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Post by: Fenris on September 21, 2003, 10:44:46
Hi Tisha

What are your feelings on how this law relates to the ego? It seems to me that the nature of our ego minds is really the key factor in determining not only the nature of the knowledge we pursue, but our ability to maintain flexibility and adapt to change, or new knowledge, in a way that is balanced.

However while ego is something which seems to definitely affect our balance, ego and balance donít seem to be one and the same. The example I have in mind are highly structured traditions which work on exploring ones psychological makeup in order to pursue the middle path. Even though balance is pursued mentally and spiritually with apparent success the ego mind is not also necessarily balanced, and in many people the ego seems to go out of control. So in short balance can be pursued and power/control obtained even in the presence of an out of control ego. But it could be said that the deconstruction of the ego mind is fundamental to spiritual progression. Perhaps these are two somewhat seperate parts of spiritual evolution?

Sorry if that wasnít entirely coherent but all of the ideas in my head are in what I have just written somewhere [:)]

Kind Regards

Post by: Tisha on September 21, 2003, 11:17:53
HMMMMMMMMMM....good subject.  It all depends upon what YOU mean by ego, because folks can debate Ego until they are blue in the face and not even realize they are talking about different things!

Let me think on it for a bit.  Ego, honestly - including whether or not the destruction of the Ego is necessary or even wise - is probably worth its own thread!

The Law of Balance advises us to avoid extremes.  We can do this, but still have a sick Ego, or one that is out-of-control.  Which tells me that one has only a little to do with the other.  HMMMMMMMMMMM.

Post by: Tisha on September 20, 2003, 21:35:53
In short, a magician must be balanced if he/she is going to SURVIVE as a magician, let alone be powerful.   Swing too far one way or the other, and you will kill yourself.  Fanaticism must be avoided, for the further you go down an extreme path, the more inflexible and fragile you will become.  And then . . . SNAP!