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Title: What energy?
Post by: cainam_nazier on April 08, 2002, 07:46:08
I do not think that you could give up eating all together.  But I do suspect you could get away with eating less only because your could it a point were it processes things better and more effiently.  

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Title: What energy?
Post by: distant bell on April 08, 2002, 14:10:48
All the reports about people who actually live without eating any significant amount of food?  Would they all be lies?
I wouldnīt be surprised if they where, but hey- you never know..

I for one would love to be able to live without eating. Eating is teadious, time crawing and expensive. What a serious flaw of the creator to create us like this.


Title: What energy?
Post by: cainam_nazier on April 08, 2002, 15:16:07
Well, it is well documented of people fasting for up to 3 months but they were usually hospitalized or dead afterwards.
I guess that if during that time you ate the correct foods you could go for longer but the term fasting means only intake is water.  You couldvery well live off a very well constructed shake. Technically it's not eating.  But you could make a shake that has all the nutrients that the body would need is say an 8 oz. glass.

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Title: What energy?
Post by: Winged_Wolf on April 08, 2002, 18:31:27
NEW appears similar to energy development systems I'm familiar with....
I'd say that using NEW will very, very slightly increase your need for calorie intake, NOT decrease it.  This energy doesn't come from nowhere, and it doesn't come from outside of you.  Your nervous system generates it, and that means you need fuel.
The higher the energy production, the higher the metabolism, in the psis I've seen, though this is mitigated by genetics and bodily hormones.  (I've seen some amazing displays of eating without weight gain. ).

--Winged Wolf
"I will stare at the sun until its light doesn't blind me, and I will walk into the fire, 'til its heat doesn't burn me, and I will feed the fire...."

Title: What energy?
Post by: davsy007 on April 09, 2002, 02:13:07

Mantak Chia was the author who first grabbed my attention back when I was 17 and browsing the local metaphysical bookstore, any way, he mentioned his master would spend considerable periods in an isolated place wihtout food or water, well, his body would while his mind was away travelling.

One of the main reasons we need food is for energy, so it seems to me that if you were to slowly reduce the bodys need for large sources of energy by keeping it still, that you may be able to reach an equilibrium whereby the breath would maintain the body's energy to stay alive and the mind would be free to go and return at will.

hmmm, Ive never done it, but then I enjoy good food


Title: What energy?
Post by: distant bell on April 09, 2002, 04:03:33
Winged Wolf-

That is wery interesting! The way I read about the NEW energy in astral dynamics, I got the impression that the feet and the hands ar ports for taking in energy- but perhaps they only are theareas generating most energy.

Then what about reiki and other external energys?  Are they really external or in some way self generated? Wouldnīt it be better to use an outside energy then creating one one selfe?  After all the food we eat is also external energy we take in to sustain the body....


Do you belive that it is possible to "breat in" energy? It would be
nice to hear something more about it. What kind of energy would this be? I know the indian breathing system called Prana Yama- itīs supposed to meen  "energy control" (prana=energy  Yama=control) ... some say that it is a way of breathing energy.


Title: What energy?
Post by: SteppenWolf on April 09, 2002, 07:59:22
Um... I'm pretty sure that the conventional thought is that all energy comes from external sources - ie people just can't generate it themselves.  They have to draw it in, absorb it from sunlight and food... or sap it from other people of course!

Some examples of mystics who supposedly didn't need to eat are:

Therese Neumann, the Bavarian woman with stigmata

Giri Bala - the female yogi who never ate but just generated enough cosmic energy to sustain herself:

(Both pages from Paramahansa Yoganada's best-selling autobiography which is now online.)

Of course you have to be amazing to do this.  That people have achieved it is pretty breathtaking but personally I think that anyone who has this as a goal is a bit of a lunatic, as it's a side-effect, not a goal.

Also did people hear about some guy who was claiming he never ate and he got caught out?  There are a few tricksters trying to milk this one all right...


Title: What energy?
Post by: distant bell on April 09, 2002, 10:57:25
Well having the goal not to have to eat as main goal might be a bit wierd.. but it would be one kind of a practicall side effect.

I would be happy to hear more ideas about what the NEW energy is and where it comes from. And what effect it has on the body...

Could the NEW energy be as effective for healing as the reiki energy?
What is the difference between reiki and NEW energy?

Dose raised NEW energy have a health effect on the body?


Title: What energy?
Post by: dido on April 09, 2002, 13:08:07
Hi Distant Bell
my opinion is that the main difference between New and Reiki are:
- You can learn New by yourself, you use your conscious mind to activate the process, you draw the energy (I guess) from the earth and the surroundings(NOT, in my opinion, from other living beeings).
- You have to receive Reiki from a Reiki Master, you don't use your conscious mind to activate the process, you 'channel' a pure form of energy whose origin I don't acttually know.
The effect on the body is, I think, not very different: they both release energy blockages and raise energy levels, thus promoting good health and, probably, personal or spiritual developement.
I'm not sure what Winged Wolf says is correct. My feelings are that I draw energy THROUGH my hands and feet, not that I'm generating it. I'd like to know Robert's opinion on this.


Title: What energy?
Post by: distant bell on April 09, 2002, 14:08:08
The feet seem to have a key role in it anyway. They are responding wery easily to NEW. Hm, reiki has to be recived from a reiki master?
I have seen numerous books on reiki that claim that you can teach yourselfe to use the reiki energy.

I think that the NEW energy generally is self developed, or drawn from some greater force- not that it should normaly been drawn from other living beeings...
My thought was this- might it not happen that some people drain others by accident?- because it seems to be a fact that you can drain others of there energy. I donīt think it is common- I rather belive that people who drain others do it totaly unconcious- they probably donīt even know that they are raising there energy.

People who are schooled in a real system probably run less of a risk to become psychic vampires- unless ofcourse they decide to become it.


Title: What energy?
Post by: Tom on April 09, 2002, 17:37:56
When I was first taught reiki, I was told that it was a result of a combined effort between a Christian (Dr. Usui) and Zen Buddhists in Japan. I was told that the reiki energy comes from God and that reiki is God's love. Because of God being defined as unlimited and as having all power, the restrictions and limitations are on our side. The attunement process, I was told, is to set one "face-to-face" with the reiki energy and to begin to break down the obstacles to receiving it. My teacher told me that there are some people out there who have holes in their aura, even after they begin doing reiki. These people do reiki on others and the person who is supposed to receive the energy can actually be drained in the process. According to my teacher, these people need to learn to go directly to God for the purpose of receiving energy. Unfortunately, it takes a great deal of healing to occur for this to be possible. My teacher didn't seem to think that much could be done for these people and so he was just careful to avoid getting involved with or training people who are likely to drain energy from other people.

Things are not so simple for me. I don't believe in God, so I can't just accept the idea that reiki is God's love. The reiki was defined as being everywhere and in everyone. I just needed to be shown how to access it. Even knowing that reality goes well beyong three physical dimensions and time, it is hard to get into the habit of thinking of matter as just solidified energy. Instead of solving my question, I just added one: where does matter come from? A book on yoga said that the physical world is like an ice cube in a glass of water. Ice was water in a solid form. The air over the water has humidity. It is still water whether it is vapor, liquid, or solid. It said that like water, thoughts can go through steps to emotion and then physical form but they are still thoughts like vapor, water, and ice are all the same thing in different densities. My reiki symbols are thoughts. Repetition causes the similar thoughts to accumulate and cluster together. At some point they became self-sustaining, feeding off the energy they channel into my system. This happened when I was attuned. Using the reiki actively helps build up the thoughts / symbols. This still doesn't say where the energy comes from. If I were to be perverted enough to do so, I might be able to create new thoughts / symbols with the intention to draw energy from other people. This would be a bad idea, though. Other people are limited sources of energy. If nothing else, this would cause other people to want to avoid me. It could even lead to provoking attack. I am not advanced enough to follow the reiki back to its source. I have to be content to think of reiki energy as more solidified forms of higher levels than the physical, astral, and mental.

NEW has symbols, just like reiki. We call these symbols things like stirring, brushing, sponging, and tearing. We use the words like stirring, but instead of drawing a picture we create tactile images. This draws in energy by focusing attention the way it is possible to focus sunlight with a magnifying lens. When the symbols like stirring build up enough, they can continue on their own for a while. It would take effort to try to reverse the direction of spinning, for example. It would resist to the extent it is established. If we wanted to, we could create a new form of reiki complete with attunements. Names like "NEW reiki" and "Robert Bruce reiki" are coming to mind. Naturally, I would want to find a way to include astral projection in it. I still haven't managed to learn to do astral projection.


Title: What energy?
Post by: Tia on April 09, 2002, 19:52:05
I think that the energy that we absorb doing NEW, we are naturally absorbing all the time as part of whatever metabolic process of life.  NEW is a way of taking control of that energy and natural process and directing it.

Now, I dont know about anybody else but since doing NEW, my fragile appetite has all but disapeared.

Distant Bell, I once drew my partners energy, by accident of course, I posted about it some time back. Apparently we all exchange energy to some degree with everyone we come into contact with.

Robert uses NEW energy to heal - there's a post + instructions on that somewhere aswell.    


Title: What energy?
Post by: Winged_Wolf on April 10, 2002, 00:56:36
In all my observations, I've never noted that people take energy from outside of themselves into their bodies--not unless they MEAN to do so.  And outside energy sources are not the same as the energy that's natural to a person.  In most cases, it's like trying to run the wrong type of current through a wire geared for a different voltage.  People are adaptable--they can adapt to the foreign energy, and they can use it to do work--but they can't fuel their body with it.

Life energy can fuel a body--if you took energy from plants, animals, or other people, that MIGHT (big might) reduce your need for food, and have health benefits.  That, of course, is psychic vampirism.

The energy in NEW appears to be psi energy, which is a byproduct of nervous system activity.  If your nervous system is working, you're generating at least SOME psi.  A certain level of this seems to be healthy, but non-actives generate enough for that.  Energy in addition to that base level is what you use to fuel psychic abilities--you use it to do work.  Yes, it can be used to do healing as well, but not because it is in itself healing--it's the use that heals, the application that's important there.

Again...all the theories on energy notwithstanding, it has not been my OBSERVATION (nor that of anyone else I know) that people naturally (that is to say, not deliberately) take in energy from outside of themselves via any mechanism other than eating food.

--Winged Wolf
"I will stare at the sun until its light doesn't blind me, and I will walk into the fire, 'til its heat doesn't burn me, and I will feed the fire...."

Title: What energy?
Post by: kifyre on April 10, 2002, 03:55:30
I believe that raising energy through NEW draws from external reality. Energy is converted and stored during the raising process. One of the main functions of the chakras is to convert raw energy into that which can be used by the human energy body. I think.



Title: What energy?
Post by: distant bell on April 10, 2002, 04:32:44
If the NEW energy is a psi energy raised by the nervous system, would
this meen that any activity stimulating the nervous system raises the
energy level?  What about strong feelings of happines or sadness?
Would bodily physicall activity rais the psi energy too?

How dose one aply the raised psi energy to heal?


Title: What energy?
Post by: dido on April 10, 2002, 12:51:42
Hi distant bell
just a quick note to say that I'm not aware about any way to 'learn' Reiki by yourself.  Reiki is now a very general word and can be used to define different things: the form I received MUST be passed to a student by a master. Maybe other forms of Reiki allow it.

In my opinion,  we use OUR energy in New whenever we stir, wrap, brush etc. We absorb energy from outside when we raise energy in full body circuit or in partial (legs or arms) raising, i.e. anytime we are drawing energy from feet and hands along the limbs into the body.
This is what Robert teaches in his NEW tutorial: he talks about 'Energy exchange ports'. Their basic function is (I quote) 'to absorb and discharge energy'(pg.4). This raw energy is then processed in the secondary and tertiary centers.
This is in complete accord with the Taoist practices I've been using for quite a lot of time. And my experience is that it is of course possible, and very beneficial, to absorb energy from the earth, the moon, the sun , the wind etc.
I don't know if the healing abilities gained through the NEW system are similar to those obtained from Reiki. The system is quite new, but it should, in my opinion, be a close match. I hope Robert Bruce won't make us wait too long for the promised New book, in which we should find more cases reported.


Title: What energy?
Post by: dido on April 10, 2002, 13:09:28
Hi Winged Wolf
it seems we have different experiences. Good!
In my Taoist practice I have learnt how to absorb and 'digest' outside sources of energy (earth, moon, sun, stars, wind, etc.) and to store them in the sub- navel  energy storage center (tantien). The feedback feelings I have confirm this increase of energy in me so, according to 'The catch basket concept' of ou hero R.B., it is a fact FOR ME. I can even perceive the different 'tastes' of these energies.

I have also noted that sometimes very sick people make me feel tired, and I attributed this feeling tired to an involuntary 'sucking' of energy out of me. Can you give me another explanation? (it would make me feel better....)

I never heard about Psi energy generated by the nerves: could you explain it to me or give me some refernce to investigate it and to make some experiment to see what I feel? I would be very grateful.

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Title: What energy?
Post by: Tia on April 10, 2002, 13:21:59
My theory, is that it's all ONE energy, travelling through different conduits.  Plants absorb the energy and convert it according to their structure and needs.  People absorb the energy and convert it to various types according to physical/mental/spiritual needs.  I agree with Mark that the chakras convert/distil/refine this energy for the various requirements.  Like food, we convert/refine food into energy through our digestive process.

I have had energy travel through the top of my head on occasions (very rare) and it 'feels' the same as that coming through palms and feet, although I think that the energy is then converted/refined differently through this area.

I have no generator in the soles of my feet, or the palms of my hands, nerves - yes, but no 'generator' in these areas.  Nerves are just conduits (wiring) for the signals from the brain (generator).  I would have to disagree with Winged Wolf because the energy I raise originates from these particular areas in my body that, according to my physical makeup, consist of muscle, nerves and bone.  So I have to assume from my own personal experience that the energy comes from outside of myself, ie; my nervous system does not generate this energy.

Maybe I'm over simplifying things but I liken the human body to a house and it's electrical circuitry.  You have the 'mains' cable running outside your front door, supplied by the electric company.  You cant just plug into this, you need a couple of 'ring mains'  to distribute the electric current evenly.  You can then plug into the ring mains through certain sockets to safely heat and light your house.  ie; according to the wiring determines the kind of power/energy produced from the original 'main supply', wether you want heat or light - or to run the vacuum cleaner.  And, when the builders originaly built your house, they installed a special junction box.  This particular circuitry can be plugged straight into the mains supply and for the use of people who really know what they are doing.  In the wrong hands you could blow up the whole house so they hid the switch and put the circuitry in the basement, out of the way of curious DIY people.

Well thats my theory - so shoot me down in flames - I'll just go build a stronger foundation...



Title: What energy?
Post by: Winged_Wolf on April 12, 2002, 02:33:55
It's all theory.
I can only go by what I observe, and compare it to the observations of those around me.  In cases where one person seems to be observing MORE...I tend to go with that.  I can detect the difference between different types of energy.  It's quite apparent to me.  So assuming it's all the same would be contrary to my own perceptions!

My's possible to take in and store oustide energies, and this does create a feeling of jitteriness or increased energy.  However, it's illusory, and long-term holding that energy usually increases a person's overall stamina and natural, usuable energy levels.  This is why so many magickal systems insist that you end a session by grounding.  Many of them even warn of the negative effects of retaining, for example, earth energy.
I think a lot of old lore on this has been lost recently, like so many other things, diluted and altered by word of mouth and the general disorganization of the newage movement.

For the record, because I've chosen to develop as a pure-psi, like many other psis who choose to do this, I can no longer take in those outside energy types without experiencing massive discomfort.  There's no way I could be doing so without knowing it, to be sure.

Listen to some fast music that you like--your energy level will increase, I guarantee it.  Strong emotions, intellectual exercise--things which increase nervous system activity also increase psi energy levels.  Whether you believe nerves generate the energy or not, the correlation is unmistakeable.  There is a relationship there.

Sick people may make you tired if you've got a loose hold on your energy, and they're absorbing it via a sort of osmosis (things tend to even out when not seperated, see).  Unless they are practicing psychic vampires, I doubt they are actively sucking your energy away.

Sick people might also make you tired because you're tuning in to their nervous system activity, and their sensations seem to be your own.  A sympathy fatigue, as it were.  If your brain chemistry changes to match your mood, whether induced or natural, you'll be genuinely fatigued by it, even though you've lost nothing and aren't sick.  

The solution to both problems is to learn effective always comes back to that.

--Winged Wolf
"I will stare at the sun until its light doesn't blind me, and I will walk into the fire, 'til its heat doesn't burn me, and I will feed the fire...."

Title: What energy?
Post by: distant bell on April 08, 2002, 04:35:35
I have a question about the energy that is raised with the NEW system.
What kind of energy is it and where dose it come from? Dose it actually enter the body through the feet and hands? If I draw energy from my surroundings- dose that have an depleting effect on the energy level of the surrounding? After all the energy has to come from some where. Or is it just a matter of expanding the energy already present in the energy body.

I have read about things like psyhic vampierism, and many people seem to belive that you can establish a energy conecction to another person and then drain them on there energy. Of course this would be a horrible thing to do. Is there any possibility that one dose this unconciously? That a honest atempt to rais energy in the NEW manner might affect people around you? That the you unconsioulsly drain someone else instead of raising the energy yourselfe. Or that you do something similar in interaction with other people just as a habit,
since the energy raising has become a habit. I guess that this seems unlikely- but some people might have a naturall "gift" for establishing these energy conections with other people... and perhaps drain others against there wake consiousness will, because this energy might be stronger or easier to get.

I hope this all makes some kind of sense

Would this energy be able to sustain the physicall body fully or partially? Would increased NEW and trance work lover the bodily need for usual food?  

I have heard about people who claim to be able to practically no food at all- some even say that they can take in all there energy through
other channels than the usuall way through food.
I have never meet anybody like this though- and untill I see it with my own eyes, I probably whant belive it fully.

But it seems logical that it should be possible to take some of the energy for the body from energy work.

Any opinons?