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Title: Affirmations Before Bedtime
Post by: LightBeam on December 15, 2021, 03:51:54
We all know how well affirmations work, but we often forget to be consistent. I thought of a fun way to keep the spark. Below are a few suggestions if any of you would like to try. My bedtime has become definitely more exciting time of day.

First, DO NOT wait to go to bed until you are so tired that you will pass out as soon as you hit the pillow. That wont work. Make sure that you go to bed without any TV on or phones at least 30 minutes before you get sleepy.  I don't have TV in my bedroom, and I stop logging in to the internet 1 hour before bed time.

1st method:
In your mind view your bed as a multiversal time machine. Get excited when it gets dark outside with anticipation of going to bed, because it is not just an ordinary bed. It is a time machine, that when you fall asleep will transport you in adventures around the multiverse. When you get under the covers, feel the comfort, imagine that your bed is emanating surges of energy waves. Start feeling these waves underneath you coming form your mattress, from the base and frame of the bed. Feel the energy waves starting to go through your body as well. Feel the covers being charged with energy as well. Imagine that the energy now starts forming a vortex around the entire bed and start spinning faster and faster. Feel the spinning energy going through your body as well. Feel the shaking of the bed, starting to move into a higher frequency dimension. Imagine the surrounding in your room changing, as the time machine is moving though time, space and frequencies.
Allow yourself to fall asleep with your last thoughts being held on that transportation part of your trip. After two to three weeks, or even faster after doing this technique nightly, eventually, your awareness will be awaken during the night for conscious AP adventures or LDs.

2nd method is about healing:
Imagine your bed as a healing capsule, I call mine the regenetron. Imagine the mattress and the covers being implanted with heling energies surging though and moving in all directions. When you get under the cover, feel these energies starting to penetrate your body and moving energies of yours that may be static or blocked. You can focus on specific area of your body where you may have issues. You can move your attention to each chakra center and feel the energies activating and restoring the balance in each one. Do this every night along with mental affirmations that your body gets healthier and stronger every day. Expect in the morning when you wake up to feel energized and to feel the benefits of the nightly healings.

And remember, the most important requirement for success, just like anything else in life is PERSEVERANCE!

Title: Re: Affirmations Before Bedtime
Post by: PerspectiveShift on December 15, 2021, 11:56:25
I will do these visualizations! Thanks for sharing. Itís fun to use new techniques for discovering the NP. Keeps those creative juices flowing!

Perseverance is no understatement!! Iíve been practicing 80% religiously for almost a year now and have had only 2 LDs (obviously life gets in the way here and there). But they are so cool! Itís probably one of the hardest skills to learn that Iíve come across so far, but the hard skills are my favourite to learn!

Before this though, Iíve never had an LD/AP before, or at least I donít ever remember having them. When I had those 2 experiences it was like nothing Iíve ever experienced before. My wife has had 2-3 lucid dreams now too! Making progress!

Title: Re: Affirmations Before Bedtime
Post by: omcasey on December 15, 2021, 19:58:17
Thank you for the reminder, Lightbeam!.. bed, for these very reasons has always been my favorite place. I would also add, to not downplay bringing back your dream activity, your "dreams" in the more regular sense. It is something we can do far more easily, and with sometimes far greater effect than AP/OBE. It is the training ground for being able to bring back data from more purely conscious states---APs/OBEs. We might think of opening a group daily dream log here. So everyone can inspire and keep each other going. I have one on my board and its service has been priceless. ( just a suggestion ).

Title: Re: Affirmations Before Bedtime
Post by: GrumpyRabbit on December 28, 2021, 05:32:31
I think my first OBEs (the "classic" kind with full-on vibrations) started because of affirmations! I had read Robert Bruce's book and slightly modified the affirmation he recommended, and spoke it out loud, in a resonant voice, for *at least* 30 minutes every night (sometimes longer):

"I happily and easily leave my body, return safely, and remember everything perfectly."

After like 6-7 nights of doing that, I woke up in the middle of the night because my whole body was vibrating. Your post is a good reminder for me to maybe start saying it every night again, as I've been in a horrible dry spell lately!

Title: Re: Affirmations Before Bedtime
Post by: EscapeVelocity on December 28, 2021, 06:22:23
I agree with your first affirmation and the intensity with which you applied it; the results were apparent and dramatic. So that again confirms the power of the affirmation and intent, especially early on in our efforts.

But the conditions change and the goal posts somehow keep always moving, especially in the pursuit of our ArtÖso if affirmations are still to work for you, how might you need to modify them, given the new conditions?

Love and Happy New Year,

Title: Re: Affirmations Before Bedtime
Post by: Lumaza on December 28, 2021, 15:57:13
 Just as EV said, small changes in a nightly affirmation can actually have big effects. Just the changing of a few words reveals a change in the "mindset" as well.

 I use mental affirmation every single night. In the past it was "By my act of will I release my focus over my physical body. I am consciously aware in my Dreams, knowing I am Dreaming." I learn from, enjoy and remember my experiences.

 Now it has been altered to "By my act of will, I release my focus over my physical body. I am consciously aware in my "sleep", knowing my physical body lies safely and soundly in my bed. I learn from, enjoy and remember my experiences. The term "by my act of will" has been in the Art of Magick, at the beginning of rituals for years. I find it enforces your purpose/intent. Magick is all about intent or should I say is "focus will and intent". The ritual part of Magick is the mental preparation for the act or intent at hand. Magick is defined as ""the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will".

 This has led to a level or fluctuating degree of lucidity during my sleep cycle almost every night for years now. The change in the word "Dream" to the word "sleep", was due to the fact that I had enough experiences under my belt to redefine what was occurring during my sleep. The fact that I kept the mental thought that my physical body was lying safely and soundly in my bed helped as well. I no longer thought the word "Dream" was relevant to explain what was occurring. I had been to the same or sometimes a revolving/new alternate/parallel reality(s) enough to know that the term "Dreaming" didn't apply anymore. Hence, my constant harping on the fact that a "change in mindset really does change your reality". That in a nutshell seems to be what nonphysical exploration is all about. At least if you wish to repeatedly explore the phenomenon it is. This is a very important part in the Art of Phasing as well.

Title: Re: Affirmations Before Bedtime
Post by: Nameless on January 04, 2022, 20:26:18
Thanks LB, sorry I'm late to respond. Internet has been a booger for me lately. I changed my thinking around a bit on your healing suggestion and gave it a go. I think you will like the experience I had a couple nights later, just after Christmas.

I have been having some severe chest congestion and with a bad heart it's not a good combination. I was actually considering going to the hospital but that is not something I want to do. I would actually rather die than go through the hospital at this time. In my recliner I was looking at my bed and started thinking of my bed as a healing device. I wasn't really meditating just letting my imagination run loose.

I was picturing some things I would like to do if I were healthier/younger. Just daydreaming, not really meditating. But suddenly I got so sleepy I couldn't keep my eyes open and just went on to bed. Hadn't been sleeping much as the congestion kept me coughing most of the time so no surprise there.

The Experience

I went to sleep almost instantly, with great relief as you might imagine. And there I am full blown inside my daydream only I'm lying in this healing device which was much like one of those pods you see in many of the sci-fi movies. I'm telling the attendants to just let me go, I've already served my purpose here so am good with that. But they tell me "you never stop living, here or there you go on." I say okay, then carry -on but I'm really not sure what I want

It felt like it was perhaps the next morning when I woke up and a couple regular human doctors came in with some nurses. They were talking about me and saying they had no idea what was happening. They didn't know I was awake listening. They were saying they were sure I needed another heart stent but when they went to do it I no longer needed it. It was like all my arteries had regenerated at least 10 years.

I won't bore you all with the details but I kept going through age regressions in 10 year leaps.
----- End

This was quite the experience, but it wasn't so much about me in the now. It was more of a tutorial on how it could be as humanity progresses. As we begin to understand more about time itself and perspective. In many of the scenes I was shown glimpses of how other species naturally use time to seemingly 'live forever' just as they do to seemly vanish before our eyes. This is not trickery on their part. It is instead a result of their own growth and development within their own pattern base. Just as we can't explain them, they also can't explain us. We are all operating following the pattern we were created into. But we can learn from each other and we do all evolve given enough experience and provided we don't extinct ourselves along the way. And what is right for one species is not necessarily right for another.

I'm still unpacking this experience. I know I received several downloads and key words or phrases. By far this was a positive experience and not a message for me personally. Using my imagination was simply a very good jumping off point to explain some of the questions humanity has a whole.

"you never stop living, here or there you go on."
"your pattern is unique to humanity"
"all creatures have their own pattern"
"conflict comes when the pattern is interrupted"
"Earth supports many patterns"

These quotes are not in all cases exact but as close as I can make them. I was left thinking how acurrate the following 4 words are - live and let live.

We simply said can not force other beings into our human pattern. That way leads to fear. We also can not let others force us into theirs.

Title: Re: Affirmations Before Bedtime
Post by: omcasey on January 04, 2022, 22:01:06
"you never stop living, here or there you go on."
"your pattern is unique to humanity"
"all creatures have their own pattern"
"conflict comes when the pattern is interrupted"
"Earth supports many patterns"

I like it !!!

Title: Re: Affirmations Before Bedtime
Post by: LightBeam on January 04, 2022, 22:32:41
Wow, Nameless, what a remarkable experience and messages received. Keep imagining your bed as a healing device. Stay strong, but do go the hospital if needed. We have to take advantage of the evolution in medicine. It is the reason humans live longer and plagues get under control instead of taking 1/3 of the population down like in the distant past.