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Title: Alchimiste - an autobiography
Post by: Frank on June 29, 2003, 20:34:42

You have a problem in that he is French. While I regard France as my second homeland, and I do very much enjoy French hospitality and welcome them as friends... I'd be *very* careful about choosing them as an enemy. The French love like fools, but regard hate as an art.


Title: Alchimiste - an autobiography
Post by: silva on June 30, 2003, 06:40:16
Originally posted by neg removal5

Hi everyone

     How do you get someone on the forums who is just wanting to keep causing you problems, to quit sending you replies.  I've tried first being friendly to the person, that didn't work.  I then tried being rude back to him that didn't work.  I then tried to out invalidate him, that may or may not be working.  However, he just keeps sending replies even when I make it clear to him I do not want anymore correspondance with him.

my suggestion is you get over it and stop making stupid comments and being an over all idiot then maybe you wont have a problem with anyone.  if that is possible,,, my 2 cents

Title: Alchimiste - an autobiography
Post by: alchimiste on June 30, 2003, 07:02:49
To whom it may concern,

As far as I'm aware this is a public forum and I'll reply to whomever I wish.[:D]

ps. How are your two friends doing?[?]

Title: Alchimiste - an autobiography
Post by: Frank on June 30, 2003, 19:23:22

Well said mon ami.


Title: Alchimiste - an autobiography
Post by: neg removal5 on June 30, 2003, 20:21:00
Hi saliva, I mean silva

     Have you ever heard the saying, "practice what you preach" you stupid grump.  But you are not your everyday "B's", as I can tell by your stupid butt comment, you are one of those engineer educated types.  You know how to build a real "B".  I bet you have a lot of guys calling you by that name in real life.  Do you know how I know that.  I know you think I'm a mind reader, and you are saying to yourself how did he know that.  I know that because only a ill mannered female would jump onto a forum site, and something like that be the first words out of her "nasty repulsive mouth".  It kind of reminds me of the "neg" that Kolanek encountered. Find the site authored by him, and see if that female matches your description.

So the question is does a person have the right to use "grump" on this forum, if another person is using words like "idiot" and "stupid".  I think they do because only a grump would go around starting things with somebody for no reason at all.  And on this forum there are both male bitches and female bitches.  I would classify them in the same category as Kolanek's "neg" that he encountered.

You last name shouldn't have been "dott" it should have been "duh".  You need to get over acting like a "you know what" not only in real life, but on the forums to.  The "you know what's" you can always recognize because they are real cold type females.  That gave you away instantly when you let everyone know that you were from Alaska.

There may not be alot of guys out there running dog sleds that you get an opportunity to hook up with, but don't try to take it out on us.  I know where you got the saying "over all idiot".  You got it out of anger when every time you tried to stop one of those dog sledder's they ignored you and scorned you in a way, your self-defensive reply to that was to call them "over all idiots".  If that will help your self-esteem, as your self defense mechanism, then do what you have to do to keep yourself out of the gutter.  

But in summary try to live by what you preach, get over it when someone gives you constructive criticism, and try to refrain from your self-defense mechanism stupid butt comments, and then you probably won't have a problem with anyone on these forums, if that was possible.  The above is my 3 cents worth.  But if you go around saying the stuff like you said above to some people, some of the things I have said to you are going to be light compared to some of the things certain others may say to you.

Have a good day


Title: Alchimiste - an autobiography
Post by: goingslow on July 01, 2003, 04:11:07
Shes my friend not his..

Title: Alchimiste - an autobiography
Post by: alchimiste on July 01, 2003, 07:40:26
To whom it may concern,

You have a very interesting technique, although somewhat counterproductive, of re-editing your initial texts many days if not a week or so after your initial posting. Although this bumps your topic up the readers board it cuts others off from the THREAD of the topic and any support or advice from forum users will be hard for them to post, unless that is they are all mindreaders like you[B)]

To change the subject and get back to the point of all your posts I have a question...this godforesaken city as you so call it, is it on the mainland USA or in a foreign country?.......also were these entities just picked up or were they sent by a third party?  ie. could this be a curse?

I look forward to your informative reply, that is if you can bare to put down your copy of "Guns and Ammo" or are to busy thinking up other rich uses of the English language with which to insult the female members of this forum.

Oh btw I suggest you get a Roget's Thesaurus as it will add much more colour to your barrack room Khaki or your Desert Cammo beige vocabulary.

You can run but you can't hide[;)]

Title: Alchimiste - an autobiography
Post by: Fenris on July 01, 2003, 10:53:37
Dear Neg Romoval 5

Iím sure this seems like an intellectual conflict to you, but from my observations this is much more like a cat playing with a ball of twine, but with the ball of twine thinking itís in with a chance. While I am content to sit back and watch this with casual amusement, there is a line which when crossed I feel I must say something. Call me old-fashioned but the abuse, be it verbal or physical against a lady is enough to raise my hackles. I get the impression from your posts that you have a real problem with women.

As mentioned above this is indeed a public forum Ė but it is also a civilised and intellectual forum. Iím afraid you have really let the team down by consistently dropping the ball with both criteria. Regarding your manipulation of topics to make you seem the victim Ė what is your intent? To seem innocent of provocation, to win friends? Iím sorry but the only people left to influence were those who do not get involved in conflict and normally stick to serious or friendly conversation. As one of those people Iím sad to say your complete lack of maturity and composure is disgusting. Get a grip.  


Title: Alchimiste - an autobiography
Post by: Nay on July 01, 2003, 14:14:37
Nicely said Fenris...and thank-you from one of the women on this forum [:)]

I have to say I am finally and thouroghly ticked!! I too had found the verbal sword play amusing but holy sh*t Neg5..who the f**k do you think you are??  It has become quite obvious that you enjoy being hateful and mean..[}:)]  A few post ago I thought you were done with all of this, but you start yet another post trying to start something again!!  You are lacking in the basic human quality that most have, MORAL'S... and for that reason you must suck the energy out of the rest of us. Our anger towards your hurtful words feed you...STOP IT!!  I can't imagine what you are like outside of the protection of this forum.. Do you treat all people you meet with disdane? Or just the ones whom can't physically get to you?  Cause I will tell you, if we were on the street and you treated me like would get your butt kicked by a woman!! or grump take your pick! I bet you pick on small animals and kids younger than you also don't you??  You really should look in the mirror about calling the kettle BLACK!!  

I for one think your abusive nature as gotten out of control and you should be baned from this website!!  Lets see a show of hands and perhaps we can get you kicked out!!  Enough is enough!

I think you should apologize for you sh*tty behavior to EVERYONE!! And here's a test for you..see if you can post a topic WITHOUT being a jerk!!!

The sad thing is I allowed you to get me soooo ticked that I am shaking...I fell right into what you wanted...But had to have my say.

I await your ever clever retorts.. Make sure you talk about my spelling and bad grammar...

Nay. [:(!]

Title: Alchimiste - an autobiography
Post by: Rob on July 01, 2003, 17:16:25
OK I am locking this thread as its obviously not going anywhere productive. Should have done earlier really but didn't notice it then.

neg removal - if you have issues with someone please take it up with them in private or contact a moderator.



Title: Alchimiste - an autobiography
Post by: neg removal5 on June 23, 2003, 07:29:33
I've edited this topic, because as you can see below Alchimiste got one of his girlfriends to once again come over to a site and try to start things, rather than engaging in beneficial conversation.  when people do that, all you can really do is just stay there and put up with it, or defend yourself back.  I opt to defend yourself back.