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Title: Dreams - OBE
Post by: Frank on April 06, 2002, 14:06:45

Flying in an OBE is one of the biggest joys of my life.



Title: Dreams - OBE
Post by: Qui-Gon Jinn on April 06, 2002, 14:30:19
I can imagine Frank, but is it the same feeling as flying in a very clear dream??  Im sure youve had one of those as well ey?
   Peace //Qui-Gon

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Title: Dreams - OBE
Post by: Frank on April 06, 2002, 14:40:47

My question is, were you on the Astral or were you dreaming?



Title: Dreams - OBE
Post by: Qui-Gon Jinn on April 06, 2002, 14:59:13
I think it was a dream, Im not sure but my instincts tells me so...    .. somewhere in the dream I became convinced I had died and had two days left in the "earth environment" before my second "death" would occur taking me to some new realms of existence... and a few other odd things happened as well which has "dream" all written over it.
 I met for example with a few old school mates, and one of them couldnt see my head.......

  The possibility is this "weird stuff" happened after I did that amazing flying, hard to rememeber the order things happened..   and of course one could rather quickly change from an astral adventure to an ordinary dream Id reckon, so I cant be sure the flying was just a part of a dream but I still think it was.

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Title: Dreams - OBE
Post by: Frank on April 06, 2002, 16:09:48

You see, I ask you because that is the BIG problem when setting out to venture on the Astral.

You really do need to develop a function within you that constantly monitors where you are, or what it is that you are experiencing... at the time! I describe this function as having an, "air of mild curiosity."

It is very important because it gives you the ability to ask questions "whilst your experience is happening"... not after.

SO MANY PEOPLE: arrive back and then begin questioning.

Almost always, it seems, the only question they want an answer to, basically, is, "Was the experience I just had, real???... and... "Where was I???"

But the time to ask those kinds of questions is, at the time!

In other words, ask questions whilst the experience is happening. Then you will almost certainly seek information from those who are best able to help, i.e. those people (or beings if you like) that inhabit the Astral within the vicinity of where you happen to be.  



Title: Dreams - OBE
Post by: Adrian on April 06, 2002, 16:19:35
Greetings Frank!

A couple of questions arise from what you just said:

1) How do "entitiies" appear to you during your Astral experiences - i.e. as other people, or all sorts of different forms, and how do you know they are not trying to decieve you - a very common thing with Astral entities.

2)And I want to add this to any technique we end up - how  much of your Astral experience do you recall, and how do you recall it.

Lets remember - the holy grail we seek here is a reliable, straightforward Astral projection method, controllability, and recall of the experience.

Thanks once again.



Title: Dreams - OBE
Post by: reclining orb on April 06, 2002, 16:24:37
Qui-gon Jinn,

In dreams, your attitude and expectations control how the movement occurs and feels.  If you expect to feel the pull of gravity, you will (and go back to the ground, too). If you expect to feel strain when going faster, you can feel that as well.  My post on the lucid-dream forum, "forgetting to have limits" describes a bit about the type of mental "power" that controls dreams.  Using this method you don't need to feel anything at all, other than feeling and moving your expectations.   You did want a big lesson right? not just a little-one?  Heh, heh..

In OBE it's more like your skating story.  Movement is easier (far enough away from your body, anyways). It's the control that takes some developing.  Careening through the piano trying to get out the front door, that type of thing.

As for learning in dreams, yes.  Working on martial arts for a while, I had a dream that dramatically improved my abilities by showing me a fine point (re:body movement) that I had been missing. Or how about this one-- we are less able to fool people than we think.  

It's certainly not hard to learn that lesson in a dream.

Good learning to all.

Title: Dreams - OBE
Post by: Qui-Gon Jinn on April 06, 2002, 14:01:38
I had my first flying dream last night, felt awesome...  I remember jumping from my balcony no less than three times, and flying superman-style in the beginning, then actually "swimming" (breaststroke) through the air.
  I could imagine this is how it will feel flying during an OBE, it really felt that REAL.

  So, Im wondering, to all of you who have been flying in dreams and during an OBE, is it the same feeling or does it differ??  

   I once dreamt I was skating, and I am a really lousy skater (or rather WAS), but in the dream I was skating like Wayne Gratzky himself, feeling exactly how it was to skate that good.
  And I kid you not, the next time I skated in real life, which was just a week after the dream, I was three times better than the last time I skated on real ice.  I knew how it felt like and now I simply did it, perhaps not like Wayne but far better than before.
   That was pretty wild and made me really think of where from I got that "knowledge"...
  So I guess dreams could be a great academy of knowledge.
Anyone else had an experience in a dream learning something, and then using it IRL??

    Take care //Qui-Gon

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