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Title: Returning after a long hiatus
Post by: moondreamer on March 12, 2021, 20:01:20
Hello!  Itís been several years since I have posted on this forum.  I went through a period of depression , and I eventually stopped trying to AP, as my experiences are usually pretty negative during those times, and it was affecting my mental health negatively and vice versa.  Now that I am in better shape mentally, Iíve started working on AP again.  I am able to phase and have the sensation of leaving my body.  Iíve always done this quite naturally since I was very young. However, the only thing that ever happens is that I feel like I am on a speeding rollercoaster, either falling fast or shooting straight into the air.  I see nothing at all during this time.  If I stay there, that is all that happens, like a never-ending wormhole, and itís not very pleasant lol.  If Iím patient, nothing else happens.  If I try to change it, I am either back in my body, or I have a sensation of a negative being with me, and I ďwakeĒ myself as fast as I can.  Any ideas why?  I missed this place.  :-)

Title: Re: Returning after a long hiatus
Post by: omcasey on March 12, 2021, 20:36:22
Hiya, Moondreamer  :-)

Welcome back to the boards, and congratulations on making your way through this juncture and continuing the journey!

The way you just described the conscious shift is the way I have most always experienced it myself ( it is really quite advanced ) . . it is advanced because there is not the coarse, physical type of shift where you getting a 'body' to move up out of another 'body'. Instead you are phasing consciousness directly into another field. My suggestion is to lay perfectly still. Focus and do not become frustrated. Focus into the field. You are already in the experience taking place you just have yet to fully synch with it. Focus softly but intently into the field and you will indeed shift wholly into the event. Stay with it. This is a graduate level program. You sound to be doing great.

About this juncture you have also mentioned.. it is a fascination of mine.

I like to help people through it so if it is alright if I take a moment while in this space to put this through I'd like to do so.

This video series goes into a consciousness experiment I began some time ago as a way to work my way through this particular juncture of an awakening experience. (

The juncture where for one reason or another, everything just stops. I very naturally throw myself at this place.

Intriguing as it is!

Title: Re: Returning after a long hiatus
Post by: Nameless on March 13, 2021, 01:08:59
Hi Moondreamer and welcome back. I joined after you left but am happy to see returning members. I do agree with Casey that you have indeed fast tracked (no pun intended).

What has worked for me a time or two when this happens is very gently slowing down. I just sort of start saying to myself "slow, slow, slower, slower". I have to keep the thought very light and barely there but it has worked.

Title: Re: Returning after a long hiatus
Post by: Lumaza on March 13, 2021, 04:55:44
 Welcome back Moondreamer! (I like the name)!  :-)

 It sounds like a tactile focus may do you good. I created a thread called "The Doorway". I think you might find the last 3 or 4 pages of that thread helpful to you. I say the last 3 or 4 pages because they are more based on a "tactile" approach.

Title: Re: Returning after a long hiatus
Post by: Chamos on April 07, 2021, 11:48:18
Oh wow, me too! Though mine was mostly because I was broke and homeless. But now, *sigh* my neighbors are a bunch of black majick using putas.