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Title: Pyramids
Post by: Nameless on September 20, 2021, 01:09:44
I was listening to Coast to Coast on youtube. The programs are from the radio broadcast and not current. However many are still very relevant. The one I listened to today was regarding the Bosnian pyramids.

`So anyway they were talking about an ultrasound energy beam being transmitted from the top of the pyramid and speculating on the purpose. It's a 28hz frequency (think I got that right). They were saying how crystals and other ceramics inside the pyramid resonated with that frequency and it got me thinking.

What if the pyramids are not transmitting  signals out into space so much as absorbing signals from space. Perhaps absorbing those same frequencies Tesla talked about. Absorbing frequencies from all around and connecting them around the earth literally as a power source for the entire planet. Would have been a neat and much needed mass energy supply for the construction of an entire planet. Leaving them in place as ongoing generators (if we ever figured out how to tap into them).

Oh well, those are my thoughts today.

Title: Re: Pyramids
Post by: LightBeam on September 20, 2021, 05:11:06
"All people everywhere should have free energy sources. [...] Electric Power is everywhere present in unlimited quantities and can drive the world's machinery without the need for coal, oil or gas."
~Nikola Tesla

Tesla found it. I don't know if the power comes from the pyramids, but he did discover it and proposed for mass use. But of course as always the gov prevented due to no money for them and the corporations. Seriously, without humans evolving into more compassionate beings to do things for the greater good and care for one another's best interest, nothing will change on this Earth. We will keep circling into the same cycles. I guess it is a very enclosed school LOL.

Title: Re: Pyramids
Post by: Lumaza on September 20, 2021, 21:25:37
 A Conversation on "Pyramids"!  :-) :-) :-) You definitely have my attention!  :-D

 Thanks for the share Nameless!  :-) I heard this interview live. Semir has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM and other Radio talk shows I have listened to for years now. He has so wanted his research to finally reveal something tangible. For years, people have accused him of "fabricating" his discoveries. The energy beam" really caught my attention though. Semir is very passionate about his research. Nicolai Tesla has always been a pioneer and kind of Hero to me. Hence his quote in my Signature here. If greed didn't prevail, we would be living in entirely different world today. We can only Dream I guess!

 i have always been fascinated by Pyramids. For the longest time now, I have been in the mindset that they are indeed "Power Plants" of some kind. The problem is any new research that is done to prove that fact, is quickly ruled out because it would re-write our History and we know how we hate to do that, lol. Evidence is told in the fake facts that we have been taught in Schools about the history of our Country, the USA here itself. Things like "Columbus discovered American". Not. He re-discovered it after it had already been discovered many times over.

 Years ago I learned about Pyramids that the Russians were building today. They are not the usual 33 degree angle ones, like we find in so many places today. These ones have a angle of 75 degrees. They are known as the "Golden Section Pyramids" and yes, even though they were constructed to a 75 degree angle, they still emit a energy from their peak. So much so, that they appeared on Russian Radar.
MJ and I were so fascinated with these Pyramids, that for one year in our Christmas Kiosk in the mall, we sold "replicas" of the Golden Section Pyramid. First I contacted the actual people involved and asked if we could purchase so of their Crystal Pyramids to sell ourselves. They gave us about $20.00 off of the original price that they sell them for. That is not a big difference from a wholesale point of view. But we didn't plan to make money off them. Our plan was to sell them to those few that recognized them for what they were. We bought 6 of them and they were quite expensive. $380.00 per. We kept 2 of them and sold 4 at our Kiosk and just as we had planned, the 4 went out to various Energy workers in our area. These Pyramids were actually "charged" in one of the tallest Golden Section Pyramids that was created in Russia. That one is about 5 miles outside of Moscow.
 Here is a quote from the link below. "Russian military radar detected an energy column above the Pyramids built by Alexander Golod which is thought to have repaired the Ozone layer in Russia (the same can be done for example in Australia);"
 Here is a image of it:
 Edit: Here is a better picture of the Pyramid in Russia

 The study of this energy led me into doing research on "Torsion Field Technology" and "Scalar Technology. A few healing devices were created based on that. The "Scenar" was one of them. It was created by Russian Researchers years ago and right away pooh poohed and attacked by the West. Today it is being used in Hospitals and Clinics throughout the World, yet you very rarely will find any mention of the Russians that created it.  :roll: Oh well, at least it was finally accepted.

 Earlier this afternoon I watched a Documentary on the Nat Geo Channel about new discoveries of Mayan Pyramids. It seems there are hundreds more then we were initially told there were. We are also now learning that the Mayan civilization had millions more people than thought there were in the past. This new tech "Lidar" has been producing some fantastic results all over the World!  8-) It's about time!  :-)


Title: Re: Pyramids
Post by: Lumaza on September 28, 2021, 19:57:09
 While looking at a thread that I created in the past here, I found a link to this great video that was made in 2012 called "The Underground Tour of the Bosnian Pyramid Tunnels.
 Have a look. The Documentary was very good! Semir was front and center in this one too. For awhile there, he seemed to be the one of the only Researchers that took this idea/theory seriously!

Title: Re: Pyramids
Post by: omcasey on September 29, 2021, 05:37:02
Pyramids are coming up A LOT for me right now. So!.....both videos queued up and ready to go. Thank you.