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Title: Mentally cleaning out your body
Post by: LightBeam on August 21, 2021, 04:01:54
Last exercise for the day :)

"For another exercise, then, relax yourself as much as possible once more. If you have some
disease, imagine it as particles of dirt. Tell yourself that you can see inside your body. You may
see streets or boulevards instead of muscles and bones, but go along with the image or images
that appear. You might see streets lined with dirt or garbage, for example. Then mentally see
yourself sweeping the debris away. Order trucks to come and carry the garbage to a trash heap,
where you may see it burn and disappear in smoke.
Instead of the drama I just outlined, you may instead see invading armies, attacking home troops.
In such a case, see the invaders being driven off. The pictures you see will follow your own
unique leanings and characteristics.
The unconscious levels of the self are only unconscious from your own viewpoint. They are quite
conscious in actuality, and because they do deal with the spontaneous processes of the body,
they are also completely familiar with your own state of health and well-being. These portions can
also be communicated with. "