and it happens quite naturally although I have had a few wide awake experiences. EV (EscapeVelocity) and I have had some amazing parallels in our lives that defy explanation along with Lumaza. I think what happens is that we are all made up of slightly different stuff and it's those minute differences that causes us all to experience pretty much the same thing with variations.

I haven't given you any specific advice here because I think LB and EV have done an excellent job as is. Looking forward to further interactions.

Title: Re: Thank you for accepting me into this forum!
Post by: Batgirl on April 13, 2020, 08:31:37
Thank you so much, all of you. This is really the first time I am talking to other people who are passionate about this stuff and it means a lot to me.

Yes, SP, I get it, still learning all the shortcuts you are using....sorry for being slow...
Yes, I do have SPs and I love them. Just this one time was pretty traumatic, but the way I understand it is, that I really needed to find this inner strength to keep on going as I was simply too scared, especially of the dark and unknown negative entities - so I met a couple of them. With time it seemed as if a deeper understanding revealed itself around what those entities were and why they showed up. Or better to say, how they relate to me, my higher self or lineage. idk, it is all so mysterious. but I do know, that I would not be as strong as I am today if that would have not happened to me. So in the end I am grateful.

I think I will open a thread in the experiences part of the forum, as I had an AP last night, looking forward to explore more together!

Title: Re: Thank you for accepting me into this forum!
Post by: Lumaza on April 17, 2020, 08:36:18
 I see everyone here already said the necessary things, so all that leaves is "Welcome Batgirl"!  :-)

Title: Re: Thank you for accepting me into this forum!
Post by: Batgirl on April 21, 2020, 07:19:49
Thank you Lumaza! <3