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Title: She hath seen the light, my friends!
Post by: DarknChildlike on May 28, 2020, 11:50:42
Morning before last, my fiancť and best friend/ better half, excitedly stumbled out of the bed to where I was sleeping on the couch to tell me something exciting.

She didnít realize I was awake, I was meditating and had awoke early enough to get one in.

She says Dark,. Dark!!  (Except itís my real name). I had an astral projection last night!

Lol her eyes were sparkling with wonder,. She related to me how she sprung up spontaneously to a sitting position out of body and was freaked out but remembered, Ďthis is what dark likes to do so much, Iíll try to get up!í.

After some real effort and not being able to budge she got scared and though of demons so she scared herself awake. Turned on her side because I tell her this is why I can only sleep on my back I just never have done one unless on my back for some reason,.

And she started popping out the back!  lol Literally laughing out loud over here haha

Good excrement man...

Anyways, she is open to the idea of it but I donít think itís for her. I encourage her but she is a scaredy cat and thatís ok,. More like she has a lot of responsibilities and always is afraid of the dark but I know better yet itís the unknown she is afraid of in reality,.

She told me she was very scared she would get stuck like that and lose her body and ofcourse I told her thatís what everyone has to get over the fear of to do this work,.

You have to say, the anecdotal evidence says Iíll be ok but I wonít know until I do it,. I am curious like a cat and cannot live a full life without knowing the truth,.

Let me die if itís my time...
Iím going in!

And I hope she does go with it if she experiences an AP, again.

She had slept prior for about four hours woke up one hour and went back to sleep,. So I told her how she induced an AP without even knowing it.

Exciting stuff.

I NEVER would have thought she would experience this just for the simple fact Iíve never met anyone alive who had but myself ? You know what I mean?

I know we all do it naturally but not a single living person has talked about it with me intellectually let alone experientially from a place of excitement or wisdom in a face to face real life setting.

Thatís all!

Dang life is sweet, yeah?

Off to meditate :)

Title: Re: She hath seen the light, my friends!
Post by: LightBeam on May 29, 2020, 05:13:16
That's wonderful! Now she understands and you can have a buddy to discuss this is person. Something similar happened to me recently as well. My brother in law told me about his first spontaneous OBE. He knows about my ability and he was soooo excited telling me how he felt as he was sleeping that hi was lifting up and finding himself next to his bed. He then walked around the room totally aware. I told him to practice my visualization technique before falling asleep every night to see if he can get this on a regular basis. But yeah, it was totally unexpected and wonderful to talk to a family member about it.

Title: Re: She hath seen the light, my friends!
Post by: DarknChildlike on May 29, 2020, 05:43:09

Just to have one single person that actually not only believes on faith in your word but knows it without a doubt!

Also to see them become so excited,, cuz look itís the most amazing thing thatís ever happened to me personally and I always wished so hard I could share this with other ppl,. To shake them from their dependence of the material world,. To be as excited to look inward as they are when getting a new video game console!

I literally donít stay up late playing video games once I began to astral project I found it much more exciting and empowering to not only get the sleep I actually needed but to be immersed into a world in such a way, itís almost any video gamers dream, right?

And you begin to understand the material stuff in life isnít anything you donít already have within you. 

I think if those ppl out there that had a problem understanding that people, love, trust, understanding, compassion are the things we should want of life Had an AP maybe atleast some of them would learn a thing or two,.

Iíve also noticed that many people that carry on doing things to get over on others and do anything they can to get ahead have not a single notion of the wisdom in clearly understanding we all die someday and we must treat each other not only how we want to be remembered but they forget where we go/ from whence we come,. Therefore they walk on everyone forgetting that at any moment this could end, as if they will be able to get ahead and stay ahead of the curve, ďSUCCESSFULĒ ppl.

I do believe it takes a certain kind of person to AP more than once in their life ďnot literallyĒ but itís this experience of being a spirit with electric like excitement to flit around and experience of the wonderful world around us in all its bounty,. Even the more melancholy environments are interesting,. This experience has made me such a more spiritual full fledged human person in my heart than nearly any other thing in my life,.

Title: Re: She hath seen the light, my friends!
Post by: LightBeam on May 29, 2020, 05:52:45
Great thinking! I personally believe that the happiest people in the world are the givers not the receivers. At least that applies to me.

Title: Re: She hath seen the light, my friends!
Post by: Nameless on May 29, 2020, 22:35:46
Awesome! I know that feeling of finally finding someone else you can talk to about this stull. Ride that excitement hon.