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Title: Benefits of NEW?
Post by: Tir13 on April 09, 2002, 22:06:05

  Tia, simply put, it just means that you're body has most likely cleared the majority of the blockages (eg strong energy movement is a symptom of lots of blockages), and you're body such be "online" so to speak.  Are you a physically active person?  Are you less prone to sickness? Etc.

Well what can you do with energy?  Tons of stuff.  Have you learned how to project yet?  Gain focus, knowledge, use the energy in a positive or negative fashion, whatever you'd like...don't limit yourself....^_^



Title: Benefits of NEW?
Post by: goku22 on April 09, 2002, 22:57:49
When I first did NEW hardcore (I'm back at it again after a long break) I spontaneously got some strobing and real-time sight. I thought that was cool. Have any psychic abilities popped up randomly? I think that's one of the long-term reasons for doing NEW, other than health.  Ben

Title: Benefits of NEW?
Post by: kifyre on April 10, 2002, 04:09:28
Remember, your energy body is developing through continual practice whether you feel it or not.


Since I started energy work, I've been sick once. It's been about 1.5 years now. Also, slightly augmented strength, reflexes, intuition.

I feel like there's more I should be saying. All in good time, I guess. I've only just started too.

Have you noticed anything, Tia, besides the crazy sensations? I'm still getting those.

Oh yeah, also some intermittent but significant success with healing minor problems in myself and others.

And now I'm rambling...


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Title: Benefits of NEW?
Post by: Tia on April 10, 2002, 10:44:57
Unfortunately it has not stopped me from getting the various bugs that have been going around.  I have had 3 colds so far, this year.  And if I could cure my year-round hayfever, I would be very happy. And lets not mention my back, aaargh... Talking of healing, I used NEW to try to heal my partners anckle which swells up from time to timean has him limping.  We both could really feel this energy, almost hold it, like a hot pressure, while I was working on his foot - but no healing results.  He was taking very strong anti-inflamation drugs at the time so I dont know if the healing had any affect as the swelling went down a few days later, probably due to the drugs.  The thing is, I know it's there, I feel it - but what is it doing?

My Qi Gung teacher taught us to feel the energy in your Dan Tien.  I sometimes test myself before energy raising and after.  With your hands, feel the area/air in front of your sub-navel storage area.  Bring your hands slowly in towards your body, pressing in and out - eventually you will feel the edge, with your palms, the slight warm/pressure/resistance of your energy.  Sometimes it's real close to your body, after raising energy or exercise, it's up to a metre away from your body.

I am slowly coming to the conclusion that the energy only affects the etheric body.  And either takes a while to then affect the physical, or else it doesn't have much affect on the physical at all?

I have had some intuition/phsycic experiences, nothing amazing and I could put them down to imagination.  I think I know things, if you know what I mean, but maybe I just think that I know things. I have had the occasional strobe, interesting but so?  Once I found myself looking at the lounge room window - my eyes were closed at the time! I have only in the last month tried for an OBE, with some interesting sensations, but no cigar.  I have realised that I'm a negative thinker, got into some self destructive thought patterns over the years, but I've got an amazing book on Cognitive Therapy and am working with that.  I will leave the OBE attempts until I have re-trained the thought processes.  

I have had amazing spiritual feelings which I really appreciate, reminds me that I'm 'connected' but I have also had ocassions of phsycic attack - I think, but not sure, directly related to energy raising.  I never raise energy in bed anymore as I wont be able to sleep and nightmares seem to be a side-effect.  

I have always had strong dream recall so I cant say that NEW has helped in that way.

Somebody must have examples of using NEW?  Mark, maybe you could ramble on a bit more?



Title: Benefits of NEW?
Post by: kifyre on April 11, 2002, 02:25:03

Well, like I said, I have a bunch of little healing stories, but nothing definitive.

Here's the way I look at it. I think of NEW as weightlifting. It strengthens my energy body. Just as weightlifting squishes all sorts of important fluids throughout your body, lubricates joints, improves blood flow, stimulates muscle growth, etc, probably NEW does a lot of similar things to the energy body. This, of course, isn't a perfect analogy. Among other things, I believe NEW increases the *potential* for physical healing.

But I look at NEW as an art and science--a skill like martial arts or golf. If you don't mind me lumping you in too, Tia, we are amateurs. It takes years to be able to go pro. We can have fun in the meantime, and slowly increase the things we can do, but for consistent, amazing results we have a lot of practice ahead of us.

Weightlifting is an enabler. The stronger you are, the more potential you have. But you still have to practice skills to do something with that potential. A strong person has the potential to be a better wrestler than a weak person, but that strong person still has to practice wrestling. Likewise, an energetically developed person has the potential to be a better healer, but they still have to practice healing.

Here's my plan:
1. Improve my sensitivity to energy and my energy body. This will give me feedback. If I don't know what's happening, then I can't correct mistakes and improve my technique.
2. Get better at doing NEW exercises. In terms of weightlifting, I want to get better at getting stronger. This will make my overall development more efficient.
3. Identify and practice skills such as healing, shielding, shaping energy, transferring energy, giving intent to energy, anything I can think of. But only work with a few at a time.

How to do the above? I'd love to hear people's opinions. Here are some of my ideas:

For improving energy sensitivity, just spend time sensing! Give a little push to your energy body, feel carefully what happens, internalize your awareness, see if you can feel stuff happening in your body, move awareness carefully across your skin, move your awareness carefully across a table with your eyes open and closed. Project a tendril of energy, see if you can use it to to get impressions... I don't know what's even possible, so I'm going to assume everything is, and just keep practicing. Also, closing my eyes and feeling for walls, objects, sending awareness into the ground, etc.

For NEW exercises, simply practicing them as much as possible, and trying to refine them. Experimenting with moving awarenss above the skin, just under the skin, flexing your mind just a little bit differently, using awareness hands, trying to just move energy without tactile imaging. Practicing holding big shapes in your head, encompassing large parts of your body with awareness...

For healing... always having the highest expectations. Expect instantaneous, complete, perfect, painless healing each time, because it is possible. That's the goal. Some ideas: blindly radiate energy at a person's bodypart, gently reach into their body with energy connected to your own and massage, try to imagine structures realigning themselves. Try and transfer the field pattern of a healthy foot to an injured foot. Anything you can think of. And of course, RB's heart chakra technique. It's somewhere on this forum. That alone makes me believe this is a science. What are we capable of? What have we got inside our bodies?

I'm trying to keep a "skill" list. Anything people or websites mention in passing, claiming that they're able to do "X." Only thing to do is try it for yourself, and to keep practicing it, to try and verify if it's really possible to do.

Dunno, what's for real and what isn't. But I betcha some of it is.

Whew, I'd like to actually read what I've written, but gotta run.

::amused, exasperated sigh::

Best of luck, everyone.


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Title: Benefits of NEW?
Post by: Tia on April 11, 2002, 08:13:50
Thankyou Mark.  My enthusiasm is renewed.  

I know some amazing things are possible with this energy ie; super strength, protection against injury, enabling the body to withstand extreme cold etc., but these skills take years to master and I just havent got the stamina (or the years) for it.  I was wondering what the energy can do without a lifetime training on it.  Like what are the natural, side-effects of energy development.  I guess I will just have to discover this for myself.  Will try some of your exercises.  


Title: Benefits of NEW?
Post by: Salubri on April 13, 2002, 09:34:39

I dont really get results from NEW too, but I know it works because of simple things.. Like feeling activity in my sub-navel storage centre, simply feeling certain happy feelings(coming from my efforts to spiritual development exercises), etc. Also other exercises seem to work for me.

/I'm trying to keep a "skill" list. Anything people or websites
/mention in passing, claiming that they're able to do "X." Only thing
/to do is try it for yourself, and to keep practicing it, to try and
/verify if it's really possible to do.

Mark, I'm impressed by your enthusiasm.. I try out everything I come in contact with. (well as much as possible) I've been collecting exercises and 'stuff to try' for a while now. From websites, this forum and books.

If you are interested, maybe its a good idea to start logging all these ideas and exercises somewhere on the net. Categorized and tested, it would contain original authors, little stories of peoples experiences with it and more.

This would make lots of people able to try out many different techniques, and also it would make all suggestions and exercises already mentioned availlable to anyone. For example the NEW Healing Technique was mentioned a few times, but if the message becomes too old, the techniques dissapear and new people miss the opportunity to use it. Without this situation everyone would have to read lists of archived posts and other matterial just to look up the exercises we could make availlable.

Maybe its an idea to make this idea into a new section on the astraldynamics website? And, all authors should be notified that their exercises or ideas are noted here. But the forum users probably dont mind, because they're already sharing those ideas now...

If not for this site, than maybe you and me(and all interested) can benefit from this?

Thank you,


Title: Benefits of NEW?
Post by: cainam_nazier on April 13, 2002, 10:26:16
That's a really good idea.

David Rogalski

Title: Benefits of NEW?
Post by: kifyre on April 13, 2002, 21:47:47
Hmm... I wonder if Adrian could put a folder within a folder. Something inside "Welcome to Energy Work & Development!" called "Energy Application Research" or something like that. Then, people could post a specific skill as a topic, and then people could discuss how to do it. People could then post experience with it, as they get it.

If good info and experiential evidence comes in, then maybe, with permission from the posters, we could edit it nicely and ask to have it placed on the Astral Pulse website, or put it elsewhere.

Shall we propose it to Adrian?


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Title: Benefits of NEW?
Post by: Arie on April 14, 2002, 02:17:04
Hola.......well the reason I'm using NEW is because it will help me astrally project longer, and faster.  :-) Why else would you buy astral dynamics?



Title: Benefits of NEW?
Post by: Salubri on April 14, 2002, 13:20:07

Yes kifyre, let's do that!!! I'm very curious what comes out of that... :-)

A small comment to Arie, the extra uses of NEW are very interesting.. You can use NEW only for astral projection, but also for many more things.. Probably as much as your imagination can think of.. Why not explore this factor somewhat more?
Bruce is also writing a book about it I believe, but still.. it would be a shame to waste this opportunity.

Kifyre, do you know how to contact the administrator you mentioned? I have very little time at the moment, I would be gratefull if you could do it like you said. Otherwise I'll do it later this week.

I'm very curious indeed.


Title: Benefits of NEW?
Post by: Tia on April 14, 2002, 16:30:48
Yep, I would be very interested in that, dont know how it would work but I'm interested.



Title: Benefits of NEW?
Post by: kifyre on April 14, 2002, 21:32:56
I just realized how little I know. How should different abilities be classified? Robert Bruce says all psychic abilities are a function of the chakras. How is telepathy different from from healing, different from telekinesis, different from charging on object, etc? Which skills involve manipulating energy and flooding an object with energy? Where does intent fit in and how is it applied to get a result? What "bypasses" energy? Does telepathy work in some higher way? Is telekinesis based on energy or does it involve manipulating the quantum world somehow through the chakras or though the mind? I would like to have some sort of working theory to classify things under, but that might not be possible. Intent, energy, etc, are probably all one thing at some higher level, but it might be pragmatic to divide things up. We should have some sort of theme, even if it's just "specific, repeateable, abilities." Whoops! I have catch a bus now.



Title: Benefits of NEW?
Post by: Tir13 on April 15, 2002, 02:50:17
Woah there!

One at a time!  Ha ha.



Title: Benefits of NEW?
Post by: Salubri on April 15, 2002, 09:15:21
Hi there,

I would say most exercises are energy related, but some are not.. But hey,.. it doesnt matter very much.. as long as the exercises are recorded somewhere. We can also ask the administrator if he/she could create a "Skills related to energy or similar abilities" directory in the main forum list.

The main point is that it involves skills which do not fill in the standard categories. For example telepathy itself doesnt fill in here, but ways to exercise it or to use it may. It is meant more as a collection of skills you can try out and talk about later. Maybe even more directories inside this new section for categorizing different kind of skills and exercises.



Title: Benefits of NEW?
Post by: Tir13 on April 15, 2002, 21:14:01

I think, that as your progress, those natural latent abilities will begin to blossom and from there you can decide what you'd like to focus on.  The idea of a skills list, or what have you, is an excellent idea.....if someone would like to accept this huge undertaking, that'd be really cool!



Title: Benefits of NEW?
Post by: kifyre on April 15, 2002, 23:40:55
Originally posted by Salubri:
I would say most exercises are energy related, but some are not.. But hey,.. it doesnt matter very much.. as long as the exercises are recorded somewhere.

That sounds good to me. I will ask at some point, but someone can go ahead and beat me to it. I'm getting towards the end of the school year and trying to stay on top of all my work. Still sleeping at this point.



Title: Benefits of NEW?
Post by: Tir13 on April 17, 2002, 05:33:05
Hell yeah!  Graduation here I come!! WAHOO!! ^_^


Title: Benefits of NEW?
Post by: Tia on April 09, 2002, 20:09:38
Ok, maybe I'm doing it wrong, but I've been doing NEW for a few months now.  All those amazing sensations that I used to get have all but disapeared, all my blockages cleared?  I dont know about that...  So I cant remember why I'm doing this?  I cant really say that I am experiencing any benefits from doing NEW.  It's amazing, interesting and fascinating - but so is the Geography channel.  Now, I'm not going to stop doing NEW, as I've discovered something there but what it does exactly, I dont know, I just carry on hoping that it's doing something good for me.

Somebody please tell me the benefits, from their own personal experiences?