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Title: Head Scans
Post by: Dog Faced Liar on April 03, 2002, 20:46:22
The weird thing is for a long time I thought I was going to get a head scan.


Title: Head Scans
Post by: cainam_nazier on April 04, 2002, 13:56:20
"hmmm.. I forgot his name, but the gentleman who created the last topic in this specific forum - he to had one"

That was me. I ended up getting one because when I passed out I smacked my head. They wanted to make sure I did not damage it.  I hate when I bump my brain case.

But, in al actuality I was researching for a time, to see what kinds of scan of the brain could be done to detirmine a hightened usage.  Not linking it to intelligence but rather to metaphysics to track growth or natural ability.  I think that it would be a fun study.  But the only thing is that you would be exposing a person to rather high levels of radiation because of the number of scans, some 12 different scan a day.  Each one tracking a different aspect of the brain/body.

David Rogalski

Title: Head Scans
Post by: pod3 on November 28, 2002, 20:08:26
Qui-Gon Jinn - CT scans, MRI, mindmelds?

I had a CT for migraines, which showed nothing, except for that my head was extremeley large for 9year old's. Ever hear of Homer Simpson Syndrome, in which the character can be "hit with this surgical 2by4 all day long without falling down"? My strongly psychic tendencies were not shown by any abnormalities. Accept for an unproportionately thick skull, which is soft even now at 23, it was confirmed that the picture of the inside of  my head was just like a bigger version of the operator's (whose I thought a small child's.)

A martial artist can cut stone with a normal but energeticallly enhanced, bamboo sword, and a psychic can have a normal but energetically emhanced brain. Otherwise, if the mind was not confined to the head, it would never show that speed smoking causes brain damage.

I have found that the migraines quit when strong energy surges have no auric impurites to clash with. Imagine one of those super-powerful, metal vaporizing lasers shining through a lense with grains of filth imbedded v.s. one shining through an optically perfect lense. I feel that, on this level, illnesses are psychosomatic.


Title: Head Scans
Post by: Synapse on November 28, 2002, 20:20:29
i had a CT scan when i was about 7 because i kept getting headachs too. its strange how many people have had head scans.
maby most people do but no body talks about it.



Title: Head Scans
Post by: Tom on November 28, 2002, 21:42:34
Me, too, and I live with someone who had one.

Weird, though, that some of us have been irradiated.

Craniosacral therapy is excellent for treating migraines and even cluster headaches. I got it direct from someone who has both.


Title: Head Scans
Post by: Qui-Gon Jinn on April 03, 2002, 18:54:09
Okay, forgive me for this, sort of unserious perhaps (which probably wonīt lead anywhere), post...  but I got a bit curious as to why so seemingly many in here have had a real head scan.. Iīve had one, Dog Faced Liar (right nick ey?, BTW you got your post.. lol) had one, Mobius had on, and...  hmmm..  I forgot his name, but the gentleman who created the last topic in this specific forum - he to had one...  that makes us four.. seems a bit "unstatistical", I mean people donīt normally go scan their head just for fun on their day of, anyone else had an head scan??  Would be "interresting" to know..

 Again, forgive me if you find this post a bit unserious.

    Be well //Qui-Gon

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