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Title: Message for Krome..
Post by: kromeknight on June 24, 2003, 00:20:36
Hello Nay
I guess thats why we have a laugh every now and then, the bond between artist as we see life. [;)]
I tried uploading one project but it wouldn't go through. So I will have to utilize my other passion, namely writing which is ironic because I cannot spell to save myself.I love the idea of painting pictures on the canvas of the mind but that is more of a private love affair, poems and short storys. I suppose my angle in art has always been from a fantasy view. How the grass hopper would see the world or how the morning mist would changed and swirl if a fae danced apone the dew. I've used oils and water colour and a novice to be sure. Over the couple of years, yes it takes me that long to do anything I've combind all my vices into one. Alas it was the one project that I wanted to share with you and couldn't upload. I would like to discrib it as a living 5 dimensional scuplure. I may go into detail another time, enought  ranting  about what I like. So your scanners on the blinck too LoL I look forward to seeing your work when able.
Maybe when Adrian and Bruce start the e Book you could have an E Gallary link, of cause you will have special open days for obe only. [;)]
Take care Nay [:D]

Title: Message for Krome..
Post by: Nay on June 24, 2003, 01:04:56
A living 5 dimensional sculpture....That sounds difficult.. I am not that creative [:(] I need to see or dream something before putting it on paper or canvas..
I love the Gallery link idea..wouldn't that be cool to see others depictions of their dream and astral experiences?? [:D]

Have a good day!

Nay. [;)]

Title: Message for Krome..
Post by: kromeknight on June 24, 2003, 04:52:41
Hello Nay
I hope you get a scanner soon!!  I don't know why I thought you had one that wasn't mine. Astral pulse is evolving, that was  a forum heading somewere  I think. It's so easy to wonder through the domain we call Astral pulse  having some pictures of dreams and AP/obe experiences would be fanastic it would add that extra depth. The 'astral location' forum could become more than words as we could associate some reality with real obe visions, astral planescape (new word?lol). but I'm not sure how it could be done, I couldn't even upload one picture let alone incorporate the the necessary elements to give it understanding, life. lucky me because I'm introverted and see the forums as pictures, adding life and persona to every post I read, imagination is a wonderful paint brush.
I'm on the other side of the world so I'm writing this as you sleep.
Sleep well Nay [:)]

Title: Message for Krome..
Post by: kromeknight on June 24, 2003, 05:38:38
Hello Silva
 Yes your right, we will post no more and let this thread slip silently off the active forums.
 Do you agree Nay I await your reply [:D]
lol sorry I will stop but  I didn't think it was that private that others couldn't jump in and say "hey how are you. I'm into etc.."
But I guess you did in your own way [;)]
Take care Silva

Title: Message for Krome..
Post by: Nay on June 24, 2003, 13:21:39
Why didn't I get a private message telling ME to shut up?...geez once again because I am a woman?..

I could have sworn when I read the topics for this forum it said a get to know each other..any thing can be talked about???? And certaintly ANYONE can post on this paticular thread.. Maybe silva got beat up by an Artist one time or another and has some kind of beef? [B)]

I will not go into hiding!  All those Artists out there in Astral Pulse together [:D]

At least we aren't talking about Elvis and Fetishes and such! lol..
I think Art is a legit subject..especially when it is Art that I have drawn from a dream.

Sooooo Phhffffffftttttt to you Silva! [:P]

Nay. [;)]

Title: Message for Krome..
Post by: kromeknight on June 24, 2003, 15:46:41
Hello Nay
Silva did add a post to this thread but it was deleted, I'm not sure  why?  all input is good oblige or sublime or just darn annoying. She only mentioned the private message option indicating that this thread is, Shhh personal [;)] LoL...or maybe... "IT" (post, not you Silva) was an apparition  a neg manifestation out to destroy  the free will and good humour of creactive minds  [:O]
ha ha the neg has failed, because once again Nay your fiesty fun loving spirit triumphantly rose to meet the challenge....I've got goose bumps LoL [:D]
Have a Great day Everyone.. Silva [;)]  and my lady Nay [:D]

Title: Message for Krome..
Post by: Nay on June 24, 2003, 16:18:47
Ohhhhhh.. perhaps she deleted her own post?  Can you do that?
The only reason I titled the post Message for krome was to ensure that you saw it.. I didn't mean for only YOU and I to post here.  I am sure there are more people out there whom are artistic..[8D]

This is Personal???? LOL...whatever!

Take care Krome and sleep well!

Nay. [;)]

Title: Message for Krome..
Post by: kromeknight on June 24, 2003, 16:47:56
Good morning Nay
I was asleep but my wife woke me because she won a thousand dollors on a 'big brother' tv phone in competition, Thats a mouthful lol. it's 3:30am now I guess I got hooked on the forums again. I did reply to Silva saying everyone could add their post and I'm glad you brought it up again. calling all Artistic lucid dreamers AP/obe'ers  (with scanners that do work[;)]) post a picture, describe an idea or expression  of your art. I did see some beautiful pictures of sun sets on a forum a couple of days ago. Anyway I'm off to bed again
Take care

Title: Message for Krome..
Post by: Nay on June 24, 2003, 17:25:59
Whooo Hooo!! congrats on the moolah! now you can get your scanner

Happy dreams Krome. [:)]

Nay. [;)]

Title: Message for Krome..
Post by: Nay on June 23, 2003, 15:36:51
Hey!  I just looked up your profile..I don't know why I didn't look earlier, seeing how we have had some nice little

I see that you are an Artist....ME TOO!! I have been drawing since a very young age.  The past few years I have been painting with mostly oils.  I haven't sold any thing yet, but did have a couple of paintings in a Gallery.  I took them out cause I felt he was taking advantage of me..and he just a bad attitude all round.  Plus it was the wrong gallery for the types of paintings I had done..I had done some landscapes and the gallery was more geared towards everything African. I've done a couple of Africa landscapes but one was for a friend.  Anyhoo, I was going to paint and paint for a year or two then rent me one of those booths at a Art fair and try and sell them that way [:D] That is if I stop giving them all away..[:P]
Sooooo tell me all about your Art!! I would love to see some.  Really need to get a scanner so I can show the pictures I have drawn pertaining to some of my dreams...

Look foward to hearing from ya!

Nay. [;)]