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Title: Being in a band
Post by: Euphoric Sunrise on July 27, 2003, 06:28:11
What sort of band do you want to be in?
I'm a guitarist of 3 years, but i'm not in any band at the moment. I have connections though so maybe some time soon. I'm heavily into metal (pun intended [:D]) but i also like some softer rock type stuff like Rush or Led Zeppelin.

Title: Being in a band
Post by: Fenris on July 27, 2003, 06:55:11
Itís something I would like to do with my friends so I guess it would be a group consensus after a bit of experimentation. My friend Khayla can actually sing well and wound like to fill that role, and my punk mate Andrew has just bought a guitar but he cant play. I know two girls who are both thinking about buying a set of drums. And my friend Nyssa plays bass and has some band experience. So with a common bond of being into punk or punk rock and a strong female influence I imagine it to be an angry chick band, something I must admit I love. For some reason Iíve been thinking about playing keyboard, and Iíve had two dreams now about buying one which is pretty funny. Thing is it doesnít really fit into that stlye by norm. But then again normal is a concept most of my friends and I have some difficulty grasping! [:D]

Title: Being in a band
Post by: Euphoric Sunrise on July 27, 2003, 09:48:21
Good attitude with the norm thing. Breaking from the norm is what gets bands respect from a lot of people.
Good luck with it! [:)]

Title: Being in a band
Post by: fireprooflighter on July 28, 2003, 00:26:11
Two of my friends and I often want to start a band, but then we realize we can't play instruments, don't have money to play the instruments, and have no talent, and I have the dream kind of dies...

By the way...Kick normal in butt and leave it in the dust!

Title: Being in a band
Post by: Kodemaster on July 28, 2003, 00:54:09
Hi Fenris,

If it's something you want to do, then go for it!!! Learn to play something...whatever fits you best...keyboard is a very sweet instrument...there is a lot you can do with it. I play one myself.

If you feel you can't sing, then perhaps you want to try putting spoken word into the mix. I do some myself, and I try to mix it up by making weird tribal sounds and vocal effects that sound like I'm speaking in tongues.

I started playing in a band when I was 23, so it's never too late. And if you want to check out my musical projects, click on the link below. :-)

Good luck! [:)]

Title: Being in a band
Post by: beavis on July 28, 2003, 01:52:09
I'm a great musician when OBE. The problem is there are no instruments with enough control or complexity on earth to transfer what I'm thinking to sound.

Title: Being in a band
Post by: Fenris on July 28, 2003, 07:43:27
Euphoric Sunrise, thanks mate!

Fireprooflighter, hehe we are so in the same boat really. No musical talentÖsuch a long walk[:D]

Thanks for the advice Kodemaster! Keyboard does seem pretty cool, Iíve dusted off my old clarinet and school band practice books so I can relearn to read music. Seems the most productive thing to do towards the goal until I can afford to buy another instrument.

Title: Being in a band
Post by: Fenris on July 27, 2003, 06:18:25
Lately I keep thinking about being in a band, Iím not sure why Ė I canít play anything. I sing all the time but apparently Iím not allowed to call it singing. In fact people tell me I ruin songs for them. And itís not just me, a whole bunch of my mates have been thinking a lot about it too. I had this plan that since none of us have any talent we could play in poetry cafes and tell the audience to listen to the music we wernt playing and talent we were not using. Apparently Iím not allowed to think anymore as a result.

Is anyone in a band, has had of has similar being in a band fantasies? If so how did you get into it? Why does it appeal and what sort of music do you play or want to play? Iím 19 which probably makes me a late starter in the band fantasy stakes. I think peaceful warrior used to be in a punk band?